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15 Great Prizes for Baby or Bridal Shower Games

Updated on September 30, 2014

Fun Prize Ideas for Bridal and Baby Showers

You've ordered the cake, bought the decorations, and are planning some fun and entertaining games. Unsure of what prizes to give the game winners? Here are 15 wonderful ideas for prizes for baby or bridal shower games.

Gourmet Mix

This is a unique and fun prize. You can buy several different types of gourmet mixes, such as soups, dips, cookies, casseroles, etc the the shower guest will enjoy. These can often be purchased at craft stores, or you can order them through direct sale consultants. There are several gourmet mix companies out there, Gourmet Cupboard and Two Sisters Gourmet to name a few. The links to these web-sites can be found in the resources section.


Bracelets are nice prizes that most guests will be thrilled to get. You can purchase nice bracelets for about 10$ or less at stores such as Target, Bealls, etc.




Lotion is always something women need and makes a very useful bridal or baby shower prize. You can buy small bottles of lotion at stores such as a Bath and Body Works or the Body Shop. Try to get one of their most popular scents.

Starbucks Gift Card

This is something a little different that will be a great prize. Pick up a few $5 Starbucks gift cards (or gift cards to any coffee shop) and your guests will enjoying using for a latte or Italian soda.


This is particularly a great prize if many of the guests are pregnant themselves, or possibly engaged too. (But, even if not, its still a great prize.) Just pick up a few boxes of note cards - can get them for less than $7 at Wal-Mart - and you'll have some great prizes for the games.

Picture Frame

A small picture frame makes an excellent prize. You can purchase them for a very reasonable cost at places like Wal-Mart, Big Lots, etc. Magnetic frames for the fridge are also an excellent idea as well.

Make Candles in Baby Food Jars for Baby Shower Prizes


Most women, if not all, enjoy scented candles. They make a great prize that will last for a long time. You can purchase top quality candles for a very reasonable price ($5-10) at local craft stores. There are also several direct sale candle businesses such as Mia Bella, where you could purchase them from a local resident. Many work-at-home moms would be thrilled to sale them to you.

Small Kitchen Tools

This is something that almost everyone can use. You can purchase kitchen tools for a very reasonable fee from Pamper Chef consultants, or at a store that specialized in kitchenware.

Small Scrapbooking Kit

Small Scrapbooking Kit

This prize would be excellent if most of the guests are mothers or you know enjoy scrapbooks. Just fill a gift bag or small box with a variety of stickers, stamps, etc. If they love scrap-booking, they'll love this prize.

Christmas Ornament

Hosting a baby or bridal shower in November of December? A Christmas ornament makes a great prize. You can buy them for less than five dollars at stores such as Hallmark, Wal-Mart, etc.

Manicure Set

Most women would be thrilled to receive a manicure set as a gift. You can buy sets at Wal-Mart, drug stores, or online.

Seed Packets or Small Plant

Seed Packets or Small Plant

This is unique but will definitely be a top-notch prize. You can purchase small plants or seed packets at stores such as Wal-Mart for very low prices.


Fridge Magnets

Hey, everyone has a fridge, and fridge magnets are perfect prizes. You can purchase decorative magnets at craft stores or order online.

Face Mask Packets

Which girl doesn't love to give herself a mini-facial? Face mask packets are very inexpensive baby or bridal shower prizes. You can purchase these at Wal-Mart for less than three dollars a piece.

Coffee Mug Filled with Hot Chocolate/Tea Packets

This is best for Winter showers, but it can be a great prize at any time of the year. Just purchase a cute mug (Old Navy sells adorable one at Christmas) and fill it with Hot Chocolate or Tea Packets. Guests will enjoy having the mug as a keepsake from the shower.

These are just 15 prizes for both baby shower and bridal shower games. Hosting a shower is a lot of work, but your friend will be grateful for your generosity. Happy Partying!

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