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19 Things Women in Relationships Must Not Do; Men Hate Them

Updated on January 11, 2018

Things Men Hate About Women

Generally, men love women, but there are some of habits of women they find really annoying. Ask any man and he is likely to mention some of these nineteen habits that he hates about women. A woman that has some of these habits should try to do away with them.


Jealousy mostly happens when women see their partner with other women. Being jealous is absolutely normal, but when your jealousy goes to a destructive level, it could endanger your cherished relationship. Some women allow the fang of jealousy to cling to their hearts, and eventually cause a monumental damage to their relationships. But, the better way of letting your man know that you do not like him checking out other women is by communication. Let him know how you feel about his relationship with other women.Try to control your jealousy. I know a jealous wife Who stabbed her husband to death because she read a text from another woman in his phone. She was remanded in prison custody. Extreme jealousy and possessiveness are not attractive qualities. They speak loudly of your lack of self-esteem and your lack of trust.


What habit do men hate most in their women? Nagging. This is one trait no man loves. Some women love nagging. They complain ceaselessly. Women expect men to move it the minute they’re asked to do something. It doesn’t work that way. You’ve done your job of asking your partner to do something, so leave it to him. Nagging is like corporal punishment in high school; after a while the body adapts to it, then it stops being effective. Remember, nagging is relationship destroyer. There’s nothing worse than a woman who constantly find fault in everything her partner does. Don’t be that woman.


A lot of women pretend that they’re very understanding, loving and caring when new in a relationship, but as time passes, men get to see the other side of them. In the beginning, they try to pretend only later to become their real selves. Men don’t like it when women put on a show or pretend to be something they’re not.

Jumping to conclusion

Women love jumping to conclusions attempting to prove themselves right. Don’t make any assumption that you don’t have enough information to make. It bugs men when women falsely assume something that ends up being different from what they thought. It is more reasonable to play it save. Have an open mind. This will save you and your partner from unnecessary disagreements.


Love makes women want to know everything about their man. Men don’t love a woman who is too possessive because it means you distrust him. Some women go through their partners’ phones, drawer, and suits’ pockets searching for evidence of another woman. Ask questions if you feel all is not well. You might read a wrong meaning to simple text message. Don’t make checking his phone, going through his drawer and his suits’ pockets a regular habit. Men are more comfortable in a relationship when they get some space. Most women love keeping an eye on every move that they make their partner feel like he’s in a cage. Of course, if your partner has betrayed you in the past, you’ll find it difficult to trust him.

Fake it

Men don’t like it when their partners fake orgasms. They want you to be just who you are, at all times. Let him know if you’re not satisfied with his performance. It is better to faking satisfaction, only to seek satisfaction else way.

Excessive weight

If you keep counting calories and talking diets to him, his appetite and love for you is going to nosedive. So eat less and count the calories in your head. Don’t overfeed and start dieting later. Watch your weight.

Lack of confidence

Men hate it when women ask one question over and over again, and in spite of their answer, repeat the question another ten times. Men like women with confidence, who can decide for themselves and not have to ask all and sundry about how they look or what to do about situations they are faced with all the time.

Talk too much

Talking too much is hardly a man-pleasing habit. Many men won’t admit to being put off by this mannerism, but they will build up resentment toward you. Men prefer to maintain their silence. So to keep your man happy, don’t keep your tongue wagging all the time. Use your tongue sparingly; only when you have sometime important to say. Do not bring up your partners past transgressions over and over; men don’t like it.

Being glued to the phone

He can’t stand it when you talk endlessly on the phone with your friends. And even when he’s in the same room as you, you have no problem discussing him with them. It might boost his ego when you first met. It could make him feel really important that you talk about him to your friends. But after a while it really started to irritate him because he will feel you lack the sense of privacy.

Answering for him

It is important that before you take a decision that will affect him; you should first consult him for his opinion. It is wrong to decide for him. if you take a decision before contacting your husband to let him know and he could be annoyed that you didn’t consult him first. Don’t accept invitation to an event without first contacting him. This can make him furious.

Spending too much time shopping

Some women can really spend so much time shopping. When they’re buying clothes, shoes or handbags, they like to take their time, try on a lot of things and constantly ask for their partner’s opinion on what looks good on them, without being time conscious.

Always expecting him to pay

Most men like to act like they’re the big provider, especially in the first few months of dating. But he hates it when the woman expects him to pay for everything, all the time when she has the ability of paying for some. He will feel over-exploited. Even if he’s extremely rich, women occasionally need to reach into their own purses and insist it’s their turn to pay if they want to prevent bitterness and resentment down the line.

Being too flirtatious

Some women are too flirtatious. You should not flirt with your partner’s friends. If you have such habit, tone it down.

Talking about past lovers

Men hate this as much as most women dislike men doing same. Bearing this in mind, if you happen to land up at the same dinner party as your ex, there is no need to reveal this. Avoid inviting past lovers whom you may now describe as “good friends” to meet your husband. He’ll hate it. And don’t compare him to your ex; there is a good reason why he is the ex.

Wearing too much makeup

Men don’t like too much make-up. It will make you look like a slut. Not only the look of it, but also the length of time it takes to apply. He might not like all the time wasted applying makeup especially when he is late for an occasion. Soon he starts telling you to start getting ready a couple of hours before an event. Women can really overdo the hair and make-up routine.

Being aggressive

In this era men can be flattered if a woman makes the first move – it really takes the pressure off them if a girl says hi, suggests dinner or gives him her number. But anything more aggressive than that might make him suspect you could flirtatious. Men equally hate it when their partner is quarrelsome. Every little disagreement must not lead to a big fight.

Trying to over-please

When some women are into a new relationship, they try to over-please their partner because they don’t want to upset the applecart. Within a short time, the man’s taste in books, music and movies become their own taste. These women are insecure and lack self-confidence that is why they submerge their personalities into that of their partners.

Getting drunk in public

Men hate it when their partners take more liquor than they can handle in a public social event. They constitute public nuisance.


So there you have it; let me hope this list will improve your relationship with men.


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    • Chuksm profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Modungwo 

      11 months ago from Benin

      Angela Marie thanks for your encouragement.

    • Ang Reece profile image

      Angela Marie 

      11 months ago from Missouri

      thank you

    • Chuksm profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Modungwo 

      17 months ago from Benin

      Thank you Emmboy for your comment and encouragement. I quite appreciate it. Keep reading my hubs and keep your comments coming. Warmest regards.

    • Emmyboy profile image


      17 months ago from Nigeria

      You are so right.

      Thanks for sharing.


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