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13 Things to Do This Christmas With Your Boyfriend

Updated on December 19, 2017
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Ashi is a lifestyle and relationship writer. Ashi writes about love and relationship advice, wedding tip & tricks and romantic date ideas.

Christmas is the most amazing period of the year, where people gather together to spend awesome time among friends and family. A lot of time is spent in shopping, buying gifts for relatives, Christmas trees and decorations to make the celebration memorable and awesome. All the same, it does not mean that you cannot spend time with our boyfriend and go on cute dates? Right? However, it is not really plausible for some who are far from their hometown, family, and friends or due to some financial constraints but spending time with a boyfriend to do shopping and celebrate is definitely something that can be done in order to have a breathtaking Christmas.


Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping is the most exciting period, especially when you have special offers on every products. Anyhow, everyone is going to love Christmas shopping but you can make it more mind-blowing when you shop with your boyfriend. You can also drop hints on things you like so he can be sure that you will like your Christmas gift. You can both help each other to pick up the perfect gift for your friends and families and just simply enjoy the moment together.


Buy and Decorate a Christmas tree

What is Christmas without a beautiful Christmas tree? Well, to be inside your cosy warm house and setting up a Christmas tree together with your boyfriend is very romantic and helps create those precious moments into memories. You both can share ideas prior to decorating the tree and therefore can shop together all items needed to create a magical Christmas tree. Those thrilling moments can strengthen your relationship or help reconciliation if you had a recent fight with your boyfriend.


Cooking special dishes together

Cooking together common Christmas dishes whether it is creamed fish pie, roasted chicken or grilled salmon you will just have an awesome moment spent with your boyfriend. You can also cook your boyfriend’s favorite dish on Christmas just to please him and make him feel special. Even if you both are not experts in cooking but you can still manage to cook something just to build a favorable moment together and have fun.


Going on a drive

Going on a drive can surely help you to bond in this romantic weather while driving slowly and watching the festive decoration lights on each and every house. You can also have a nice chat, jokes and laughs while driving and simply enjoying the moment together. After this long romantic drive, this can set the mood for a wonderful intimate night.


Build a snow man

The chilling weather screams “Please stay inside!” Really? Well, missing the snow falling which is not there every year can be very desolating if you just concentrate on the bad weather and cold. However, you can still hop into the snow with your boyfriend to play around with snowballs and create a snowman. You can pose by the snowman and take a hilarious picture and create beautiful moments with your boyfriend. It is all fun and at the same time, it will urge you to take a hot shower together after enjoying some moments outside.


Ice skating

Ice skating is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, when you want to spend some time ice skating with your boyfriend, it is really not important whether you are good at it or not. If one of you excels at it, then just give a helping hand to your partner, and if one of you falls repeatedly, laugh out loud but do help your partner with it. It will anyhow be a moment to be cherished among you guys.


Spend time with his family

When he invites you over for Christmas dinner, be pleased to form part of his family and share the moment with them all. Show him that you really appreciate his friends and relatives and especially his parent and siblings. Buy them gifts that will make them remember you. This will render him to feel more special and he will eventually appreciate you a lot. However, you can also invite him over if you are celebrating Christmas with your family so that he blends well with them and they can get to like him more.


Watch movies together

Spending an awesome Christmas holiday with your boyfriend while being under the blankets, snuggling together and watching your best-loved movies can ensure that you are both spending quality time together. You can prepare some cookies and some coffee or simply have chocolate and popcorn to boost up the moment. Those moments spent together gives a nudge about how special your relationship is and how emotionally grounded you both are towards each other.


Go on dates or performance

You can decide on celebrating Christmas by going on cute dates with your boyfriend by choosing your favourite restaurants, order some nice food that you will both enjoy. You can also find a holiday performance around the corner and watch it with him, enjoy the show and click pictures together that will make you cherish those moments.


Travel together

For once you can both travel to another country to spend the holidays and to celebrate Christmas in a different way. You can discover together new trends, new cultures, new products, new people and their different ways of celebrations. It can make the whole experience more distinguished as you will be spending time together, just the two of you. This experience can propel you to travel each year to a different place to discover more about this festive period.


Decide to settle down

Christmas of course is meant to be enjoyed like any other festival, but you can both take real advantage of the moment to gather family and friends on both sides to make the announcement that you want to marry each other and settle down together. This can double the happiness of your parents and friends. This can give double reason to celebrate and it will be a date that will be forever inscribed into your mind.



Instead of spending lavishly on yourself or your boyfriend for Christmas, you can both collect the money and buy gifts for needy children who are homeless or orphans. You can decide to devote one day of your Christmas holiday at an orphanage or retirement home to give comfort to those who have no one to celebrate Christmas with. This will highly impress your guy if this was firstly your idea as it will demonstrate that you are also very kind-hearted.

Christmas holidays are the most beautiful periods of the year. Making proper plans about how and with whom to celebrate Christmas can only help you to have a better control over time and money. However, including your boyfriend in every activity you decide to indulge into during Christmas holidays, will keep you motivated and happy throughout the whole festive period.


Get drunk together

Get drunk with your boyfriend especially during Christmas time but not overly drunk to spoil the moment so that you can enjoy and have a blast together. This will highlight the friendship that lies within your relationship by laughing with him like crazy over petty things, do crazy stuff, without getting him angry, like putting ice in his pants and so on. All of these can make him fall more in love with you when he will see how crazy you can be at times.

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      Ashi 4 weeks ago

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      Robin Carretti 4 weeks ago from Hightstown

      Your stories are cuddly and warn filled with heart, everything you need to know from a relationship new start. So thanks so much very intriguing and heartfelt read