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2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas - 8 Ultimate Options

Updated on June 6, 2012
2nd anniversary gift ideas - 8 can't miss options
2nd anniversary gift ideas - 8 can't miss options

It's year 2 and you need a gift idea

Here you are about to celebrate your second anniversary and you need some great gift ideas. Certainly this can be a bit stressful, but with a little forethought, and this great list of creative options, you will be sure to find some great 2nd anniversary gift ideas. The following list includes some of the old classics as well as a few ideas that might be a bit unusually, but will certainly be well received.

A framed and matted picture of your wedding day with the invitation included

This is a bit of a departure from the normal wedding photo. By including the invitation you will spark memories of your wedding day, and it makes a great piece of art as well. Any standard framing shop can handle this job, and it will look fabulous.

Beer tasting glasses for him, wine tasting glasses for her

This is an idea that works for either of the sexes. If you are shopping for your husband, why not purchase a set of beer tasting glasses along with some interesting brew for filling those glasses. For the ladies, a wine tasting set is a great idea. Purchase the glasses and a few select bottles of wine, and you will make her 2nd anniversary gift one she will love.


A cotton robe set with a twist

Cotton is the traditional 2nd year anniversary gift, but that doesn’t seem very romantic as an anniversary gift idea. What to do? How about luxury cotton robes that you will be wearing when you head to a bed and breakfast. Yes the robe is nice and it completes the requirement of a traditional gift, but the B&B will be the real treat. Plan the weekend, and enjoy your time together with a nice room, at an outstanding location.

A twist on the modern 2nd anniversary gift

Cotton is the traditional gift, but China is the modern chose for 2nd anniversary gift ideas. Rather than simply buy another place setting, you'll offer a creative twist. Plan a night out, and make reservations at your best local Chinese restaurant. Not only will the food be good (isn’t Chinese food always good?), but you will get credit for both the “date night” and the creative play on the modern 2nd anniversary gift.

A Slide show of your first 2 years

If you would like an inexpensive gift with a big impact, produce a slide show that highlights your first two years together. Make it professional and pick some great music for the background, then watch it with your spouse. You will both have a great time reliving all the great times you shared in those first 2 years. What better 2nd anniversary gift, than a walk down memory lane.

A treasure hunt

To make the 2nd anniversary present that much more fun, put together a treasure hunt with a great gift at the end. You may want to incorporate some of the special places you and your spouse enjoyed while dating and over the last two years of marriage to add to the meaning. Include fun clues and inside jokes to personalize the experience even more. Make sure that you have a great gift at the end for your finale.

A couple’s day at the spa

Schedule some time for you and your husband/wife at a spa. A couple’s massage and some light music are sure to be just the thing to celebrate you 2nd anniversary, and you will both have a great time. Include some added services just to add some unusual spice to your time together.

A mountain retreat

How about some time in the mountains with your love? Book a cabin or chalet in the mountains and make it a surprise. You will love the time you spend together in the great outdoors, and don’t forget to be sure the cabin includes a hot tub.

A puppy

If you want a great 2ndanniversary gift idea, think about adding a new member to the family. Not only will both fall in love with the little squirt, but you will have the chance to cut your teeth in expectation of a longer term family addition. This is a great gift, and a great first step I building a family together.

2nd anniversary gift ideas can be a bit more difficult as you have gone through the romance of year one, and are now moving into your life as non-honeymooners. A thoughtful gift idea in year 2 can really make a difference as you show your love that you are still thinking of them, and haven’t quite let the honeymoon go. Regardless of your choice, so long as your gift idea is well thought out, and matches your spouse’s personality, you can’t go wrong. Just make sure that you plan ahead, and make things fun.


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