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20 Sure Signs You Are Getting Dumped By Your Boyfriend

Updated on October 3, 2015
There are many signs that you might be getting dumped
There are many signs that you might be getting dumped

How to Tell If You Are Getting Dumped

How do you know that your guy/man is about to dump you to the dustbin of single and searching? What are the top signs that tell you or give you a clue on whether your relationship with your boyfriend or man is coming to an end? There are obviously many signs that let you know of the impending termination of your relationship but you realize is that many women are on the dark when it comes to knowing these important signs.

Getting dumped is something that happens in people’s life’s and the pain that comes with it is totally unbearable but it’s even harder to tolerate when it knocks at your door when you are least prepared for it. It is better you know in advance what the future holds for your relationship. in this article you will get to know the top 20 signs that let you know that a guy is about to dump you.

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How to Tell:

  1. He always pretends to busy to stay away from you
  2. He rarely calls you. When you first saw him, he used to call you every now and then to know about how you were doing but the opposite is being witnessed and that is a sure sign that he is about to dumb you and walk out of the relationship
  3. When you try to call him through his mobile phone, it either goes on unanswered several times or someone else answers the call and tell you to leave a message as the owner “is not around”. You leave the message but you never hear from you. If you boyfriend used to be good in calling you back and now it seems like he never responds, this could be a sign that you will be single and searching soon.
  4. He tells you he is in place X when actually he happens to be in another place. May be he is having good times with another girl and he probably doesn’t want you to be an intruder
  5. Connection between the two of you will be a thing of the past. When you first got together, you cared for one another and your closeness was evident in wherever you were but now things are going the opposite direction.
  6. He lets know his best friends of why and when the relationship will come to an end before you are actually aware of it. You will therefore find from his friends that all isn’t well and you are about to Part Company and move in different ways. Don’t be surprised if you find his friends don’t take you seriously or offer you the respect they used to give you before.
  7. You are “just a friend” when you meet other people he knows and he takes the time to introduce you. Just when did your relationship turn to be “a friend one”? a question for thought for you and that is a sure sign that you are going to be out of his life and plans sooner rather than later.
  8. You quarrel and fight at small and petty things that in the real world are not supposed to cause friction and misunderstanding between two people who love one another. If you fight over ridiculous and meaningless stuff, then be informed that all isn’t well in the relationship and your man is going to leave you heartbroken soon when you aren’t expecting it
  9. He never appreciates your efforts or respects you as he used to do before when you had an excellent relationship. Respect for one another and appreciating the role of your partner is essential in any relationship but when the union is coming to an end, it may no longer exist and that is why you will find your respectful man treating you like a bustard. You no longer matter to him and it’s only a matter of time before he says goodbye to you
  10. He always faults you and it seems you can’t do anything right. No matter what you do to make him happy, he doesn’t realize at all and don’t be surprised to see him finding a fault in all the things you do. This is aimed at nothing else but to push out of the relationship
  11. He will keep you on the dark regarding his plans and things that matter to him the most. Talking about the future with you is simply not his preference
  12. Getting intimate with you is the last thing on his mind and the least of his priorities
  13. You no longer talk as much as you used to when you first meet one another. When you are with him, the conversation between you is limited if not nonexistent. Instead of talking with you he is either staring at the television screen or is busy surfing the internet from his phone or laptop. He simply has no talk time for you. Has he run out of something to talk about? Not exactly, it’s only that you no longer matter to him and he is contemplating on his next relationship
  14. He lies to you not once or twice but all the times.
  15. He keeps his distance and doesn’t want to come closer to you or places you are. He will avoid you like a plaque
  16. He talks to other girls on the phone in your presence to say hi to them. That is aimed at provoking and making you feel jealous. He most likely wants you to confront him about the issue and he will use that as a reason to dump you. He will tell you that you want to gag him and prevent him from talking to other people and that he shouldn’t be with a woman who is interfering or controlling “his freedom of expression and association”
  17. He used to buy for you gifts even when he was broke and had no money but now it’s hard for him to extend his hand towards you. It’s not that he has run out of money but is no longer interested in you and that he is about to dumb you.
  18. Have you suddenly realized a significant change in his attire or how he dresses? Does he wear trendy designer suits, watches or puts on a fantastic fragrance like Versace perfumes when he rarely did this before? It could be that he is in the process of “shopping” for another girl. He wants to appeal to women by putting on those trendy attires and this sign should let you know in advance that he is about to dumb you for another girl
  19. You are the first person he blames for his misfortunes. Whenever he faces challenges or isn’t having the best of times, he will take that opportunity to make you responsible or a cause of the problem even you have nothing to do with it. If you are “the only source of his problems” all the times, he is probably pushing you out of the relationship and he will soon dump you if you don’t bow out
  20. Research on your own and find out for yourself the many more signs that he is going to dump you. The writing is on the wall and so long as you have eyes that can see, knowing whether he is going to dump you or not should not be a challenge.


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