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25 More Great Marriage Proposals

Updated on September 23, 2009

Here are some more ways to tell her you lover her….

If she likes cute stories, you could make a storybook of two animals (with your names) falling in love and getting engaged. Take two stuffed animals, put a coat hanger in their backs to make them hold a position, then set up the animals to act out the story while you take photos. Type the words to the story on your computer and paste them to each page. Write the last page to say, "Will you marry me?", with a picture of the diamond in its presentation box. Have it printed and bound. will print one copy on demand for the price of a regular book. Then present the book at a private moment at home. Be ready with the real diamond when she gets to the last page.

If she has deep ties with her family: Make up a special Christmas or birthday present when she will be traveling alone to see the family without you and send it with her as a gift to open with her family on the big day. Place the diamond in a presentation box between two plush velvet pillows into a gift box. Type your proposal on parchment paper and pin it to a pillow next to the diamond, and wrap it all as a gift. Be near a phone during the day when she will open the present. Or better give her another surprise by ringing the bell.

 If she has been waiting for her "big chicken" to finally ask her: Arrange to meet her for lunch where she works. Rent a Big Bird costume from the local theatrical shop and wear it on the way. She won't know who it is inside, so write a card that says you have been sent by a dear friend (so she won't recognize your voice). Show another card that asks her name to confirm she is the right woman. Then give her a paper bag with a large plastic Easter egg in it (one of the ones that open with candy inside). Inside the egg, put the diamond box and a message, "Will you marry me?"

Buy a small book of poetry and make a cutout the size of the ring through all of the pages. Place and tape the ring into the empty space. Write your own special poem, insert it into the first page of the book and present it to her.

If your partner loves a little mystery, deliver a letter to her with a bouquet of flowers. Let the letter serve as the first clue to a treasure hunt. At the end of the hunt she'll find you, on your knees, holding the ring.

At a college or professional sporting event (if you both like sports), arrange to have your message displayed on the scoreboard after halftime..."Karen...Will you marry me?" Have the diamond ready in a presentation box.

Set a date to go to the movies, then rent ad space for your proposal at your favorite theater. Make sure you have the diamond with you.

Surprise her by renting a limousine for the evening and be inside when they pick her up at home or work. Take her to an elegant restaurant for a romantic candlelight dinner for two, then present her the diamond on the way home in the limo.

Cook and set an elaborate candlelight table (or cater if you are not talented in the kitchen) for a quiet romantic dinner for two at home. Serve her a glass of champagne with the diamond ring in the bottom or ribboned to the stem.

Have a plane sky-write your proposal. Plan it for the day of a family picnic, boat ride or other outing so she is sure to see it. Have your diamond ring ready when she sees your proposal. Visit to make all the arrangements.

Unbeknown to he, hire a magician to entertain just the two of you at a restaurant or park. Have the magician make the box with the engagement ring mysteriously appear as the surprise ending of his last trick.

New Years Eve Celebration

A new year, new resolutions, a new life together. What better time to get engaged? Here are some unique & creative New Year's Eve marriage proposal ideas...

1.    Do it at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve.

2.    Read each other your New Year's resolutions and let your last one be to make her your wife.

Be My Valentine Proposals

Proposing on the ultimate romance day of the year? Turn February 14th into a day she'll never forget with a one-of-a-kind marriage proposal...

1.    Have her serenaded on Valentine's Day.

2.    Give her a heart shaped box of chocolates, with one chocolate missing and a ring in it's place.

3.    Get a box of children's Valentine cards. Put a different message in each one, such as "I want to spend the rest of my life with you". Have the last one that she opens say "Will you marry me?".

4.    On Valentine's Day, use the little heart candies and spell out the words 'Marry Me' with them. For extra romance, only use the hearts that say 'Marry Me' on them.

5.    Give her a beautiful heart trinket box with the ring nestled inside. Engrave your proposal or your names with the date on the top of the box. This personalized proposal will be a Valentine's surprise that she'll never forget!

6.    Buy a card that says "To my fiancée on Valentine's Day". As she opens the card, she will be surprised and then you get down on your knee and propose.

Easter Proposals

Easter marks new beginnings... the new beginnings of spring, life, and your relationship. Here are several unique ways to propose marriage at Easter.

1.    Take her on an Easter Egg Hunt.

2.    Give her an Easter basket with the ring in one of the eggs.

3.    Write the words "Will you marry me" each on a separate egg and make her find them.

4.    Write the words "Will you marry me?" on a boiled egg with a white crayon. When you dye eggs together, your message will appear on the special egg!

4th of July Proposals

Are you looking for a unique marriage proposal idea that will set off the fireworks? How about a romantic 4th of July marriage proposal?

1.    Take her to your local fireworks show and propose during the Grand Finale. She'll truly see sparks!

2.    Put the ring in a box of sparklers and tell her how she adds a 'spark' to your life that you can't live without.

3.    Place the ring in the bud of the rose. When she goes to smell the lovely rose you got her, she will be surprised to find a ring within the petals!

4.    Watch fireworks from the lifeguard stand on the 4th of July and as the fireworks are going off, ask her to marry you.

Halloween Proposals

You can turn a spooky holiday into a romantic one with these creative Halloween marriage proposal ideas.

1.    Take her trick-or-treating and the ring will be the special treat.

2.    Put it in a cored pumpkin and carve it together. When she opens the top, she'll find a surprise!

3.    Carve the words "Will you marry me?" into pumpkins and have them glowing to surprise her.

Christmas Holiday Proposals

Any holiday becomes as romantic as Valentine's Day when it includes a marriage proposal...

1.    Wrap it in a large box and give it to her on Christmas.

2.    Play Santa and be sure to tell her what Santa wants for Christmas.... for her to be your wife!

3.    Put it in her Christmas stocking.

4.    Wrap it in a big box with a big bow.

5.    Give her 5 wrapped boxes with a different word (will you marry me) in each box and the ring in the last box. Make sure she opens them in the correct order!

6.    Spell it out on the roof (or side of your house) with Christmas lights.

7.    Place strands of Christmas lights on your lawn spelling out "Will you marry me?" so that she sees it when she drives up.

8.    While decorating the Christmas tree, put the ring around a glass ornament and hand it to her to hang on the tree.

9.    Many cities decorate with lights for the holiday season as well as offer carriage rides through parks, the city center, etc. Take your sweetie on a carriage ride under the holiday lights on a cold night. You'll be able to snuggle together on a blanket in a romantic environment when you propose.

10. Place the ring in a small box with her name on it and hang it on a branch on the Christmas tree. Have some one 'find it'


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