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25 tips on what real love in relationship is

Updated on July 3, 2011

Real love is not selfish but it is always giving: - By giving I do not mean only tangible resources, but the giving of oneself which includes time and attention. Time is more valuable than tangible things because you cannot get time back.Once a day has gone you cannot get that 24 hours back, but you can always get more things. Time spent with a person is memorable and you cannot get those special memories back even though they can be duplicated. There will never be a moment the same even though something is done the same, so treasure every moment. Giving is easy to do when returning a favor, but true giving is done unconditionally whether anything has been previously given or not because it is simply based on I love you.

Real love is not what one says but what one does: - Love is an action word that is proven through what it does.Even though it is proven this way, it still should be verbally expressed.

Real love is Patient: - In all relationships there will be times of testing. This may come in the form of arguments, frustrations and disappointments. These problems should all be handled with consistency which is one characteristic of what patience is. For example problems should be talked about and straightened out before going to bed because the longer that it goes without being solved, the greater the chance for bitterness to set in. So to be patient in this example would be to be consistent in handling problems within 24 hours. There are many people who are consistent concerning their attitude and they remain the same during confrontations. They may never raise their voice or get physical because they have learned the art of patience.

Real love is kind: - Many times individuals can become accustomed to one another and take one another for granted. This can lead to treating perfect strangers with kindness while not being so kind to family. A man may rush to open a door for a women in a downtown shopping area and then receive a thank you, but then will not open the car door for his wife. These little acts of kindness add up and can make or break a relationship.

Real love protects: - Protection takes on a deeper meaning than just to protect from danger, but real love sets up boundaries to keep outside destructive forces out. The outside forces could be family, job, friends, schedules or anything that can sabotage a relationship.

Love provides: - Many well able men today are not willing to work, but want to be taken care of by the opposite sex. But real love does what is necessary legally speaking to provide for family.

Real love suffers long: - To suffer long is to put up with something irritating for long periods of time until it is worked through, worked out or changed.

Real love is willing to listen: - Effective communication is not one sided, but must have two or more participating parties. A person is not listening if they are trying to think of how to respond while the other party is still talking. A person must be made to feel that what they are saying is important or they will shut down and refuse to talk. Also some people are better communicators than others and this advantage should not be used to belittle the other party.

Real love is respecting each others difference: - People are different and there are no two people alike. There are differences in personality, DNA, finger print and voice print and people have differences in perception and how they see things. No one should want someone to be completely like them because it robs the creativity from the other person. Individuality helps a person to see things from a different perspective.

Real love sees the best in others: - Everyone has something to be desired in character, but everyone also has areas that need work. A person must learn to see the best in people instead of focusing in on the negative.

Real love is built off of trust: - Trust is a strong foundation that keeps a home from falling during intense times. It takes a long time to build, but can be shattered with one act of unfaithfulness. It should be protected because it is a needed commodity.

Real love is honest: - Relationships that refuse to be honest with one another are living a lie. A lie can only last so long before it is uncovered and revealed for the devastating act that it really is. Honesty and truth keep relationships free.

Real love continues to move forward: - Goals must continue to be in place to keep relationships moving forward. A big mistake with couples is the false sense of security that comes with feeling one has arrived after marriage. Energy goes into dating and putting ones best foot forward to impress, but after the vow of I do is pronounced, couples feel they no longer need to work on anything because they have arrived.

Real love is forgiving: - There will be times when problems come that may hurt and it is in those times that one needs to be able to forgive. Forgiveness is a decision and once the decision is made the emotions that accompany forgiveness will come sooner or later.

Real love must be cultivated: - Seeds of respect and kindness should be planted in the ground of ones heart and watered while keeping out everything damaging to the seed. All negative weeds should be weeded and kept out so growth can come to the relationship.

Real love can only come from individuals who love themselves: - People will treat others the way that they treat themselves and this is why a person must have a good self image. Negative self talk and other negative behavior brewing on the inside may be reflected in ones attitude toward others.

Real love controls the tongue: - It only takes one regretted statement filled with anger to cause damage to a relationship. I'm sorry cannot always reverse what has been said so a person must control the tongue.

Real love covers faults: - Wrongs should not be covered up because of the fear of a fight, but should be confronted in the right attitude to protect the relationship from further damage. To cover is to protect and covering up leaves one vulnerable for future problems.

Real love sacrifices: - There will be times when one must sacrifice situations in relation to where they are for the benefit of where they want to go in the relationship.

Real love displays humility: - Relationships should not have one person dominating over another. Pride has a way of positioning people to think that they are better than another or are more superior. In order for a company to run effectively there must be a chain of command, but if people in higher positions abuse those in the lower position, it effects the company. The same principle applies in the home.

Real love believes in ones partner: - To believe in someone is to have faith in them and this faith builds faithfulness.

Real love continues to seek for hidden treasures in a person: - There are treasures waiting to be discovered in people. For example people who have lived together for years still become surprised when something has become known that they previously did not know. There are even people who are surprised at facts that have been brought out about their children and they can't believe it. The truth is there are unknown treasures waiting to be discovered. Knowing this principle keeps a relationship fresh over time. When a person feels as though they know everything about a person, they cease to search for anything else and boredom may set in.

Real love is real: - People may have a tendency to wear mask to cover up who they really are. People should take the mask off and be themselves.

Real love sets an example for others: - If there were no successful relationships then there would be no role models to prove that relationships can last.

Real love is commitment: - It is amazing that people will get a license to drive, to fish and hunt because they are committed to those things. But they refuse to get a license to marry because maybe they are not ready to commit.


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    • HAexpressions profile image

      HAexpressions 3 years ago

      Thank you!

    • mothersofnations profile image

      Mothers of Nations 3 years ago

      A great reminder for many. Nicely written. God bless you.