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15 Ideas to Woo Your Guests at London Wedding Reception Venues

Updated on December 18, 2013

Lavish or low key, rustic or ritzy, with these amazing ideas you can woo your guests coming to your wedding reception party in London. Every couple wants to throw a party of their lives, which can actually thrill everyone coming to the reception. So, choose these exciting ideas and find out how you can flatter your invitees at the reception party:

Have reception ushers
Have reception ushers

1. Consider Having Reception Ushers

At your party, have ushers escort guests to their seats. London wedding reception venues have dedicated wait staff, which can do double duty. Or, you can assign a few ushers to have ‘live escort cards’ and walk your guests to their tables.

Cool guest transportation
Cool guest transportation

2. Cool Guest Transportation

Plan to shuttle your guests from your wedding ceremony to the reception venue. Make the journey more fun by renting some cool mass transportation for them. Try hiring traditional trolleys to get the invitees from the church to your reception area. For adding extra flair, play fun music during the ride.

3. Serve Cocktails on the Way

The guests will not expect any drinks on their way to reception. So, give them a pleasant surprise and set up a table of cocktails on their way to the party. But, do not plan to serve them something too strong. Think fruit infused iced teas, mimosas, and other non-alcoholic versions too.

Welcome bags
Welcome bags

4. Welcome Bags

Make your reception invitees special by welcoming them with bags that go beyond few snacks and a map. Stuff personalised welcome bags with mini bottles of microbrew, a gift voucher for local coffee shop, and an individual welcome note from you.

5. Child Care

Most of your guests may bring their children along with them. So, to ensure that their little ones stay happy, hire a babysitter and set up a room where she can take care of all your young guests. Many London venues feature extra room or space to accommodate your young invitees. Hire from these spaces and stock the room with lot of snacks, games, and a DVD player to keep them entertained.

Mood lighting
Mood lighting

6. Lighting

Transform your reception area with some creative mood lighting. You can project snow or falling leaves on the walls to add a dramatic effect. Give a funky pattern to the dance floor and get up lighting for the perimeter of the hall. These things will instantly transform your party venue, making your guests keep staring it in a good way.

Escort Cards
Escort Cards

7. Escort Cards

Upgrade your escort cards to something worth keeping or eating. Paper cards are old tradition and might get lost in the crowd. Instead use some cake pops or engraved martini glasses with guest’ names on them. These will give a more personalised feel to your guests at the wedding.

A DIY flower station
A DIY flower station

8. Set Up A DIY Flower Station

It’s a wonderful idea to let your guests know that everyone is special for you at the wedding. Let them stand out at the party with their own boutonniere or corsage. You can ask the florist to set up a beautiful DIY flower station at the venue. Put some charming blooms, such as roses, lilies, and others. You can even supply them with plenty of colourful ribbons or pins and labels with easy-to-follow instructions.

9. A Bubbly Bar

One of the best ways to make toast time delicious is by letting guests customise their champagne. To make your toast fun, you can serve dishes with citrus twists, fruit purees, flavoured ice cubes, and lavender sprigs. Spoon these into glasses of bubbly to add a twist at your wedding.

A first dance confetti drop
A first dance confetti drop

10. A First-Dance Confetti Drop

Your first dance will be one of the main highlights of your wedding. So, to make it more special, add an entertainment factor to it. If you are planning to dance on a slow, romantic song, then have fresh flower petals drop from the ceiling. For a more fast and entertaining song, ask your venue or the florist to drop confetti from the ceiling. Make sure both your event planner and florist work together to make this magic happen.

A Video Confessional Booth

11. Confession Booth

Having a photo booth sounds pretty old. You can try setting up a modern day video confession booth, where your guests can record lovely screen messages for you. Hire a professional videographer, who can edit some of the best clips into your wedding video. Ask him to post the same on your wedding website and encourage your friends and family to check them out.

Mariachi Band at Wedding

12. Play Some Unexpected Music

Blow your guests away with some unexpected wedding music in London. Hire a jazz trio or a special Spanish guitar player, who can set the mood at your party. If you wish to have an extended party during cocktail hour, then hire a mariachi band, a barbershop quartet, or even a bluegrass group. All these unexpected bands and singers will surely give you some great memorable melodies to remember for a lifetime.

13. Go for a Shorter, Flirtier Dress Change

Everyone will be looking at the bride. And it’ll come as a shocker if you go from a classic wedding gown to a much shorter, flirtier skirt at your reception. Just have fun with what you wear at the reception. Buy a white or a cocktail dress that’s too short for aisle. This will create a more romantic atmosphere among others present at your party.

14. Bring in the Social Media

Create your wedding website long before your wedding day. Start the party with social media integration and get your friends involved with live tweets or quirky Instagram feeds. You can upload video blogs or your bachelor/bachelorette party, or bridal party, and so on. Put on some polls, asking your guests to poll for best reception music, or wedding guests of the week. Building your own wedding website is easy on sites like and

15. A Surprise Dance

Surprise everyone at your wedding by performing live on some hip-hop music, a sultry tango, or a high-octane swing. Take a few choreographed dance classes before your wedding. To add more twist to the celebrations, ask your da or grandpa to join you in the act.

There are plenty of ways to woo your guests at the wedding. London is always a special destination for marriage and to make it more exciting use these ideas.


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