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10 Ways to Save on Weddings

Updated on June 28, 2009

1. Prioritize

This is a must! Before planning your wedding or reception, sit down with your partner and create a list of five top priorities that you want for your wedding.

Consider this as your blueprint to your weddings. Here is were you find out exactly what you want in your wedding, whether if it is a DJ, an open bar, a beach wedding or a traditional inside wedding.

" I can tell you now that with men it doesn't really matter as long as it is affordable; however, I highly recommend that us men put forth more effort because in the long run we are the ones the expense may fall on. Trust me, I had to learn the hard way."

2. Get Family and Friends Involved

 Now, I know some family and friends can be difficult and hard to deal with but here is were you can save a lot of money on little stuff. The one thing that you have to remeber is that they all would love to help out. They can do this by, helping you create your invitations, photographer, catering, creating your cake, video recording the weddings, bar tender and decorating. These are all cost saving jobs that can be done by some of your own family and friends. Also, identify with them if they know someone who could do some of the things for little or nothing.

" I know in my wedding we were able to save on the cake, photographer, the invitations and the video recording, through word of mouth among family and friends. They are valuable assets right in front of you. I think we were able to get both cakes for like $200 dollars where in some places they charge you by the slice on both cakes and this could really add up depending on the number guest you have."

3. Use the internet

Internet! The internet can save you so much money because it is the door to other venues outside of your home city and state. The internet provide a lot of options on cost savings party favors, invitations and wedding attire that you can order that is real cheap. Also, it provide means of communication to our guest.

" The internet was a great asset to us we were able to purchase party favors in great bulks for little or nothing, and we were able to create our own webpage that provided information about wedding and driving directions for our out of state guest."

Links that we used are provided in the links category. Also, I provided you with the link to create your own wedding page. " I highly recommend you do this page if you have out of state guest it was really helpful and it made the upcoming marriage more exciting because there are a lot of cool things you can do with your page. It is a fee for it but it isn't that much, you pay for the time your page is running."

Affordable invitations
Affordable invitations

4. Do It Yourself

Eventhough it would be easier to hire someone else to do it for you, you can save money on your wedding if you just do some of the things yourself. Here you can create your own invitations, thank you cards and party favors yourself. Stores like Wal-mart, A.C. Moore, J.C. Penny, Target and Hobby Lobby provide good cheap invitation templates. Also, you can find some good ones on the internet but here you would have to pay shipping and handling.

Imitation Flowers

5. Substitute the Real for the Fake

 In any wedding, decorating is the key to make the moment glamorous and memorable; however, the flowers that are included can get pricey. Honestly, why is it that important to purchase real flowers when you can purchase imitation flowers that look just as good. Remember, when the pictures are taken you can not tell if the flowers are real or imitation and after the wedding the real flowers that you purchase will die and money will be wasted here. Please, do not fall into this expensive trap when decorating for your wedding. Decorating shops will tell you how beautiful they will look and the smell that they give off but to the human eye on a picture it looks the same.

6. Catering Cost

Okay, out of all your expenses this is the one that is hard to cut cost on. You are responsible for all of your guest to eat and this is where your cost for food may, skyrocket! If you aren't careful. One thing you need to remember here is that you can't fulfill everybody's appetite, so don't try to spend money on full course meals. Finger foods are the best way to go. Food like sandwiches, meatballs, fruit trays, cheeses, mini sausages, chicken, chicken tenders and mints are all cost sufficient. You can get a lot in quantity, easy to prepare and most of the time you will some left over, which is good because that means all of your guest had something to eat.

Wine and alcoholic beverage is another area where cost can run up. Purchase these items from the grocery store, Walmart, or from off a military base where it is cheaper.

7. Location, Location & Location

 By far this is the most important part of planning your wedding, location. The best location for a wedding that will not drain your funds is at a church or your church. Having it at  a church eliminates the rental fee and  some decorating cost because you only need to decorate the aisle and stage. If  you do not want it at the church try to find an all-inclusive package deal somewhere that includes the wedding, reception and catering for a set price.

"I must say, nothing beats having it at a church because of the money you save by doing this. My wife and I wanted to have an outside wedding but the price to decorate, seating and location became a headache."

8. Limit the Guest List

Most of your money you are going to spend is  depended upon on how many people you are going to entertain at this event. The best way to cut this expense is to limit your guest list to immediate friends and family and narrowing it down to about 100 to 150 guest. Remember your catering cost, rental cost and overall reception cost is depended on your guest list.


9. "Say Cheese!", Picture Perfect

 It is guaranteed that your wedding day will go by quickly; however, it is up to you to hire someone to capture those moments so that they can last forever.  Photography cost can get extreme depending on who is taking your pictures. Believe it or not, this is an expense that shouldn't get extreme because family friends can do it or they know someone who can do it for cheap. This expense can be reduce by word of mouth. Ask around for a good and affordable photographer and 9 times out 10 you will find a good affordable photographer that will do some good work. 

"We got the word out that we needed a photographer and we ended up finding a friend of the family who did it for little or nothing. He gave us our pictures on disk, blown up size pictures and 300 pic photo album. We definitely saved cost here."

10. Entertainment

Most wedding receptions includes a bar and a DJ, which can be pricey if you have long reception. Generally, your reception should last between one and two hours. The rate for your bar tender and DJ depends on your reception time; however, you can use one of your ushers to bar tend or family member to DJ. One way you can save on this is to find a location for a reception that includes a bar tender and a DJ with your package.


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