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27 Powerful Ways To Know Your Husband Is Happy In Your Marriage

Updated on July 1, 2018

How To Know Your Husband Is Happy In Your Marriage

If you are not interested in how your husband feels, you’ll believe your marriage is going along fine until he suddenly announces it’s over. While women initiate divorce more often than men, husbands are more likely to walk out unexpectedly, leaving their wives in shock, disbelief and anger at being abandoned. This is when you come to terms that things were far from fine and that there was a lot of pretense going on, a lot of saying “yes” when he meant “no” and a lot of unexpressed anger simmering just below the surface. When that simmer reaches its elastic limit, the marriage fails. The resulting collateral damage on children and extended family only widens the circle of pain. Would you describe your relationship with your husband as platonic? The ability to ensure your partner is happy is the key to a marriage that lasts. How can you know if you husband is really happy in your marriage? Here are 27 signs to watch for:

1. He feels that life would be so empty without her. Even though he is perfectly capable of living without you, but the thought of having to makes him feel sick to the stomach. Something huge would be missing from his life if you are not a part of it.

2. He feels that you notice and appreciate him and do not take him for granted. Men consistently identify feeling appreciated as a prime measure of how happily married they are.

3. You’re truly his best friend. You truly seem to be made for each other. There isn't a single person in this world that is close to him like.

4. He talks openly to you about everything. He confides in you without fear of being judged or criticized. There is no such thing as a secret in your relationship. He always depends on you to be a safe place where he knows his thoughts and concerns will be listened to. He tells you everything from how his day at work was to how he felt during the darkest moment of his life. There is a strong feeling of trust and respect between you. This kind of self-disclosing communication is crucially important because it builds trust and commitment.

5. Talk about you isn't negative. A man needs to give vent to his feelings, and if he's unhappy in a relationship he won't hold back on vocalizing how much you nag him. But if your husband knows he's happy, he won't negatively of you to his friends or family. A man who is happy in his marriage will do his best to turn the conversation to something else, or will say something complimentary or vague instead of something that portrays you in a negative light.

6. He feels you are unbelievably similar. The more you have gotten to know each other, the more he realizes how weirdly similar you are. You like the same music, movies, sports, books and ice cream flavors. Even your beliefs, values, hopes and dreams match up.

7. He knows that you desire him because you initiate sexual advances. No matter how much a man enjoys sex, it's a turnoff to feel like he's the only one interested.

8. When his Mom complains of you he comes to your defense. Your husband works with you to find good deals for family-friendly activities, will defend you when his mom makes subtle jab.

9. Being together just feels right. He likes how he feels about himself when he is with you. Your affectionate attention outside of the bedroom, (compliments, praise, hugs, warm touches, saying "I love you") makes him feel good about himself and endears you to him.

10. He feels free to let out his nerdy and crazy side when you are around, knowing that you love him. He knows your love is real and respects you because he knows your love is not based on submissive compliance.

11. He makes you want to be a better person. He is constantly striving to improve you. Not because of criticism or suggestions made; simply being together makes you want to be a better person.

12. He knows you love and accept him for who he is, but he also knows he should not treat you cavalierly.

13. Your problems feel like it is his. It is impossible for him to feel happy when you are feeling sad. Dealing with life struggles has been so much easier since you found each other. You go through every up and down together.

14. He likes that you need him, but that you aren't the needy type. Relying on each other is a part of a healthy relationship, but being overly dependent creates control and the desire to flee from it.

15. When you pause what you are saying to search for a word, he finds it. You have lost count of how many times you have started to say the exact same thing at the exact same time. It really feels like you can read each other's minds. Sometimes you even catch yourself wondering why you bother talking to each other in the first place. You already know what he is going to say.

16. Romance changes when you get married for some time. If your man notices what actually affects your day-to-day routine like having coffee ready as soon as possible after you wake up, then he's happy in the marriage. So instead of telling him you're a big girl who knows how to get her own coffee, smile appreciatively and sip away knowing the two of you aren't in a fend-for-yourself mentality.

17. He admires your look. He doesn't expect you to look like a Hollywood star, but seeing that you care about your appearance makes him feel you value yourself and the relationship. He finds it extremely endearing every time you dress for an outing and is rarely able to resist stealing a kiss when he sees you absentmindedly applying the make-up. He adores the way you walk, talk and smile when you are happy.

18. All couples fight, but if he makes a point to avoid degrading remarks, and do his best not to place blame, then it's clear he is happy in the marriage. Your weaknesses are his strengths. When you are nervous, he is calm. You are constantly growing and learning from each other.

19. He feels respected and admired by you. Love and respect go hand in hand. Feeling admired by the one you love enhances self-esteem; it renews both sexual and emotional passion between you two.

20. He still remembers to thank you for taking care of the laundry and other domestic chores.

21. He never belittles or humiliates you. When you are angry, he feels calm and open to hearing your reasons for being upset. He absolutely adores everything about you.

22. He doesn't bring up the one awful thing you did ten years ago in the middle of an argument. You try to make it work - no matter what. When the going gets rough, calling it quits is not an option. After a quarrel, he does just about anything to make things right.

23. He lets go of the past. He doesn't hold grudges, keep score or consistently feel victimized by life. This makes your marriage flexible rather than rigid, exciting rather than dull and open for a future of growing together.

24. He is affectionate because men who are happy still want to be physically close and affectionate to their partner, and they don't always expect a reward in return. And if he's acting happy, relaxed, and comfortable, just squeeze in a few snuggles to keep the happy juices flowing.

25. He does the dishes, takes out the trash and does his share of the housework—without making you feel like a nag.

26. He knows that for you, he is a top priority. He is comfortable to let you do your own thing because he’s confident that when he seriously needs you, you’ll be there for him.

27. He appreciates that you are kind and welcoming to his family. In-laws create a lot of problems in marriage. When you make a genuine effort to accept his family, he feels respected and valued by you.

Would you describe the relationship with your husband as platonic?

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