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3 Non Intrusive Ways To Approach and Attract a Group Of Women

Updated on May 6, 2011

How to Approach a Group of Women Smoothly

Ever laid eyes on a group of really hot girls at a party or in a bar? It’s like Christmas, only you don’t get to unwrap them, because you can’t approach the group of women just like that, right?

You tense up at the thought of just breaking into the group. It can be downright scary if your game is frail, or if you’re still climbing the ladder up to alpha-male status. But at the same time, it’s just so tempting to get to know these girls. Try these quick dating tips and see for yourself that approaching a group of girls is easier than you think.

The lesson is: don’t shoot yourself in the crotch. You need to get over your approach anxiety. If you can approach one person, man, why not a group? All you need is confidence and practice, and there’s nothing at stake. You’ll most likely never see these people again anyways. Treat them like a bunch of shy women who are thirsting for men to finally approach them.

Yes, you’ll feel awkward, and insecure, perhaps fumble at times. But that’s how you learn. Pick yourself right back up. You’ll never move forward if you don’t push yourself out your comfort zone, so get out there and do it. It’s called growth baby.

Walking up to a group of girls mustn’t be different than walking up to a bunch of goodfriends. Take your hands out of your pockets, walk and breathe slowly and consciously. Look only at them, and discard the surroundings. You want to be aware of the present moment, but not distracted by it. That gives you more focus and game cohesion.

Leaning in is bad. Don’t move in too close: you don’t want to intrude their space. Stop close enough so you can talk to them easily without obstructing their view..

From their viewpoint, you’ll be an intruder invading the group’s space, plus, you might come across just as another sleaze. The solution? Lean back just a tad, with your feet slightly apart. This allows you to smoothly sink in, and show that you’re easy and comfortable to deal with.

If you behave comfortably, so will their responsive thoughts and behaviors. Emotions are contagious. I preach this all the time.

Remember to smile, but don’t overdo it. By smiling all over the place at everything they say and do, though, you’ll go overboard.

With a bright smile, you radiate a killer positive energy. Ice that off a nod while smiling and you’ll captivate their attention.

Let your face mirror a positive attitude, but be serious or deadpan when needed.

Do focus on one person so you won’t appear all over the place, but give regular attention to the others to engage them. You’ll see that the person you address will become an anchor as you keep the others involved. Don’t ask questions, they suck energy out of the interaction. Instead, stimulate the conversation with your own input.

You see, if you have the single approach down, you can easily learn how to approach a group of girls. The most important realization for you is that numbers don’t make that much of a difference. You’re still there to enjoy yourself. Share that!

Since you’re talking to a group, though, you want to make sure you keep them engaged on the same level as you would a single person – through eye contact and relating personally.

Remember this: When approaching a group of women, pretend that this group of girls is a “for VIP’s only” event. You just want to fit in so you’ll get exclusive invites next time!

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