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21 Relationship Tips For Singles For 2011 Part One

Updated on January 4, 2011

The New Year offers us all the opportunity to make adjustments where needs be, to start a fresh and live out our dreams and hopes for the New Year.

As a counsellor and mentor too many single people I am listing a few tips that can help you to maximise and enjoy your single life this year.

1. Learn to forgive yourself and others. We all make mistakes in love. Life is about learning. So things went wrong learn from what happened and move on. There is no point crying over split milk.

2.Leave the past behind you. You can choose to drag it with you into your present and future but you will quickly find it becomes an albatross around you neck preventing you from progressing into freedom and happiness.

3. Learn to love yourself. If you cannot find it within you to love who you are how are you going to accept it when someone else says they love you. You will also find it difficult to express unconditional love to others.

4. Learn to laugh at yourself. Sometimes we take ourselves so seriously that we cannot relax and just have some fun. The moods we exhibit are contagious and can affect the atmosphere around you. Let people know you for joy and not for sorrow.

5. Know what you want. Relationships should not be a hit and miss activity. Before entering into a relationship try and determine what your expectations are. When you do this you minimise the risk of being disappointed.

6. Find someone you can be accountable to. When love consumes you and you can no longer think straight your accountability partner will help you remain focused.

7. Become more discerning. If you keep attracting the wrong type of person into your life then you need to pay attention and prevent this pattern from continuing by becoming more discerning about the people who desire to connect with you. Once you see the trait you should avoid entering into any relationship with the person because you know the relationship will be doomed to failure.

8. Train yourself up. There is no course that can prepare you for marriage. However this important institution requires you to have an understanding of many aspects of life. Ranging from psychology to conflict resolution it is good to have an awareness of these subject matters.

9. Go beyond outward appearances. There is an old adage that says never judge a book by its cover. Too many times we do not give a person a second chance because they do not look like what we are expecting e.g. too short, too tall, too skinny, too fat, black white etc. If you explore beneath the surface you might be presently surprised

10. Be yourself. Do not try to be anything other than yourself. The world is full of carbon copies of people trying to imitate others. Choose to be an original.

To be continued in Part Two


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