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22 Things Every Man Tries To Hide From His Woman

Updated on December 18, 2016

Things Men Don't Tell Their Women

Are you worried your man is hiding something from you? Do you get the feeling he’s not telling you everything? You’re probably right, but don’t get excited. Just like most women have some secrets they like to hide from everybody else, you must know that there are a few common secrets men hide from women. That’s completely normal. Men are a lot more sensitive than you think and sometimes he really doesn’t want to tell you what’s going on in his head. We’re not talking about outrageous lies or a prized porn collection here. We’re talking about personal thoughts and behavioral secrets to which most women are not privy. Whenever a man gets to be a little distant, the first thing every woman wonders is “Is he cheating on me?” most likely, the answer to that is no. Although it might feel like you’re losing him, the truth is, and your man probably has something he doesn’t want to share with you. Everybody has their secrets and here are the 22 most common secrets men hide from women.

1. He’s terrified when women are at the wheels

Most men are always uneasy when a woman drives and he is in the passenger’s seat. He is secretly afraid she might make a rash decision that might lead to an accident at any given moment. He may not say it but it doesn’t mean that the fear is not there.

2. He is jealous

If you spend time moping at a celebrity or keep in touch with your ex, your man might pretend that it doesn’t bother him, but the truth is that he’s jealous. He doesn’t want to lose you, so he is disturbed when he sees a man that he believes has the ability to steal you away. Of course, he can’t let you see how envious he is, because he doesn’t want to seem insecure.

3. He still misses someone else

The most common thing your man will hide from you is the fact that he’s missing his ex-partner. Don’t be alarmed by this because once you have loved someone, they are always there in your heart. He might miss things about his ex, but that does not mean he is returning to her.

4. He cries

Just like it is said that the rich also cry so men also cry. No matter the gender, there are things that will make someone cry and your man is no exception. It might be something major, like the death of a loved one, or something small, like watching a scene from a horror movie. Every human being experiences the same emotions, but men hide their feelings better than women.

5. He will lie to keep the peace

A lot of men don’t say what’s on their minds but say something else when they’re fighting with their partner, because they fear the conflict would escalate. He may even pretend he understands what you are talking about and may be lie about certain things just to keep the peace in your relationship. Whether it’s “right” or not, a man will lie to keep peace in the relationship.

6. He regularly monitors your social media

He may secretly follow your postings and updates in the social media such as facebook. Instagram, twitter, etc. This may go to show he cares about you as long as it doesn't cross the line to being creepy.

7. He wants to be appreciated

Just like women, most men want to feel appreciated and desired, even though they’re not saying it as often as women do. Some men are insecure too and they want to know your opinion about them. They want to know how you see them and what you really think about their looks and dressing. So from time to time, it will be appreciated if you remind your partner why you love him so much, what makes him so outstanding and why you are so lucky to be with him.

8. His self-esteem is delicate

While some men may admit they have a few self-doubts most men don’t like to admit they are fragile. Yet the male ego can indeed be delicate. He wants to know he is the one you love the most. He wants to know he is the best lover you’ve ever had, and he needs to know he’s number one. If your man doubts his importance or his abilities as a lover or as the bread winner, his ego will suffer a severe bruising but he’ll never admit it to you.

9. He loves gossip

Some men try to pretend they don't care about the gossips making the rounds, but they do. They are just as intrigued if not more so than you but they will not show it. They also gossip with their guy friends. They definitely keep each other up to date on the happenings around them and they love doing it.

10. Sometimes he wants his women to just shut up

In fact, most men sometimes, rather than listen to women, would like their partners to just shut up from time to time and just be quiet for a little while. Experts state that since the male brain is more linear, communicating at work all day exhausts his brain more than that of a female.

11. He wants to feel special

Men tend to complain that women are needy, but they want to be loved just as much as women do. Little things like giving him a kiss when he returns from work and telling him how much you love him can go a long way. If you treat him the same way you treat every other man, he’ll feel he is losing grip. He just wants you to show him he is more important than every other male around.

12. He wants to make you feel happy

It might feel like your man doesn’t care, but chances are he’s trying all within his power to make you happy without saying so; the problem is that men sometimes honestly don’t know what to do to please you. Try and drop some hints about what you cherish. He’ll appreciate the help.

13. He finds it difficult to be committed

Men love the woman they marry that is why they promised their lifelong fidelity before family, friends and the church. But most men still find it difficult to be committed to their partner until some years after marriage no matter how much they pretend.

14. He needs you

One of the things women don’t realize is the true depth of her partner’s need because men commonly hide the fact that they need you. It’s not just that he needs you for those little everyday things; he also needs your emotional support when life is not pleasant. Your guy could very well do things on his own, but he also probably needs you to keep him in check.

15. Sexual fantasies

Men have sexual fantasies, even though most of them will deny it when asked about them. The things he fantasizes about are usually not the things he would consider appropriate to do with the woman he loves. Most will deny it if interrogated about them but they have these fantasies. Even though everyone, man or woman has sexual fantasies, since everybody has quite a vivid imagination, men might fear they might scare their mates or their mates might not understand. The best thing to do is to just sit down and talk to him and find out more details about those fantasies.

16. He wants to feel masculine

No matter how strong you are, avoid trying to do things he feels he has the right to do as a man. If he wants to change your tire, don’t yell at him about how you’re capable of doing it yourself. Most times, guys just want to feel manly.

17. He has moments of indecision

One of the most common things a man will hide from you is that he’s questioning things. It’s normal for people to question their relationship but he will likely never tell you. Questions like “Is she the one I want to spend my life with?” or “Is there something better out there?” or even “Should I end it and wait?” will be going on his mind seeking for answer. This really is one of those things he needs to work out for himself before he arrives at a decision.

18. His fears

The most common thing every man tries to hide from his woman is that he is scared. Some men are known to be terrified of certain things but put on a brave face so nobody knows their secret weakness. Your man could very well be terrified of losing you. If you ask him what he’d do supposing you leave him he’ll say he’d move on, but those are brave words to protect his manhood.

19. He hates to do all the dirty work alone

Another thing most men hate, but they might not tell you is that they don’t like to do all the dirty work all by themselves. Sometimes they feel used, so that’s why you should show your appreciation more often and try to give a helping hand once a while, such as help take out the trash. After all, it’s not that hard to do it.

20. He’s really not that funny

When a man discovers that you love to laugh, he may endeavor to tell jokes to make you laugh but most of the time with great effort because he may not be a funny person. Sadly most of his jokes probably aren't even his own. However, it's adorable that he loves you so much he'll do anything to hear your laugh.

21. He enjoys affection

Your man could be deeply in love with you, so don’t believe him when he complains about cuddling. Although men love sex, they also enjoy the more innocent moments of intimacy. At night, he likes feeling your body pressed against his but may not acknowledge that.

22. He thinks so much about your relationship

He may pretend to be passive and nonchalant, but he cares just as much as you do about the relationship. It is always on his mind. He thinks about the pauses between texts and the hidden meaning in seemingly straightforward notes. He pretends not to care, but he most definitely care.


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