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7 Amazing Things You Can Do To Make Your Man Love You More

Updated on March 5, 2017

How to Make Your Man Love You More

When you are  romantic it will make your man love you more
When you are romantic it will make your man love you more

You Can Make Him Love You More

Araba Agyemang is in a relationship with Kwasi Twum. She loves him dearly and knows Kwasi loves her, but feels his love for her is not that strong. This worries her because he is a great guy who receives attention from other women regularly and she fears some woman will steal Kwasi away from her.

“I want him to love me more than he does right now so that I can keep him. Is there anything I can do to make him increase his affection for me so that I can have him to myself forever?”

You can make your man love you more, and stay in love with you forever. What it takes is to apply certain principles. In this article,I give you seven of such principles.

Show True Love

If you want him to love you more, then you must first know how to love. True love is genuine love. It is a love that is faithful and reliable. Love is not mere lip service. Love shows itself in many practical ways.

One of the ways you can show this practical love is by the work of your hands. Give a man all you can, and he will fall in love with you. Find out ways in which you can offer him help in his home, with his work, or ways you can help his family. If he is a writer, for example, you may offer to help him type some of his manuscripts. You can decide to cook for him on certain weekends. Offer to do his laundry for him. Sacrifice some time and help him to clean his room or his home once in a while. When you offer him these practical bits of help, he is bound to appreciate it. A man is looking for a woman who will be a helper in life and these acts will make him feel comfortable to abandon his heart to you and make him love you even more.

Love is not really love if it nicely calculates the cost and is not prepared to sacrifice. Love gives its all, and love’s only regret is that it still does not have more to give. demonstrate this kind of love and the guy will love you madly.

Love which wins a man’s heart shows humility. When you humble yourself for a man, he cherishes you. Humbling yourself for a man means you do not see yourself as competing with him, but that you are prepared to complement him to achieve his aims and objectives in life. It shows that you are interested in giving him loving support. It also shows to him that you are a woman who will be prepared to plan together with him,that you will be prepared to discuss matters with him, and that is the kind of woman many men want to marry. So humble yourself before him and he will love you more.

Love which can make a man love you more also shows it is self-unconsciousness. When you want a man to love you more, you should not be ashamed to let all people know that. Show that you want him to love you to all the world. Wander slowly down a crowded street hand in hand with him. Rejoice that all people can see that you are interested in him. When a man knows that you are not ashamed of him, he develops adoration for you, and he will be yours forever.

Show Yourself To Be Romantic

Romance is an integral part of any relationship. It makes the relationship interesting and fun. Romantic relationships, and consequently marriage would be very boring if there was no romance involved. A man wants a woman who will be romantic, and who will spice up the relationship.

Show your romantic side to the man. Do this by doing romantic things to him:

  1. When you are alone, grow young again and become playful.
  2. Tickle him in the armpits. It will generate sweet sensations in his body and make him squirm. Laugh at him as he squirms. The laughter will lighten the atmosphere. If he likes it and does not complain, make it a habit. Use it to help him deal with the stress he fights every day and he will reward you by loving you more. But make sure you do this when he is in a positive mood or else you can end up with a swollen mouth or some hurtful words!
  3. When you are strolling through the park holding hands, tickle his palms. It produces this nice sensation and makes one feel good about himself. Do it often and at different times. Your man will give you a positive payoff when you are romantic and make him feel good in his body.

Show Emotional Independence

Before a man can love you more, you must prove yourself to be a woman, and not a girl. You need to demonstrate to him that you have attained some level of emotional maturity. A woman shows emotional maturity. One way you can show emotional maturity is not to take every quarrel you have with the man to your parents to settle. You must not be “Mamma’s daughter” or “Daddy’s daughter.” You must have a mind of your own. See yourself as an equal partner capable of facing him squarely to settle disputes. Always running to others to intervene in disputes irritates most men. Have confidence in your abilities, and sit down with him face to face to settle your differences. You will win his admiration and make him fall in love with you more for it.

Be A Responsible Woman

When a man enters into a relationship with you, ultimately he hopes it will end in marriage. His hope is that he will bear children with you, and that you will take care of the children and the home.

A man must see that you will be capable of keeping house, give satisfaction to him and the children you will bear, and bring up the children to be responsible and productive members of society. He will see this in the way you treat your siblings, especially your younger siblings. Treat your siblings with love and care.

Treat your mother and your father with respect and honor. How you support and help your parents gives an indication of how caring and loving you are. If you treat your parents with respect, your man will infer you will treat him with respect and love you for it. On the other hand if you treat your parents and friends shabbily, your man may develop fears that you may treat him that same way someday. He is not likely to increase his love for you. He might even break-up with you.

Develop A Cheerful Disposition

A man is looking for a woman who can help him to escape the pressures of everyday life, and who can help him to take his mind off all his frustrations. When you show a cheerful disposition it will affect the man and help him to throw away some of his worries. He is more likely to give you more space in his mind. The increased attention he gives you will translate into more love if you take advantage of it and use it to focus his attention on you and bond emotionally by spending more time together.

You can develop a cheerful disposition by:

  • Letting go of little hurts.
  • Filling your mind with positive, spirit uplifting thoughts.
  • Not worrying too much about yourself, seeing the bright side of every situation (for there is a positive side to every bad thing that happens to you).
  • Singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, and laughing and smiling often. Practice laughing at least five minutes every day when you are in his presence. Laugh when nothing has happened. Don't worry, he will not think you are crazy! Laughing is infectious and before you know, he will also be laughing. When you can make him relax in this manner, he will be happy to love you more.

Be Adaptable

Life is full of ups and downs. A man is concerned whether a woman will stick around when hard times come. So if you want to capture his heart forever, you must show him that you can cope with bad times as well as good times. You demonstrate that you are adaptable by not grumbling and complaining when you are going through hard times. If you can speak words of encouragement and motivation when times are rough for you, it shows that you are willing to cope with any situation you find yourself in. He will know you will be faithful to him through rain and sunshine, and that will make him more relaxed to give you his whole being.

You also need to adapt to his tastes and preferences. If he wants a woman who dresses a certain way, dress that way for him. If he loves a particular type of hair-do, make-up your hair in that fashion often. If he likes a particular food, for example, also learn to develop a taste for that food. A man is more likely to love you more if you have common tastes and preferences.

Give Him Special Attention

We all generally agree that women want attention a lot. But the truth is that men also want attention but do not voice it out as regularly as women do. Therefore, if you want your man to love you more, give him attention, especially when you are having conversations. It will make him feel that what he is saying to you makes great sense, or is worth something, which will help to massage his ego and make him feel great about himself, improving the chances that he will have goodwill towards you. When he is positively predisposed towards you, his affection for you is more likely to be stronger, and he will love you more and feel even more crazy about you.

  • When you are having a chat, make it a point to make eye contact with him as often as you can do. Let him feel your whole mind is focused on what he is saying, and that you are not thinking about other things. This shows care, and will make him know that you are more interested in making a connection with him at that moment than in worrying about something, or planning for a future activity.
  • From time to time, tap his body, or lightly brush a part of his body with your hands, to indicate that you are enjoying what he is saying, and that you treasure the time you are spending in his presence.
  • To make him know that you are really following what he is saying, and that you enjoy it, nod when he says something you agree with and say something such as, “I absolutely agree with you on that one! It is very true!” On the other hand, shake your head when he says something you do not like, and then say something like, “I do not agree with you on that one. You go on, but I will have my say on that point.” It makes for a more interesting engagement. Just listening without saying anything, or showing with your body that you are glad to be in his presence, will make him think you do not enjoy being around him, and that could affect his affection for you negatively. So, try to give verbal and bodily responses, and throw suggestions and ideas his way to make the engagement more fruitful.
  • Recap some of the things he says to show him that your whole mind is focused on absorbing whatever he is telling you.
  • Smiling and laughing are two tools you can use to create a light atmosphere, and to make your man feel you are enjoying the moments you are spending with him. Therefore, where appropriate, that is when he says something witty, laugh. Don’t just sit there and let it pass. Also, when he says something you do not agree with, or something that cuts your heart to the core, laugh. It will help you to stabilize your emotions and control yourself so that you do not lash out at him. Let him feel you are happy just to be around him.

How to Make Your Man Love You More

Will you be faithful to your man in hard times and in good times?

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