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3 Tips for the Successful Search of Your Life Partner

Updated on April 22, 2019
Inci Davila profile image

Inci is a bachelor in business with experience in market research, sales, and public relations. But life is more than a professional tag.

3 Tips For The Successful Search Of Your Life Partner

When falling in love begins, it is easy to see in the other person their best qualities. It is through the months and years that we take off the veil from our eyes and begin to see the other as he or she is. But that discovery does not have to be something negative or opaque, in fact, it can be a process that strengthens your life journey, if you chose your partner wisely from the beginning.

Choosing a life partner is not a simple task and is also a critical decision in life, as he or she will be your main support in difficult times, your team in the game of life, your companion in routine and adventure, and your partner in crime.

Here we share 3 great tips so that this decision is more likely to be successful:

1. Be Honest With Your Own Standards

When taking such a relevant decision, the first thing to evaluate is whether we really are capable of living happily with the defects and manias of our prospective life partner.

Sometimes for fear of not finding someone else or someone better, or for fear of being left alone or for simple comfort, it is easier to want to believe that our partner will change or that we can change him or her; and although changing is possible, nothing guarantees that the other person wants to change or keeps the promises to do so, without mentioning that nobody is obliged to change to please someone else.

If you think that this boy who is a compulsive liar is going to change, or that this mommy´s boy will soon grow up and rearrange his priorities, or that this girl will stop flirting with others, you are lying to yourself. Clinging to someone who you know in advance is your one way ticket to hell, is a waste of time and is taking away the opportunity to live happily and peacefully.

Most of the time we forget how many people exist outside our home, school and the office, that deciding to live a life with someone who can't fulfill basic criteria for a harmonious coexistence, is a conformist decision you'll regret.

Keep looking in the places where that someone you want may be looking for you, not everything is reduced to bars. Try the bookstore, the cafeteria, the gym, meditation classes, music classes, the museum and all the places you can think of.

Keep looking in the places where that someone you want may be looking for you, not everything is reduced to bars.

2. If You Are Looking For Someone Nice, You Have To Be Nice!

It's out of fashion to be a play-boy. It is crucial that if you are looking for someone to trust, who respects you, loves you, is honest and treats you amazingly, you have to be someone who offers exactly the same, or more. Think of this: when someone smiles at you and treats you with kindness, it is almost a reflex act to respond in the same way. This tip is invaluable.

It is vital to evaluate if we are able to treat someone else with love and respect without falling into toxic attitudes. Why, if we think we deserve someone special, almost nobody cares about being a great match for the other? Start by being nice to yourself and project that to the world. Nobody can resist a good heart.

3. As Soon As A Problem Shows Up, Solve It!

It is in the difficult moments when we really see what we are made of. Although the ideal would be to avoid problems through the use of communication, it is inevitable to fall into them from time to time.

The moment a problem arises, both have the possibility of evaluating how capable you are of working as a team. Without competing, without wanting to be right, without judging and above all, without ignoring that there is a problem. Only by being empathic, trying to listen, understand, contribute and solve the issue.

Take advantage of difficult times to reaffirm that you can always show your best face and remain friendly and respectful. If you can stay calm during the most complicated moments, you will very likely be able to make it together in the up and downs. If you find someone like this, consider that person a true prospect to share everything!

Good luck! ;)

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 I Davila


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      13 months ago from Chicago

      "Most of the time we forget how many people exist outside our home, school and the office, that deciding to live a life with someone who can't fulfill basic criteria for a harmonious coexistence, is a conformist decision you'll regret." - Very true!

      A major reason for why people become desperate is they choose to believe love is for the "lucky few" or there is a scarcity of "good" men and women in the world.

      In a world with over 7 Billion people odds are there is far more than (one) person who would love and appreciate you for you.

      The truth of the matter is we (choose) to EXCLUDE people in order to make our scarcity a reality. For example if I said "the one" must reside in the U.S. I just eliminated almost 6.7 Billion people sight unseen! It's no wonder finding love is so difficult.

      If I continue with they must reside in my state I may have just eliminated close to another 300 million or more people sight unseen!

      That's all before we get to race, religion, age, height, weight, education, occupation, hobbies & interests, chemistry/compatibility!

      #1 is very important. You have to be honest with yourself as well.

      There simply are far too many people asking for the world from a potential mate without having the same to offer in return.

      One of the easiest things to do is create a "must haves list" but it's also important to imagine (being) your ideal mate.

      Ask yourself if you were him/her would you really want you???

      If the answer is (no) then cultivate the traits you believe your ideal mate would want in (their) mate.

      Lets face it in the "real world" if a guy looks like Danny DeVito he's not going to end up with a woman like Charlize Theron.

      Don't expect to sit next to the moon unless YOU are a star!

      Every great hunter is a (student) of their prey. In other words they learn their habits, their wants, and likes. As one farmer once said: "You don't try to change the seasons. They're already set.

      You learn to (work with) the seasons."

      When we change our circumstances change.

      Last but not least too many people are holding onto the "fairytale" of meeting someone by "chance", "fate", "luck" or "coincidence".

      The truth of the matter is in order to meet your "ideal mate" you have to "run in the same circles" as (they) do.

      Knowing what you want should dictate where you shop.

      That means getting out of the house!

      Whether it's joining book clubs, hobby groups, taking classes, going dancing with friends, traveling, attending charity events or whatever your odds of meeting someone increase.

      The law of attraction does not replace the law of action.


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