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3 Excellent Male Dating Profile Examples to Help You Find Love

Updated on February 24, 2018


Some men find love and a partner for life through online dating. One of the things you must do, if you want to increase your chances of attracting a woman for a relationship, is to write a great male dating profile.

In this article, I want to give you some male dating profile examples so that you can get a response from a great woman who will make you happy.

So, what are some of the ways to write your male dating profile?

Let The Women Know About Your Educational Level, Age, Height, And The Resources You Offer

A study published in March 2002 in the journal Evolution of Human Behavior suggests that when a guy advertises himself using these traits, he is more likely to get women clicking his profile than when he advertises other traits.

Start on a positive, upbeat note so that she will know that you are a positive-minded guy who looks at the bright side of life, and that will make her feel that she will spend happy moments with you because you will use charisma and charm to make her happy even on days when she is depressed.

Additionally, add jokes and use humor because research shows that women are attracted to guys who can make them laugh.

So, in your profile, you may write something such as, “Hello, all you beautiful and gorgeous women out there! I hope you are all feeling as great as I am feeling! I have great health and so I can fully enjoy all the wonders that God, the Wonderful Creator, has made. And work couldn’t be better! I was promoted a few days ago. So, more cash to spend on beautiful women like you! And I believe things are going to get even better! All these are things to be happy about, don’t you think so? Wondering who this guy is? You can call me Ike any day and I will respond by saying, ‘Yes, the one and only!’ Okay, let’s get to know who I really am. I am a graduate of the University for Development Studies where I studied Agriculture Technology. And I must add that I graduated with a First Class. I deserve a pat on the back from you, wouldn’t you say so? Hey, where is my pat? Just kidding! I have been eating, sleeping, going out, coming in and doing all the stuff that humans do, and I mean ALL THE STUFF, for the past…, guess how long,…hey you were right! How did you guess that! Yes, 25 years! WE must have some sort of telepathic understanding! That is a good note on which to start a friendship, don’t you think so? We were made for each other and I can feel it, I can really feel it in my bones! What job do I do? I use my 6-foot frame to write fiction stories and articles. Sounds a bit of a paradox, doesn’t it? You would imagine I should be playing American soccer or basketball with such a height, wouldn’t you? Well, I went on trials with The Chicago Bulls and I exhibited such a mastery of basketball by scoring for the opposing team against my own team! And guess what? The coach was so happy with my play he fired me. How sad! Just kidding! Anyway, this is what I love doing—writing. Anything else about me you should know? Well, I love dancing, playing the guitar, and also talking to beautiful women like you. Number 10 Asonomaso Street is my place of domicile. I live there with…well, with someone special—with… with Rebekah—oh no she’s not my ex girlfriend. That’s my Alsatian, my pet dog. We love each other very much, but I can assure you we will admit you into our “small circle.” What are you waiting for? Drop me that message and let’s start what I know will be a great friendship.”

Tell Stories On Your Profile

A study conducted at the University of North Carolina has revealed that women are attracted to men who can tell good stories.

When a man can tell a good story, it makes a woman feel that he will be able to entertain her well when they spend time together.

Additionally, women think that men who can tell good stories are high-status men. Many women want to date a man who they feel is a man of high status and who they think will give them some sort of leverage in social circles.

So, instead of writing about yourself and your hobbies using sentences or statements, present that information in a story form to make your profile more compelling.

For example, instead of writing, “I love playing soccer because it is very good exercise and also because it teaches me to learn to work with others to achieve a common goal,” write something such as, “One Saturday morning, many years ago, I was sitting in the living room feeling bored to death. My elder brother was watching movies; he was in no mood to converse. My parents were out of town. What could I do to entertain myself? I looked outside the window and saw a group of boys walking onto the soccer field with a soccer ball. My face lit up! I immediately knew my problem was solved and I said to myself, ‘That’s it! I must join those guys!’ I dashed to my room, put on the jersey of Accra Great Olympics, my favorite team, walked onto the field and asked to play. That day, it was as though I was possessed! I covered every blade of grass, I was spot on with my tackles, I assisted a team mate to score one goal and I scored the other goal. As I stood panting after the game, I felt I had had the greatest workout in my life. It was great to give instructions to my team mates at times to position themselves well, and I also followed the instructions of the coach and encouraged my team mates when the going was tough. You should have been there to see the jubilation at the end of the game after we had won. The feeling was wonderful—hugs all around, smiles, joy in my heart. That is what I like—to achieve with others and also to help make others happy.”

Show That You Are A Humble Guy

A series of studies have revealed that potential dating partners are attracted to people who they see as being humble.

When you let the women who will visit your profile think that you are humble, it will make them feel that they can relate to you better because humble people admit their faults, respect others, and appreciate the good qualities in others, which are all ingredients that help to make a friendship or a romantic relationship work.

In other words, your potential date will feel that they will have stable, enjoyable relationship with you if they start a friendship and that may motivate them to contact you.

So, you may write something such as this to tell women that you are humble, “Hi, ladies out there! I am Isaac. I come from the Ashanti Kingdom of Ghana. I am a writer who is doing his best to produce good work. I will not call myself a great writer. I know I make some grammatical errors sometimes—I get my punctuation wrong sometimes, but I am willing to learn and to improve. I take inspiration from great writers such as Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Agatha Christie, Stephen King, Neil Patel, Therese Borchard and so on who I know are great writers. I learn a lot from them every day and it helps me to improve my work for I know that I have a lot to learn if I want to succeed in becoming a great writer like these guys. And I thank the team at Hubpages for giving me a chance to grow as a writer, for I have tried writing on other platforms where my articles were rejected outright because they felt the quality of my articles was not good enough. I am a great sinner who has made a lot of mistakes in life, but who has learned valuable lessons from those mistakes. I am working on myself every day and asking God to help me to become a better person. I am the kind of guy who is not ashamed to say sorry to a woman when I wrong her. Additionally, I am the kind of guy who accepts it when I err and it is pointed out to me. I am not a perfect guy and I don’t want to become perfect. I just want to try to become a better person every day. And I try to treat people, no matter their color, race, educational background, economic status, or gender, with respect, dignity and decorum. Just like Jesus Christ, I love serving people and I will do my best to serve you—I will make you feel like a queen. I was at the home for the elderly the other day and I learned one lesson after visiting them: at the end of the day, the most important thing in life is not to acquire wealth and riches, but to help others and to make those around you happy. And that is what I will do if you send me a message. I’m waiting for your message!”


These are the male dating profile examples that I have for you. If you want to get a lot of responses from the women who will visit your profile, let them know about your educational status, how old you are, how tall you are, what you have to offer to them, how good you are at telling stories, and also how humble you are.

Additionally, you might want to read these descriptions and these descriptions too so that you can write a great profile.

Male Dating Profile Examples

Do you think you are a good story teller?

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© 2018 Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio


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