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20 Smells That Turn Men On

Updated on November 30, 2012
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Every person is different so tastes will vary. But in a general sense, there are certain smells that will arouse a man more than others, just as there are smells that arouse women. We are animals, whether we want to admit it or not and if you put 100 women in a room full of 100 men, smells play a huge role in what is attractive to each of us.

For example, women might find one man's smell incredible while he's standing there alone but as soon as more men start to gather, smells will take over and now that same guy that had her attention initially, will find himself competing against other men. He will have to offer more than just his smell and actually engage her in witty banter because the smells will be going off like alarms and unless he holds her interest, she will be sniffing out someone else in no time.

We spend a lot of money on perfumes or anything that will enhance our so called appearance to the world. In fact, from January to March the perfume industry generated $501.2 million in sales. That's a growth of 7% since 2011. Maybe your perfume is something you love and people tell you it's wonderful but if you haven't been oN a date in a while, it may be time to change your scent. It couldn't hurt. There are so many variations out there now that with a little help from this list, you will be able to find one you like.

Although it is a huge industry, we must remember that some men don't like perfumes, have allergies or sensitivities to smells in general. Just ask him what he likes. You might be surprised to hear he likes your natural scent or the sweat you got at the gym.

TIP: The only place you should be wearing perfume are inner elbows, wrists, behind ears, morning and night. Or just spray out, walk thought it.

Smells are arousing to men, there's no doubt about it. The trick is to find which smell draws in which guy. It will be a task but it sure will be fun finding out, won't it?

TIP: You don't have to wear the scent to attract him. Invest in incense, candles and invite some yumminess into your surroundings and that includes your car.

Here are 20 smells men find sexually stimulating. They are not in any particular order.

Whether they are candles, oils, perfumes or something you conjure in the kitchen, try it out and see what happens. I'd like to write more on the subject but I have some pumpkin candles and lavender incense to light up. Have fun, ladies!

1. Pumpkin Pie

2. Lavender

3. Vanilla

4. Oranges

5. Green Apples

6. Cinnamon

7. Coconut

8. Almonds

9. Chocolate

10. Black licorice

11. Cookies

12. Donuts

13. Cheese pizza

14. Peppermint

15. Popcorn

16. Clean soapy smells

17. Sandalwood

18. Frankincense

19. Woodsy Floral

20. Lipstick


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