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14 Amazing Date Ideas You Should Try

Updated on August 1, 2019
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Sharon is a relationship and dating writer. I am interested in how we form and keep romantic relationships to happily ever after. Follow me.

Romantic dates are important to make relationships more intimate. Selecting the perfect date can be daunting. As a result, we all like going to the tried and true ways of perfect dates. I'm talking about red roses, candle lit dinner and expensive champagne. However, it doesn't have to be the same every day. We have come up with the top amazing date ideas that you can try, which will reveal both your spotty competitive side and your sweet romantic side.

  • Romantic Dinner Date

This is the most cliched date idea. However, you can decide to make your dinner date more personalized. You can choose a dinner date at an expensive spot with an amazing view to wow your significant other, especially, if it is your first date and you need to create a first impression. Similarly, you can opt to do a romantic dinner date at your own house. With your choice of scented candles, and homemade meal prepared by both of you. This is the ideal opportunity to show off your kitchen skills.

  • Camp and Cuddle under the Stars

Camping outside under starlit sky can be romantic. The cold nights gives a reason to cuddle and the stars a reason to bond. You will create imaginary pictures drawing your hands over the sky, enjoy camp meals like roasted fish, fowl, and beer then sleep in the comfort of nature.

  • Watch a Horror Movie Together

Horror movies are scary to watch alone. What best way to enjoy the latest horror movie than with someone you love. The scary scenes, the laughs and cuddles are worth it in the date. Go ahead and grab the latest 'Annabelle' or your favorite horror movie and enjoy.

  • Do a Movie Marathon

A classic date never lacks movies. Therefore, you and your significant other can opt to do a movie marathon date. This entails watching all movies a certain actress or actor has been featured. All the movies with the same title or all the movies featured in a certain town. The movies you will both hate and love will only show how close or far apart your taste is.

  • Beach Date

Dates at the beach are always fun. Cool fresh breeze, sunny day that allow you to be comfortable in your swimming costume, and not to mention plenty of cocktails to quench your thirst. Also, the scenic view of the ocean and the skyline are always therapeutic. Trying a beach date is worth it.

  • Make a new Recipe Together

Making a new recipe can be demanding; however, if you're making it with your significant other, it can be fun and create an environment of play, learning, and bonding. You can make your favorite recipe for your loved one, or both of you can make pizza from scratch. Kneading the dough, baking to guessing each other's favorite toppings.

  • Discover the Ocean Experience

The ocean is full of mysteries to be discovered. For one, dolphins can be fun to be around with. What better way to break the norm of your dates than to go swim with the sea angels. Also, you can try deep sea diving or snorkeling and swim around sea caves and coral reefs. These are experiences you will live to remember.

  • Go back to Where it all Began

A visit down memory lane can be worth it to remind you where you met or your first date. This could be in a bar, restaurant, an alley, even a library. When you two are there you can role play how it all started and talk about how you felt that day. This can be fun and a good way of reminiscing about the past, and strengthening your relationship.

  • Go for Karaoke

We are all not gifted with the ability to control our vocals and hold the notes. However, if you love music and so does your significant other, you can both go to an open mic gig and do karaoke. It will be funny and amazing.

  • Attend a Comedy Show Together

Laughter is good for our health. You and your significant other can opt to attend a comedy show for a date. The fun and laughter that will make tears roll down your cheeks is worth it. And perhaps this could keep your relationship laughing all the way to happily ever after.

  • Take a Picnic and Keep Memories

An old fashioned picnic may be worth trying in your date. This could be in your favorite park or garden. Ensure you carry everything you will need. You can buy takeout snacks or surprise your date with homemade snacks. At the park enjoy the scenery, food and each other's company. While there you can practise amateur photographing and take pictures that will keep the memory.

  • Learn Something New

Learning a new skill can strengthen relationships especially if it's done together. You can opt to arrange a date in which you learn how to dance, play an instrument, pottery, or even practise for a marathon. This way you help each other learn a new skill and succeed

  • Explore New Adventures

Trying out something new can be scary and intimidating. However, if you have company of a loved one, the experience is worth trying. You and your significant other can choose to try hiking, rock climbing, or mountain climbing and explore adventure together.

  • Take a Sunset Stroll

Sunset can be romantic. The cool weather and the beautiful horizon scenery are worth looking at. A sunset stroll can simply involve you two holding hand and watching the horizon turn orange as dusk approaches. Then seal it up with a romantic kiss.

Deciding on the perfect date should not be frustrating and nervous breaking anymore. With any of the above tips, you can always win the love and affection of your loved one, while strengthening the bond of your relationship.


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