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1920s Theme Wedding : An Elegant and Fun Way To Celebrate Your Vows

Updated on October 16, 2016

Get Creative With A Sophisticated and Retro 1920s Wedding Soiree!

You can really up the WOW factor for your guests and really make your I DO day an event to remember with some fun planning and creative energy! If you are planning a wedding and are looking for a fancy yet fun theme, consider creating a wedding reception inspired by the free-spirited flappers of the roaring twenties! Your guests will have a ball and remember all of the special touches you created for years come.

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Themed Weddings are a wonderful way to express yourself and ensure that your guests have an incredible experience full of unique memories. Beach themed, Carnival themed, French themed, Circus themed, farm themed.... the list of possibilities go on and on. Theme weddings also allow you to get creative and make your own decorations and wedding favors and this can make planning and paying for your wedding more fun and more affordable!

1. The Wedding Invitation

You can easily pull off a simple invitation style for a 1920s wedding - just jazz up the font a bit and maybe include a picture of cocktail glasses, champagne, a flapper headband, a beaded necklace, or one of those old and fancy 1920s cars.You could also find an online wedding invitation artist, such as on Etsy - which has many lovely 20's themed invitations available.

If you want to get a bit more creative, have fun with 1920s slang and make a tabloid 20's style fake newspaper announcement/invite using photo shop or someone who knows photo shop (neighbor's kid, ha?) ! You could also create a password to conjure up the exclusive, underground speakeasy days - have guests give their password at the door!

2. The Reception Location

Location, location, location! This retro wedding can be held almost anywhere and still be incredible. I'll give you a few ideas, but really, a roaring 20's wedding will look just as lovely in an elegant ballroom as it will under some white string lights in your grandmother's backyard.

--find an old mansion or inn : when I think of the 1920s, I start thinking about that wonderful F.Scott Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby. What could be a nicer setting than a 20's wedding set against all of the glamor of an old mansion's marble or an Inn's antiques?

--find a nightclub to rent: especially a jazz club. Those small, round club tables, a walk-up fall bar, a stage for the band - all of this is perfect for a dark, night ambiance.

-- find a flower garden in a park : this affordable option will make for a really stunning late afternoon/early evening 20's themed wedding.

3. Hors d'oeuvres

Jazz up your Hors d'oeuvres table with black, white, fedoras, records and beads.

--use a lined or plastic Fedora for your chip bowl. Simple to do and yet this will make such a wonderful conversation starter for your guests.

--Deviled Eggs were very popular during the 1920s - and those are always very popular as an appetizer - might I just add that I'm a crazy vegetarian, so consider using cage-free eggs, eh ?(ha ha)

-Cabbage Rolls were another popular 20's food you can easily serve for cocktail hour!

--cucumber watercress tea sandwiches : even if not everyone loves them, everyone will appreciate the elegant touch that tiny cucumber watercress tea sandwiches will bring to your jazzy hors d'oeuvres table.

4.The Wedding Favors

-- Ok, this one is so much fun! Have fedoras (you can buy plastic ones here) for the guys - and beaded flapper necklaces for the gals (you buy them here). Your guests will love all of the whimsical photo opportunities these create - especially when the bride and groom are wearing a beaded necklace and fedora too!

--Use fake! long cigarette holders as favors. Tie a name card to them - with a 1920s font - and they instantly double as place card holders, too!

-- Playing Cards was very popular in the 20's... why not give your guests the chance to meet and greet over a card game using their new deck of cards? If you want to go all out, you can even get custom cards made up in the style you choose, check out this website!

5. The Fun

-- Have some fun with the reception table names! Use famous (and notorious) characters and figures from the 1920s to jazz up the guest and head tables. Examples of characters you could name tables after are : Al Capone, Charlie Chaplin, Clara Bow, and Bonnie and Clyde. Dec your table all out with trivia and photographs to really "spruce things up" a bit :)

-- Dancing was very popular in the roaring 20's - with the Foxtrot, the Waltz, the tango, the Charleston, and the Lindy Hop being popular favorites. Granted, many of your guests may not know these dances - so consider hiring a dance instructor to teach your guests something new. Your boss and Uncle Charlie will never forgot learning the foxtrot - at your wedding!!

-- If you know anyone with a projector and screen (or if your venue comes with one - make sure to ask!) - why not play a silent 20's movie such as a Charlie Chaplin flick during your wedding..what a fun and stunning visual for everyone to enjoy!

6.The Alcohol

Offer real cocktails and mocktails alike to please all of your guests - but have lots of fun (and be sure your family and friends don't overdo it and get home safe and sound!) with the alcohol selection at your 1920s wedding - because, frankly, the 1920s was really big on cocktails. Below is a small selection of websites offering insight and recipes on the 1920s cocktails.

Unusual Historicals : Cocktails of the 1920s
Mint Juleps, Side Cars and more!

How To Make a New 1920 Cocktail

Created on New Years Eve, 1919, this is truly a 1920s classic.

-----Thanks For Reading, Folks and Have Lots and Lots of Fun!-------


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    • DIYorDie profile image

      Holly 4 years ago

      I'm planning a 1920's speakeasy themed wedding and I'm looking for ideas everywhere. I think you have great ideas but I wish you would have photos to accompany some of them for a visual connection.

    • WillSteinmetz profile image

      WillSteinmetz 6 years ago

      Great ideas here!Thanks for sharing.