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15 Interesting Facts About Marriage And Divorce

Updated on November 28, 2015
CC Image, Charlie V. Antonio
CC Image, Charlie V. Antonio | Source

1. In the past marriage was not always based on love. Marriage was seen as a way to contract bonds with other families, acquire land and wealth and to provide legitimate offspring to strengthen the family unit and continue the line. 1

CC Image, Michael Da Re
CC Image, Michael Da Re | Source

2. According to research marrying younger than 25 significantly increases divorce risk. 2

CC Image, Don DeBold
CC Image, Don DeBold | Source

3. Age difference between partners is also a risk factor with a higher chance of divorce if the woman is older. 2

CC Image, Dragunsk Usf
CC Image, Dragunsk Usf | Source

4. Education determines the age at which a person marries. The higher an individual’s education, the later in life they are likely to marry. 3

CC Image, Thomas Leuthard
CC Image, Thomas Leuthard | Source

5. Female bread-winner couples have a significantly higher risk of divorce than male-bread-winner couples. 4

CC Image, itupictures
CC Image, itupictures | Source

6. Your parents affect who you are attracted to as mate preferences are moulded by infant experiences of parental characteristics. 5

CC Image, FieldsportsChannel TV
CC Image, FieldsportsChannel TV | Source

7. A person’s happiness level before marriage is the best predictor of happiness after getting married. Getting married does not automatically make a person happier. 6

CC Image, Prayitno
CC Image, Prayitno | Source

8. Birth order between partners can affect the success of a marriage. The highest divorce risks are when two firstborns marry or when the husband and wife is both the only child in their families. 7

CC Image, Joe Cheng
CC Image, Joe Cheng | Source

9. Half of emotional affairs become sexual affairs. 8

CC Image, Jon Rawlinson
CC Image, Jon Rawlinson | Source

10. 85% of happily married couples say their friends and family don’t interfere with their marriage. 8

CC Image, Thomas Leuthard
CC Image, Thomas Leuthard | Source

11. 60% of married couples have had an affair. 8

CC Image, Bui Linh Ngan [modified: cropped]
CC Image, Bui Linh Ngan [modified: cropped] | Source

12. Married couples accumulate four times more wealth than a single individual. Divorced couples have an average of 77% less wealth than singles. 8

CC Image, Alden Jewell
CC Image, Alden Jewell | Source

13. Getting married invokes more life satisfaction than money, sex or children. 8

CC Image, Thomas Leuthard
CC Image, Thomas Leuthard | Source

14. According to research, happiness declines significantly four years into a marriage, with another decline at seven to eight years. Almost half of all divorces occur in the first seven years of marriage. 6

CC Image, Vic
CC Image, Vic | Source

15. Research shows certain influences and personalities are linked to infidelity. For example, being raised in a family where affairs are common, having close friends and colleagues who believe its ok to cheat and marrying a partner for cultural and social “stability” but craving excitement and risk.2

CC Image, Kayla Kandzorra
CC Image, Kayla Kandzorra | Source

Sources and further reading

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    • HubTen5 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Australia

      Sorry for the late reply, I've been travelling a bit and haven't had a chance to sign in for the last few weeks. I'm very happy for anyone to link my hubs :)

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      Judy Specht 

      5 years ago from California

      Would like to link this hub to my hubs on marriage if you don't mind. Very much enjoy your foot notes. They are a great way to check the facts.


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