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13 Tinder Profile Tips for Women That Will Help You to Find Love

Updated on December 14, 2017

Tinder Profile Tips for Women

Tinder profile tips: Smile so that you can look appealing
Tinder profile tips: Smile so that you can look appealing | Source


You may be a single woman who is interested in finding love through a dating app such as tinder. And you may be asking yourself, “What are some of the ways to put together a tasty tinder profile? What are some easy ways to make a good tinder profile? What are some of the best tinder profile taglines that I can use to increase my chances of finding love? How do I write a good tinder profile so that a guy will fall for me?”

In this article, I want to give you tinder profile tips, including the kinds of pictures to upload and what to write on a tinder profile so that you can increase the odds that you will meet that dream man.

Look Decent

If you want to meet a guy who may marry you, one of the dating profile tips that will increase your chances of meeting a decent guy who will treat you with dignity, is to make sure that you convey a message that you respect yourself. This is because the kind of men you will attract depends on the way you portray yourself in your photos.

For example, if you upload pictures in which your cleavage is showing, some guys will think that all you are interested in is dating a guy so that you can go to bed with him. Therefore, you are unlikely to attract a guy who will take you seriously and who will wish to develop a long-term relationship with you.

On the other hand, if you show pictures in which you look attractive, but in which you look decent, you will send signals to guys that you respect yourself. Consequently, you are likely to attract guys who will treat you with respect and who may wish to enter into a long-term relationship with you.

Post Pictures Which Show You With Loved Ones

Upload pictures in which you are doing something exciting with your friends or family members. This will tell guys who read your profile that you enjoy being around other people. Furthermore, it will tell prospective dates that people love you and enjoy being around you.

Consequently, guys will feel that you are sociable and fun and they might send you messages so that they can get to know more about you.

Use Photos Which Give The Impression That You Are An Approachable Woman

A study conducted about a year ago suggests that when you upload a picture in which you show an expansive posture, people will find you more attractive.

Therefore, upload pictures in which your arms are open, pictures in which you have stretched your torso, and pictures in which you have spread your legs out wide, in addition to photos in which your palms are up, which suggests that you are friendly and approachable. It will make it easier for guys to drop you a message.

Upload A Photo In Which You Are Wearing Something Red

Research shows that a man is more likely to send a message to a woman who is wearing a red dress, or who has put on red lipstick. So, post pictures in which you are wearing your most gorgeous red dress or in which you have put on attractive red lipstick.

Avoid Uploading A Picture Which Suggest That You Are Snobbish

Do not post pictures in which you are looking down your nose at other people and pictures in which your chin angle is up. Such pictures will portray you as an arrogant woman and you will find it hard to get a date.

Rather, upload pictures in which you are looking at people eyeball-to-eyeball or in which you are looking directly into the camera so that you will convey the sense that you are a friendly woman.

Avoid Pictures Which Show That You Are Stressed

Uploading pictures in which your lips are compressed, your eyebrows are compressed, and in which you are squishing down will convey the sense that you are stressed out. As a result, you will look unattractive, unfriendly, and you will also communicate that you are a woman who does not know how to have fun, and that will reduce your chances of landing a date.

On the other hand, posting a picture in which you are smiling will increase your chances of getting a guy to ask you out because smiling makes one look appealing.

Show That You Are Warm

Let prospective dates see that you are a warm and friendly woman. It will make guys feel that they can trust you and so they will be more willing to contact you so that you can start a friendship.

Therefore, write something about some of the friendships you have entered into since childhood, how easily you make friends with people, how strongly you bond with people when you make friends with them (which will show your sense of loyalty), ways you relate to your family members, the number of friends you have and how you help them, your attitude towards strangers, how you treat the disadvantaged in society, how you feel when people experience misfortune, support you have given to your friends in the past, what you do to encourage people when they are down and so on.

Additionally, upload pictures that show you doing kind deeds, such as engaging in volunteer work, enjoying yourself with friends, helping your family members, greeting someone, laughing whilst talking to people, hugging a woman and so on.

Show That You Are Real

A study conducted in the University of California suggests that when you let others see your flaws, when you show them your weaknesses, it can make them like you more.

Therefore, show some pictures which show you exhibiting some of your flaws so that you can tell guys out there who might want to date you that just as they are imperfect, you are also not a perfect woman and you feel comfortable with that fact.

For example, show a few pictures that show you looking miserable or sad so that guys will know that you also have bad days. This will make it easier for guys who read your profile to approach you because they will feel that they can relate to you.

On the other hand, when you write your profile as though you are a perfect woman who has never done any wrong, a woman who succeeds at everything she does, a woman who has almost flawless behavior, guys will doubt themselves and they will think that they will find it difficult to relate to you—they may feel that they are not good enough for you, they will feel that they don’t measure up to your standard and you will not get many matches.

Make Sure Your Profile Stands Out

One of the things men fear is to date a woman who is very predictable, monotonous, and boring. You can allay the fears of guys who read your profile by showing that life with you will be intriguing, mysterious, and full of lots of twists, turns, and surprises.

So, have you done something crazy lately, such as spending time in a cabin on a mountain? Have you visited an exotic foreign land lately? Do you have pictures which show you wearing the clothes of people of other cultures?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then upload these photos to show that you are an intriguing woman and an unpredictable woman. You are bound to arouse the curiosity of some guys who will want to date you so that they can experience more of “this mystery woman”.

Show Pictures Which Show You Doing Something Guys Like

If you are the kind of woman who enjoys engaging in activities guys like, such as playing soccer or other sports, working out, climbing mountains, driving cars, or spending time at sport stadiums on weekends, upload pictures of yourself actively engaging in such activities.

It will give the guys who read your profile the sense that they will find it easier to bond with you because they can easily engage in such activities with you. Consequently, some of the men will contact you and start a friendship with you.

Write The Profile As Though You Are Having A Conversation With A Guy

Tease guys, sound controversial, add playful questions and flirtatious comments, provoke debate, and sound funny throughout the text so that you will make your profile more compelling and engaging. Guys will enjoy reading it, it may make them like you, and one or two of them will like to engage you in a conversation.

Choose The Right Kind Of Words

The kind of words you use will tell a guy the kind of woman you are. For example, if you use phrases such as, “I hope I will meet a guy who can make me happy…,” or “I am dying to meet a guy who will fulfill my dreams…” or “Please contact me so that we can hook up…” you will give the impression that you are desperate to date a guy and guys will take advantage of you when they strike a friendship with you.

On the other hand, when you use phrases such as, “I want to meet guy so that we can learn from each other…” or “I want to share my experiences with a guy…” or “The kind of guy I flow with is…” or “I am looking forward to hear from you…” it will tell any guy who reads your profile that you are a confident woman who can add value to a man’s life and guys are more likely to contact you.

Ask A Great Question At The End Of Your Profile

Just as you have a lot of challenges, guys also have challenges which they sometimes want to share with understanding women who will listen to their concerns and encourage them.

So, at the end of your profile, if you ask a question that suggests that you are a woman who is willing to listen to a guy’s fears and worries, a woman who will help to lighten the burdens of a guy, it may provoke some guys to respond to your question and, consequently, you will be able to start a dating conversation.

For example, you might end your tinder profile by writing about some of the challenges you faced during the week, and then asking a question such as, “So, there you have it. But I want to know, what challenges did you have at work this week? Send me a message and tell me about it,” or “What is the most challenging thing you have ever done? Send me a message and let’s talk about it,” or “What obstacles do you face in your neighborhood?”


Some tinder profile tips which will help you to land a date are: do your best to look decent, upload pictures that show that you are sociable, approachable, friendly, and real, and write compelling text with the right kind of words so that guys will feel that you are interesting.

Additionally, you may want to learn about ways you can avoid making mistakes you will regret, as well as advice to help you increase your chances of having a stable relationship in the future, in addition to some other useful advice which will help to protect you from guys who may want to take advantage of you.

Tinder Profile Tips for Women

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