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15 Things Clumsy People Can Relate To

Updated on October 28, 2014


1. It's equally as possible to fall walking up the stairs as walking down them.

2. Two words: stubbed toes.

3. You often need to contort your body in some uncomfortable way or another to retrieve an item that you've dropped or otherwise affected (think remote control, sheet of paper, and slippery shampoo bottles).

4. You don't need an object to trip you to suddenly just fall over; your feet will do.

5. You find yourself reaching for something or someone so you don't crash to the floor. Your feelings could quite possibly be described as "wobbly".


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Food, Food Everywhere

6. Eating is an endeavor all in itself, and requires separate numbered reasons:

7. You may've accidentally used the "scoop" side of the spice bottle and poured too much into your food, causing you to add more of the other ingredients, which you may or may not have spilled on the countertop along the way. Botching recipes is too easy.

8. You change your shirt or pants (or both, depending on the day and meal) after eating because your food/drink snuck its way onto them. Also, a burning hot substance, such as tea or soup has touched (scalded) your skin way too many times than it should have.

9. You may've mastered the art of removing food stains from clothing (and sofa cushions and carpets). Or, you simply know what works for what. Your clothing's appearance may reflect more about you than you originally thought.

10. If you have long-ish hair - You discover traces of your last meal on the ends of your locks, or higher up... How that happens will forever remain a mystery.

(Lame Joke): What candy bar is clumsy? Butterfingers!


It's Complicated...

11. According to your house, screens are always accompanied by scratches, dings, and/or cracks.

12. Exercising is more exhausting for you due to the random extra body movements.

13. The majority of the time, you have some sort of visible bruise, cut, or scratch, from where you have no idea of the source.

14. Words are mistakenly jumbled, especially using the "spoonerism" method of mixing up the first letters of two words.

15. The people around you have come to joke about your klutz-y ways. And you're learning (or have learned) to laugh about it. :)

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