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20 Quirky and unusual date ideas for your next date with your girlfriend

Updated on June 19, 2013

"I have a date with my girlfriend but I want to do something different this time" "I am looking for unusual and quirky date ideas" "I want to think beyond the cliché romantic date ideas and do something unique with my girlfriend"

Got similar thoughts? Here are 20 unique and unusual date ideas that you can try out yourself.

If you call a masseur home, you won't have to pay the exorbitant rates that spas usually charge.
If you call a masseur home, you won't have to pay the exorbitant rates that spas usually charge.

1) Book a masseuse to come home and give you both a massage. Book a massage session for yourself and your girlfriend and have fun as the both of you unwind. You can look up a local masseuse and ask him/her to come home and give you both a nice and long rub. The best thing about this quirky date idea is that you get to be in the comfort of your own home and avoid spending the hundreds of dollars in expensive spas and massage parlors.

2) Go on a photography spree in downtown. You will be amazed at the millions of photo opportunities that any downtown of a developed city has to offer. From graffiti to historical buildings to tall skyscrapers to multicultural elements, there is a lot to be captured in any downtown. For example, you could spend hours if not days just photographing the different legal graffiti smeared laneways in Melbourne, Australia. Arm yourselves with cameras and go your separate ways until you meet at lunch, and then for coffee. Come back home and spend the rest of your evening cuddling up with your girlfriend as you watch the pictures that you both took on your computer.

3) Go on a busking date with your girlfriend. Do you and your girlfriend both play musical instruments? If you do, you can go out and spend some time busking on the streets. Be reminded that busking is very different from begging and the whole activity is to put your talent on display. You may want to double check with the rules of your city council before you do this though.

4) Have a grooming date with your girlfriend. You can help her do some womanly stuff like shaving, waxing, nail paint, etc. Your girlfriend on the other hand can help you groom your body hair. Both of you can groom, trim, remove hair on each others' bodies depending on the level of physical intimacy you share. This type of date is likely to lead on to other sizzling activities. While some may find this a bit gross in the beginning, after increased levels of comfort it may very well become a fun thing that you do with your girlfriend every month!

5) Go take part in a hobby related club for a day. With your girlfriend, zero in on a hobby club that sounds interesting to the both of you. It can be a poetry club, music club, reading club, movie club, karaoke club or any other hobby club that you can think of. Finding such groups can be as simple as going to Google and searching 'San Francisco book clubs'.

6) Go on a regular date.... but go commando. Plan any dinner date or a cliché romantic outing with your girlfriend. But add a twist to it by going commando. Yes, make sure that neither you nor your girlfriend wear underwear or any sort of inners. This will make even the dullest and most boring dates, very unique. As only the two of you will know that neither is wearing any underwear, you will be giggling all along the date. Just make sure that you wear a smooth fabric or else it can get very painful and you could be left with rashes the next day.

Hilary Duff tweeted this picture of herself Owling. Her husband Mike Comrie looks at her from the corner of his eye.
Hilary Duff tweeted this picture of herself Owling. Her husband Mike Comrie looks at her from the corner of his eye.

7) Take pictures of each other acting out various Internet memes around town. We've all seen amusing pictures of different types of Internet meme including Owling, Falling and Horsemanning. Have you thought of trying them out yourself? Just go out in the town, armed with a camera and have fun as you and your girlfriend take pictures of each other trying out the different viral photo trends. The point is to complete a series of pictures at various locations and share them with your friends online. It will be a very silly but fun date that you both will remember for a long time.

8) Tame your fears and inhibitions on a quirky date. Are you afraid of heights? Then go on a date with your girlfriend to the top of the tallest skyscraper in your city. Are you afraid of giving a performance? Then go to a standup comedy club and give your best shot. Are you conscious of your body? Then arrange a private date with your girlfriend at your place and allow her to spend hours just taking pictures of your body from different angles (No touching!). Are you too conscious of what you wear? Go shopping and ask your girlfriend to buy you something uber trendy and wear that all day long. You get the point, don't you? The concept of this unusual date idea is to do something with your girlfriend that you would generally be afraid or just avoid doing in normal life.

9) Have an online date with your girlfriend. Regardless of whether you live in the same neighborhood, suburb or city, fix up an online date with your girlfriend. You can wear your good clothes and speak to each other on video chat. You may find this unusual date idea a little boring at first but there are many things that you both can do while speaking to each other online.

10) Plan a strip show for your girlfriend in which you are the stripper. Guys expect their girls to do naughty stuff in the bedroom. Maybe it is time that you entertained her for a change! Go get a full body wax and if you haven't done this before, be prepared for a world of pain that you have never experienced before. Go find a pole and learn how to strip by either watching videos on YouTube or take lessons. Invite her to your home and put on a show she will never forget.

11) Spend a day driving around town and explore new neighborhoods. You and your girlfriend can pick a sunny day to just cruise on the streets in your city. Grab takeaways from a fast food drive through and have your meal in the car too. Explore new streets, buildings and parts of the city you've never been to.

12) Spend a day travelling aimlessly on public transport. This is just like the idea about driving around town, use public transport instead of your car. If you've been using your wheels to get around town all this time, you will be amazed at the little pleasures of life public transport has to offer. You will meet new people and see parts of the city you never knew about. Just grab an all day ticket and hop on buses, trains and trams. Just make sure you avoid the routes that are known for anti-social activity.

13) Have a budget date in downtown. Talk to your girlfriend about this quirky date idea and fix up a small budget that you don't want to exceed. Say for example $50 for the two of you for an entire day. Head to downtown, use public transport and roam around aimlessly as you both try to get the maximum possible out of your $50. You will have a fun time as you grab hotdogs, visit public venues and access entertainment options open to the public and best of all, free!


14) Organize a soup day date with your girlfriend. Any developed downtown is full of multi-cuisine restaurants. If you live in a big city, it is likely that your city centre has a host of eateries from different Asian countries and cultures. Hit the streets with your girlfriend and hop from one restaurant to another just trying the different types of soup they have. Share a bowl with her and by the end of the day, your taste buds will be on cloud 9.

15) Volunteer with your girlfriend. There are many not for profit organizations that operate within our communities. You and your girlfriend can choose to go on a date where you actually end up volunteering for such an organization. Whether it is helping underprivileged kids, helping the elderly or supporting folks with other issues, you and your partner will gain a totally different perspective towards life. And you both will walk out of this experienced enriched and armed with a better understanding of what makes the world go round.

Start by picking up on something simple. If you and your girlfriend really feel like busting out some serious Yoga moves together, go see an instructor.
Start by picking up on something simple. If you and your girlfriend really feel like busting out some serious Yoga moves together, go see an instructor. | Source

16) Practice couple yoga with your girlfriend. You don't need to be an expert in the art of Yoga to actually practice it. There's tons of material on couple Yoga available on the internet for your perusal. Download a couple of YouTube videos and let your mental and physical 'chakras' open up. Just make sure that you don't do extreme body bending moves because that may leave either one of you with physical injuries.

17) Paint a large canvas with your girlfriend. Who says you need to be painter to take over a piece of canvas? Actually the lesser you know about paints and art, the more fun it will be. Get a large sized framed canvas along with some fabric or oil paint and a few brushes. You can take over one half of the canvas while your girlfriend can take over the other half. If you are feeling a little adventurous, you can paint a wall too. And after you finish letting out your creative juices on the canvas, you can have some naughty fun and splash a bit of paint over each other too!

Maybe it is time you relived your childhood days and asked your girlfriend to come for a sleepover in your backyard tent.
Maybe it is time you relived your childhood days and asked your girlfriend to come for a sleepover in your backyard tent. | Source

18) Sent up a tent in your backyard and plan a sleepover with your girlfriend. Have you ever thought that sleeping over in your own backyard with your girlfriend can be a lot more fun than sleeping over in your own room? Pretend as if you're away camping, set up a tent, use a portable stove and the works. But don't dilute the fun by suddenly deciding to go watch TV inside the house. Lock yourselves out of the house and enjoy the outdoors for a night.

19) Organize a cooking date. Cooking with your girlfriend will help you release your creative, romantic and other flavorsome juices. Gather your recipe books, look up a few cooking apps and collect all the ingredients required to spend your day in the kitchen with your girlfriend. Not only will you be able to come up with something experimental and fun, but you'll also be able to do something creatively satisfying. Start with appetizers, head on to the entrée and lastly, savor your own homemade dessert.

20) Go on a café hopping date with your girlfriend. Just life hopping nightclubs, you can try out café hopping too. Spend the day going from one quaint coffee shop and cafe to another. You will have a lot of time to spend with your girlfriend so don't forget to take things to help you pass time – cards, chessboard, Scrabble, your iPad/tablet pc or anything else you like.


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      7 years ago from bangladesh

      Join here if u have a good idea.


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