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29 Ways You Can Be The One That Makes Him Say, "My Life Has Changed Since I Met You"

Updated on October 27, 2017

Ways of Becoming Irresistible to Your Husband

One of the biggest sources of anxiety that wives face after some time into a marriage is the realization that their husbands no longer find them as attractive as before. Are you having a difficult time getting your husband's attention? Why do some wives experience their husbands suddenly becoming disinterested, pulling away or shutting down? Unless you understand how to become irresistible to your husband, you’ll likely deal with him losing interest, falling out of love or avoiding commitment. It’s important to have an awareness of what it is men want and also an understanding of why developing these traits will not only help your marriage, but will make your life better overall. Sometimes he needs some extra effort on your part to be enticed and drawn toward you. Being irresistible to your husband isn’t about playing games, manipulation, or forcing yourself to be someone you’re not. By taking care of your physical appearance and cultivating a positive and vivacious personality, you can make yourself irresistible to anyone. Here are some tips to make yourself irresistible to your husband once again, and bring back the excitement into your marriage.

Control your emotions

Allowing your emotions to control your actions with your husband can seriously hurt his level of trust, respect and emotional attraction for you. But expressing positive emotions in the right way has the power to get a man literally addicted to you. Worry and upset feelings don’t spark irresistible desire. When men do things like become distant, not call or text back or anything else hurtful, most women allow their negative emotions to build up. Unfortunately, if you don’t handle these feelings properly they will eventually make him lose attraction for you even if he’s in the wrong. If you lead with a sense of humor when things are not going well, it can instantly turn your love life around and spark emotional attraction again.

Affirm him

One of the things your man finds most attractive about you is that you were at one time (and hopefully still are) attracted to him. A man wants to be around a woman who makes him feel like he’s winning. Let him know he’s a great provider, he is great at what he does, he can still get your heart racing– whatever it is that you can compliment him on. And mean it. A woman who sings her man’s praises is a woman he’ll come after… so he can hear more!

Attract With Body Language

Confident and friendly movements can attract your husband to you and make him want to stay in your general vicinity. Using positive body language can help to reinforce your irresistibility and make you feel good, too. Having good posture like standing and sitting tall, projects confidence, as does, a genuine smile. Looking relaxed and assured is attractive to your husband. Other positive actions that will make him feel that he can’t resist you are: steady eye contact, nodding, and pointing your feet towards the person with whom you are speaking.

Self-Care & Beauty

Recognize the power of visual stimulation. Beauty, healthy hair, good-looking skin, well-done makeup, healthy weight; these are the more superficial things men adore. How about getting a facial, because over the years it is inevitable for human facial skin to lose its elasticity and moisture? And what’s more, your husband is sure to notice that glow on your face with pleasure. Make an appointment with your hairstylist. Also consider getting a new style in clothes and accessories. Why not take an afternoon out and indulge in a manicure, or pedicure? If you are a stay-at-home mom, be sure to greet your husband home, with a freshly-showered look at the end of the day. Shower regularly. Keeping your body clean can do wonders for keeping your appearance neat. Taking a shower most days of the week can ward off body odor and make your appearance fresh and appealing. After you shower, moisturize your facial and body skin with a product formulated for your skin type. Moisturizer helps promote healthy, glowing skin. Body odor can quickly turn off your husband. Oral hygiene is important to your overall health. Brushing and flossing regularly can not only maintain the health of your pearly whites, but also keep bad breath at bay, which could be a turn off for someone you are trying to attract. Remember that coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco can stain your teeth, which may detract from your irresistibility. If you consume any of these products, brush your teeth or chew gum afterward to minimize staining.

Keep fit

It is not enough to get an occasional facial done, if you truly want to make yourself attractive. Stay at a healthy weight. If you have become significantly overweight since your marriage, maybe you need to work out a few pounds, to get back in shape. Exercise will only improve your mood and overall health, but it may help enhance your irresistibility. Even better, exercise along with him, if it’s possible. Exercise not only helps to shed off fat but also revs up the body’s circulation system, giving one that toned and healthy color. Keeping your weight within a healthy range can be easy. Eating healthy, balanced, and regular meals promotes your overall health.

Embrace Your Femininity

Most men want to feel like the man. The best way to encourage this is to embrace your femininity. Use a soft voice with him. Few men are attracted to loud and boisterous. Talking softly conveys femininity. Tap into your soft, gentle, graceful side. Contemporary society encourages women to be bold, tough, and aggressive. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be a strong woman, I’m just saying to temper this out a bit by not neglecting your femininity. Men want to be the providers; they want to feel like the man.

Be a mystery

Men still love a challenge; just don’t make it too complicated. Does your husband know everything there is to know about you? If so, develop a new skill or idea or come up with a secret he’s dying to discover. The human mind loves to fill in missing gaps and the unknown always has a certain level of intrigue. When you become a mystery to your husband there are things about you that he still wants to know, things you’re thinking that he’d like for you to divulge, secrets in your soul that he’ll be challenged to draw out. He doesn’t need your whole life story right off the bat.


Patience is a virtue. Patience is vital to a lasting relationship. I’m talking about relaxing more and being more open to going with the flow of your relationship with him. Why is patience so valuable to become irresistible to men? The simple reason is it’s rare and sub-communicates confidence and desirability. If he’s unfaithful, abusive, or constantly rude or disrespectful, don’t tolerate it from him. This isn’t the time to be patient and accept it. If it is worth confronting him about, tell him that you want him to change what he’s doing.

Dress for him

Wear flattering fashions. And dress for him at night, too. So, it may be time to invest in some lingerie or just something feminine. Consider getting items tailored to fit your body, which can accentuate or highlight your features while concealing parts you may not like. Wearing clothing and fashions that flatter your figure and personality can make you seem more irresistible to your husband. You don’t have to buy expensive items to flatter your appearance. Purchase a few key well-made pieces and you can mix and match them.

Enhance yourself

A woman’s attraction does not lie only in her physical appearance, but also in her overall personality. Enhance yourself by joining a course to upgrade your qualifications or acquire new knowledge. It may be something as challenging as learning a new language, or as interesting as playing golf. When you find yourself good at something, it will give you confidence and build up your self-esteem. And this will make you irresistible to your husband.

Develop your humorous side

Married life has its unavoidable stresses and strains. To keep things in balance, you need to put a bit of energy into increasing the sweetness between you. If something frustrating is happening, try easing the tension with a bit of humor. By incorporating jokes or anecdotes into your conversations that are funny, you can attract any person to yourself. Don’t poke fun at your mate, but use shared humor as a way to say “I know this is tough, but we’ll get through it.” Your husband will think of you as someone soothing and helpful to have around when problems happen. You can also cultivate your humorous side by using your body language to express humor. Facial expressions, body positioning and movements, and tone of voice can all impact how funny you seem

Flirt with him

You usually have too many other things on your mind to even think about saying something to get his attention and let him know you’re thinking of him. But flirting can be sending a text message or leaving a voice mail telling him he’s on your mind. Kiss him with passion, not just a peck on the cheek, like you’d do to your child. But really kiss him. Think: what did I do back when we dated? And that will help with your flirt factor. Sit near your husband, and gently place your hand on his or her shoulder, leg, or arm. If you’re in the car, lightly touch his or her shoulder or arm. You’ll find your conversation becomes warmer and more caring. Look your husband in the eyes and smile. Unless your husband is talking about something really sad (job loss, death, etc.) where a smile would be inappropriate, look him in the eyes and smile while you’re listening. Your companion will automatically feel more understood and cared about, which will change the feeling level of the discussion.


Sex is the barometer of a relationship, and what you introduce to it can have a deciding influence on how irresistible your man will find you. Initiate a hug. Initiate a kind word or compliment. Initiate lovemaking. If you want to get intimate with your husband, make the first move, instead of waiting for him to initiate sex like always. If you’re not adventurous or unpredictable sexually you can cause a man to become bored sexually.

Give him the best of you

Most women believe that attraction is based on a woman’s body: weight, breast size, bone structure etc. But being in a marriage with a woman who's beautiful doesn't mean much to a man if his wife is rude, selfish or demanding. Good looks may have caught his attention, but who you are on the inside is what will make or break the relationship in the end. Be free when you are with your husband. It is true that problems, concerns, and worries are part of life but don't let them affect your interaction with him. We tend to give the best of ourselves to our jobs, or our children, or our homes. And our husbands tend to get the left out. Do not let few small things get in the way of enjoying bonding time together with your husband such as irritation, grudges, finances, etc. Try your best to enjoy your husband's company without letting him see that you are affected by life's cares. Support your husband in every aspect and show your love to him unconditionally without regrets.

Have a positive attitude

Everyone enjoys being around someone who is positive and fun. Men are universally drawn to women who live a life of love, positivity, joy, creativity and keeps worry and fear to a minimum. Can your husband always count on a smile or a kind word? Living a life of love and positivity can be learned. Keeping things light and easygoing can help draw your husband to you and seem irresistible and effervescent. Unfortunately most women live in constant fear, worry, self-judgment, guilt and anxiety due to negative experiences in life. Does he enter the house walking on eggshells, and unsure of what kind of mood you’ll be in? Positive people are enjoyable to be around. If you’re unpleasant, you’re bound to act in a way that predisposes you to lose attraction and love from your husband. Although every person has an occasional bad day, try to not focus on this as much as possible.


Men can’t resist a woman who is truly kindhearted. This means so much more than simply being nice to a man. Men measure kindness by how you act when he’s done something wrong and he’s genuinely sorry. For example, say he missed an important event like your marriage anniversary. He forgot it and is genuinely sorry. Do you forgive him and move on or do you hold a grudge? Men want a woman who is genuinely kind and will stick by his side through thin and thick, good and bad. If you can be that woman for him, your marriage will last a lifetime.


If there’s one trait your husband will value more than anything else in you, it’s honesty. Honesty means more to a man than most women realize. As a man, trust is his most valuable gift he can give you. If you are dishonest, it makes him question whether he can confide in and depend on you. Telling the truth may sometimes be uncomfortable and, at other times, may be hard, but showing your man that he can trust you to be honest with him at all times will do wonders for your marriage.


When it comes to being irresistible to men you must have integrity. When a man realizes that you can be swayed from your values, he will feel a lack of trust in you. Integrity is one of the critical ingredients to being irresistible to a man. Trust is one of the most important factors to creating an emotional bond. Without the backbone of integrity, love will always encounter problems.

Join him in something he enjoys

Even if you don’t like sports if he loves it, watch it with him. And try to enjoy it – for his sake. Watch his favorite movie or show with him. It might about workouts, nutrition, and even exercise together. It has really ignited a new passion within your marriage. You may not be able keep up with your husband, but the fact that you tried makes it more interesting.

Demonstrate your independence

Staying independent and not making yourself too available can establish intrigue and make you seem all the more irresistible. Not being independent or able to hold your own can make you less attractive to your husband. For example, don’t accept every offer to get together. Let your husband in on your hobbies and interests, too. This demonstrates your dynamism, which can help attract him more to you.

Devote time to your marriage

Be the woman your husband has fallen in love with for the first time and keep that everyday. Most women tend to change after they got married in terms of how they take care of themselves and in their attitudes. No matter how busy you are with work, kids and bills, it’s essential to put aside regular time each week for the marriage. Have a date or take a pleasant walk or drive. Don’t forget to celebrate and appreciate each other.

Cultivate your conversation skills

Talking and engaging with your spouse verbally is an important part of any relationship because meaningful conversations about mutual interests can help forge an important bond that may make you irresistible to the other person. See that you keep communicating with each other, so that you are in tune with your spouse’s needs and desires. Choose an appropriate time and share your husband’s thoughts and feelings on work, friends and your relationship. Don’t resist, listen. It’s important to listen closely to what your husband saying. It may help you seem more irresistible to your husband. Having common interests is a powerful way to cultivate attraction

Make his special meal

The best way to your man’s heart may still be through his stomach. Once in a while, do something to make your husband feel that he is the only one for you. Prepare a delicious dinner for him. He will be pleasantly surprised at the expression of your love, and eager to return your love. Food is still good foreplay when it comes to men.

Don’t be Needy

A man’s greatest fear is losing his freedom and being trapped in a relationship. Most women are in fact needy, and it’s not their fault (it has to do with many factors), but it is completely possible to learn to have confidence and security in yourself. Men pick up on how much you need them and instantly feel pressured and back off. If you have your own life (and maintain the life you had before the marriage), he won’t feel this pressure and will give more of himself to you.

Plan a surprise for him

Surprise him. And show him there’s a side of you he has yet to discover. Men love surprises and spontaneity if at the appropriate time. Find out what he’s been missing and bring it back. Pick up his suit at the drycleaners, pack him a lunch, and pray for him during a crucial meeting? Try a love note in your spouse’s briefcase. Give him an unexpected gentle pat on the rear, a hug or a kiss to say “I’m thinking good thoughts about you, and I love you.” Just offering to do something for him will show him your heart is tuned toward his needs. Put variety in your life. Surprise your husband even thru simple gestures such as wearing a different dress/blouse, wearing your hair a little bit differently or cooking something he haven't tried before.

Quit directing, correcting, and controlling

Let him lead. It will show him that you do believe in him and his ability to handle a situation. Respect who he is and what he does. When you appeal to his feeling of power, you become irresistible. Men like their lives to be easy and pleasant, no muss no fuss. The biggest turn off to a man is a wife who makes mountains out of every molehill. If you’re cool and easy to be around, your husband will want to be around you. Smile, relax, don’t over think or overanalyze.


Be unpredictable, but in a good way. Suggest you eat somewhere you never have. Wear a color you never have before. Go outside your comfort zone and take a risk with him. It will make him feel like he has a brand new wife.


Have confidence in yourself. This one is the winner every time. Guys want a confident, happy woman. When you are, confident, in your speech, your walk, your relationship with him, and your role as his wife you’ll be attractive to him. Avoid being arrogant or pretentious. This trait can destroy your irresistibility. Remain yourself: calm, cool, and collected. Healthy self-esteem is a prerequisite for healthy relationships.

Believe in Him

Sometimes a bit of motivation and encouragement from you is all he needs to get the ball rolling and shoot for the stars. Make friend with his ego. Ego is the reason men fall in love. Just make him feel needed. If you’re walking your dog at dusk, ask him to come with you because you want him to keep you safe. If you truly pay attention to him and listen to his hopes and dreams and then tell him you have faith he can accomplish those goals without telling him how to do it, you’ll create a deep emotional bond and build a strong, lasting marriage.


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    • Chuksm profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Modungwo 

      2 years ago from Benin

      Today I read of a divorce case where a woman has decided to end the marriage because her husband could not satisfy her sexually. This is why some men might look at porn magazine to find how they could improve. Many men like I said before have sought for mistresses when their wives believe flirting with them will make them look like whores. What I'm dealing with here have nothing to do with religious beliefs, but reality. Some men I know go after women outside because they claimed their wives are outdated in beliefs and acts.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago

      I agree that people who feel they have what they want do tend to "relax" and take people for granted. Marriage is not the end of itself.

      When we change our circumstances change.

      When I was talking about women preferring NOT to flirt with their husbands it's not because they "have them already" it's because some of them feel they can't just flirt with them for the "FUN" of it anymore.

      If she flirts with a stranger in passing it can be just a matter of having some naughty fun as she moves on about her business. Whereas when she flirts with her husband (he may expect it to lead to having sex).

      Most women flirt with men for validation that they "still have it" and if they were ever single again they know they could attract men. No matter how happily married a woman is she is genuinely flattered when "other men" besides her husband make her feel that she is attractive.

      With regard to men watching pornography it isn't always about the wife not doing something. Some men love looking at a variety of naked women period! They could never be happy only seeing their wife naked.

      There are other men who make it a point NOT to marry women who behave like porn stars in bed. They watch porn for the fantasy aspect.

    • Chuksm profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Modungwo 

      2 years ago from Benin

      dashingscorpio thanks for your comment. But I disagree with you this time. The feeling "I have got what I want" have made many wives to relax and stopped doing what they did to get the man in the first place. As a result most men end up looking for it in the sort of places you have mentioned. Any woman her husband is prone to pornography has failed to live up to the man's intimacy level. This is same spirit is what have made the slim girl the man married to overfeed and become overweight; looking like the man's mother than the wife. the woman who was known for her fashion consciousness turn to "anything goes" dresser because the man is already hers. A serious wife must continue to do things that will add spark to the marriage. Marriage is not an end to itself.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago

      You might want to change the title of your article from:

      "29 Ways to Become Resistible to Your Husaband"

      to (29 Ways to Become {Irresistible} to Your {Husband})

      Otherwise these are all great tips especially flirting and initiating sex.

      Women in marriages often never consider the fact that their husbands also need to feel "desired". I personally believe this is part of the reason why many men are drawn to watching pornography and going to strip clubs. The women in those venues act as if they "crave or desire men".

      A lot of wives either have no desire to have sex, or see it as something for the husband, or as a tool to be used for reward and withdraw for punishment.

      I also believe some married women prefer to flirt with men they aren't involved with because there's an (innocent fun uncertainty) about it.

      Where as they know if they flirt or use some sexual innuendo with their husband it's considered "verbal foreplay" and is likely to lead to sex. :)


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