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21 Outrageous Lies Your Guy Tells You and What He's Hiding

Updated on September 25, 2017
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Anthony Modungwo is a freelance and prolific writer for many internet sites & novels. He holds a masters degree in business administration.

21 Outrageous Lies Your Guy Is Telling You

It is clear in human nature to lie; sometimes we do it to save ourselves from awkward and/or embarrassing situations and some other time we do it to make someone feel better or worse. A lie can quickly make things significantly bad; make the liar look like a horrible person and make the person lied to feel like a fool. However, some lies are meant to make you feel good or shield you from a negative situation. But a lie is a lie. There are a few common lies that men use to keep their relationships going; these lies are usually about what they do when they are not around you, or lies that make you feel like you are the most beautiful woman on the planet so this makes it hard for you to stay angry for too long.. Here is 21 little lies that some men commonly tell their significant others.

1. I Only Have Eyes for You

This is one of the common lies because men have wandering eyes.If you are in a relationship with a guy who looks and then compares you to the girl he just scoped out, well, that is when you should be worried.

2. Sudden Change of Work Schedule

You have been in a relationship with a guy for a long time, and most of the time, his work schedule is predictable, and then suddenly it changes. He claims, "I don't know why my boss suddenly required that I work on weekends." Does his job really require him to work on weekends? You may believe he is diligent, but the reality is, there is a high chance that he is cheating on you.

3. I’ve Never Watched Porn

If you believe your man when he says that he has never watched porn, you have to think again. Every man has watched porn at some point in his life; a curious teenager, a lonely man, a bored man. They might be uncomfortable accepting it but there is something primal within men that make them enjoy seeing women naked.

4. Carrying Many Mobile Phones

Some men genuinely do have reasons to carry many mobile phones but one of the things I always hear lying womanizers brag about is how they will maintain many mobile phones so that their wife won't find out about their other women. He will allow you to check one of his phone’s records and text messages. But for the other phone/s? No way.

5. I Love Hanging Out With Your Family/Friends

Some guys genuinely do want to meet your family because they want to see where you come from. But that he likes hanging out with them is a fallacy. Not many men like hanging out with their significant other’s family, especially if you have no siblings close to their age. And when your husband/boyfriend tells you he likes your friends, he is lying because men very frequently do not like their partner’s friends but don’t want to upset the peace by saying so. He might get along with some, sure, but there's always some that just drives him crazy because your guy might think they’re manipulative toward you, or feels that they’re stingy when you all go out so you always pay for them.

6. Spending Time With Another Female

It could be a lie when a man is always with another woman he claims is his best female friend. “I am not having sex with her.” There is nothing wrong with your boyfriend, fiance or husband hanging out socially with a good female friend from his office or one that was his high school or college mate, but if your intuition repeatedly sends you signal that their relationship is not what he claims, then there is nothing wrong with you asking a handful of probing questions about the relationship. He could be lying.

7. I Want To Take Things Slow

This simply means he is not ready to commit to you, however, he wants to keep you for those times when he needs some loving or when he needs a date for an event that would be awkward to show up to without a date. Most men know within a short time of dating a woman if they are going to propose to that woman or not. Always keep in mind that a guy knows what he wants, and that is why when he finds that girl he does not hesitate to propose. Taking things slow for a guy usually means that he is unsure if he likes you enough and if he finds someone else that he considers a better match, he abandons you.

8. Come Over Just For a Drink

When a man tells you to, “Come over for just one glass of wine, I just want some company. We won't make it a late night.” Just know he’s not trying to lure you over to his place for one glass of wine, he is really trying to get you to have sex with him. He hopes you know that and will come over anyway. Or if a man wants you to allow him to come over your place late at night, there is a chance that he is going to make a move on you sexually.

9. You Look Great

If you look bad in a dress and ask a man his opinion, you can’t really blame him for lying – he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings so he is going to lie knowing that saying anything else could hurt your feeling.

10. You’re The Funniest Person I know

You know you are not really that funny or a professional comedienne but a man will tell you, you are the funniest person in the world. He is exaggerating and is amused. This is one of the lies to make you feel good. All that matters is you and him and how you both perceive one another.

11. Sex isn't on my Mind

Even when men pretend sex is not on their minds, they are lying, it is. When a man first becomes acquainted with a woman of interest, your other desirable qualities and non-sexual attributes do make impression, but the thing on his mind is having sex with her at some point in the near or distant future.

12. I’ll do It Soon

He may actually tell you he’ll mow the lawn or put the shelves up next weekend or redeem a promise he made you when he has no intention at all of doing so, but just wants you to feel happy.

13. I Don't Know That Woman Who Keeps Calling or Texting Me

When a strange woman continuously calls or text your man and when confronted, he responds by saying, "I don't even know who she is,” or “I don’t know why she is calling me." When a man keeps lying about the female calling or texting him then chances are he is cheating on you or attempting to cheat on you. Obviously, he gave this desperate girl his number because how else would she have the number? And he obviously did not tell her that he is in a relationship because why else would she feel so comfortable calling or texting him at any hour of the day and showing her adoration? In fact, this girl may keep texting him because he keeps texting her; she might just be replying to his text from earlier. She could be his ex. “I have no idea why my ex is texting me.” This is a lie. It's because they're still in semi-regular touch.

14. Always Make Up Excuses Why He Couldn’t Call

Men will often make up excuses as to why they couldn’t get in contact, when it may just be that they couldn’t be bothered, or are finding you a little clingy. Be aware that a man who claims to always be busy, or whose phone is apparently always running out of battery or never gets a signal may just be avoiding you. There is a saying that, “Nobody is too busy, it depends your number in his list of priorities.” Being busy has never kept someone from talking to the person they love. If he never has time for you then he probably does not care as much as you think.

15. Claim What They Are Not

If you and your boyfriend are just starting to date seriously, he may lie to you to hype himself up to you and make himself seem more worthy of your attention. Many common lies told by men are all about their ego. Men may often lie about their intelligence, especially if they feel threatened by a woman who they secretly fear may actually be a little bit sharper than they were.

16. I Would Never Lie To You

Everyone lies for some reasons. Never lying to someone is almost impossible; even though sometimes it is not done with ill intent’ He could be lying about how he is feeling that day because he does not want to make you feel bad. However, he lied to you. If he can tell small lie, then he will not hesitate to lie about hurtful things like getting a girl pregnant, living a double life, even his parents or not liking you.

17. This is The Best Sex I've Ever Had

Most men would understandably say this to a woman after you've had sex with them, and a strong show of encouragement that might make you want to do it again. Lies like this are told to make you feel good – but they can place limitations on your sex life, because it can be difficult to discuss things that you would change if you’ve been told areas you were lacking. But men know that it's a very nice thing to say to a lady.

18. I'm Going to Break up With my Wife/Girlfriend Soon

Some men don’t hesitant to lie about leaving their wife or girlfriend for you. “You're the one for me.” There's almost no chance that he'll upgrade you to long-term, exclusive status. Many women have got their hearts broken by a man who was already in a relationship and gave them the impression that they were going to break up with their partner and elevate their status.

19. You’re A Great Cook

You want your husband or boyfriend to believe that your cooking is the best thing he has tasted since his mother’s; but you may not be a very good cook, so he has to lie to make you happy. This lie is clearly one for the woman’s benefit, especially if you have slaved over the stove for hours and tried your hardest to impress him. Cooking is not everyone’s specialty and the sooner you admit it the better it will be for him because he will not feel as though he has to tell you that you are a great cook when the both of you know that you are not. Take a few cooking classes and at least try to learn how to cook his favorite food.

20. He Tells You “I love you" Before or During Sex

Many women get their hearts broken by men, because of their "addiction" to hearing these three magical words: "I love you," and womanizers know the quickest way to endear themselves to a woman is to tell her, "I love you." Men who are sincerely in love with you do not tell you this right before or after having sex with you or while having sex with you. They will tell you they love you any time of the day and in a random manner.

21. It’ll Be Fine

When a man runs into troubled waters probably going to lose his job or gets broke, he may pretend otherwise for as long as possible. Not only does he want to protect you, but the thought that he could be made redundant or having money trouble is damaging to his ego.


These are some of the most common lies that men tell women in my experience, and the reason these lies are so common is that women often choose to believe them. What lies have men told you that you have fallen for before?

Have your guy ever lied to you?

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