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How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You: 5 Cool Things You Can Do

Updated on March 5, 2017

How to Make A Man Fall In Love With You

Apply good wisdom and a man will love you
Apply good wisdom and a man will love you | Source

It Can Be Frustrating Sometimes

Abena has a crush on Yaw. She feels attracted to him, thinks he is gorgeous, feels he will be a good lover, likes his personality, and wants to have a romantic relationship with him, but she does not know what to do to make him develop romantic feelings for her, or how to go about making Yaw fall in love with her.

“It’s very frustrating,” Abena says. “I think about him every day, and sometimes I cry because my feelings for him are deep, but he does not seem to have the same affection for me. I really want him. What should I do to make him fall in love with me?” she asks.

Abena is not the only woman who is going through this trauma. Many other women are also attracted to guys, and are wondering how they can make those guys fall for them.

So, if you are a woman who is dying to make a guy have a relationship with you, how can you make a man fall in love with you?

Show True Wisdom

True wisdom is pure, which means that it is free from self-interest. If you want a man to love you, you must have a “we” attitude, not a “me” attitude. You must show to him that you always think of both of you, and not your selfish interests only. When you do that, you demonstrate to him that you will be prepared to make sacrifices in the relationship, and most men want a woman who is prepared to sacrifice at some point in the relationship.

True wisdom is also peaceable. This means that it delights in peace. It seeks to promote peace, an inner state of mind which is not quarrelsome and contentious. When you always try to make peace when you have a disagreement with a man, it acts on his spirit positively. He sees that you would be prepared to respect him when he marries you. It also suggests to him that you will try to maintain peace in the home, and a man wants a woman who will maintain peace so that he can have his peace of mind to focus on his work.

True wisdom is gentle, which implies that it is considerate, kind, and forbearing. It is also “easy to be entreated”- which implies that those who possess true wisdom are approachable. They are not beyond appeal. They are open to other points of view. When your man wrongs you, or you have a fight and you are ready to see his side of the story, you show to him that you will be understanding. And a man wants to marry a woman who will be understanding, considerate, and open to his point of view.

True wisdom is full of mercy, which speaks of compassion and pity shown toward those who are miserable and needy. It is possible that when he marries you, he may fall seriously sick, or lose money and become hard up. When you show to a man that you have compassion, and will not desert him when he marries you and goes through hard times, he will be more likely to fall in love with you.

Show No Partiality

True wisdom shows no partiality. That means that it is not ambiguous. It is straightforward. Those who are without partiality are certain of what they believe and say. They don’t know everything about everything, but when they speak, they know what they are talking about. Their convictions are undivided and impartial. They have clear convictions and abide by them, but at the same time they are charitable toward those who disagree. They are without hypocrisy. They are sincere, genuine, and thoroughly honest.

When you demonstrate such an attitude in your dealings with a man, he is more willing to trust you. He knows he can count on you to tell him the truth always, even if it hurts him. And knowing that the truth and constructive criticisms can help him to become a better person, he will like you more for that attitude. When he develops a liking for you, he will want to know more about you, will spend more time with you, and as you spend time together you will get to know each other better, he will ache for you, and he may develop romantic feelings for you.

So learn to be straightforward. Learn how to be charitable to a man even if you disagree with him on some issues. Be sincere with him. Tell him the truth at all times. Be honest with him. A man wants an honest woman who will tell him the truth.

If you show true wisdom in your dealings with a man, and you show no partiality, it can influence him to develop feelings for you which may blossom into love with time.

Show Cleanliness

Medical experts say that many sicknesses are preventable. Keeping your house and yard clean can prevent diseases. When the man comes to visit you, he will see that you are a woman who takes tidiness and cleanliness seriously. When you are clean and tidy, it prevents diseases and a man will know that when he marries you, you will live a lifestyle which will not make him fall sick often.

Again, when he marries you, he will bring some of his friends to the house at some times. A woman who keeps the house clean will be an honor. But a woman who is untidy, leaves things haphazardly in the house, and does not pay particular attention to cleanliness may bring disgrace to him and embarrass him in front of his friends.

So learn to be clean. Learn to keep your surroundings clean. These are some of the little things that influence some men to fall for a woman.

Show Self-Confidence

Some women have insecurities about how they look and feel. It makes them diffident. They find it difficult to approach a man and make friends with him. And even if a man is interested in them, they are not sure of themselves and so do not encourage the man to keep pursuing them, or to go through with the relationship.

To make a man fall in love with you, have confidence in yourself. Have confidence in your abilities. Why let insecurity hold you back when you could be bursting with the kind of self-confidence that lets you cajole love from a man you are attracted to, or are interested in. You deserve him. Go for him. Develop your self confidence so that he will hang on every word you speak!

A man wants to be the man of a confident woman, a woman who feels sure of herself, and who will be an equal partner in the relationship. What men want is a self-assured woman. When you show a man self-confidence, he will likely ache for you and make him go crazy over you.

A lack of self-confidence is the only thing separating you from the man of your dreams, and from the happy, glorious life that could be yours. And by following these steps, you will develop the self-confidence you need to attract the man:

  1. Do not compare yourself with others. Everyone has different skills and talents. If you pay too much attention to what other women are doing or accomplishing in their relationships, you will lose sense of yourself. Work at what you do best. You will find yourself achieving more. Concentrate on your strengths and build them. For example, you may not beautiful physically, but you may have inner beauty in the sense that you are caring, understanding, and patient. Use these attributes to your advantage. Let these come out. Show these qualities to a man. Practice them in daily life. And he will be attracted to you.
  2. Positive thinking is powerful. Do not be too critical of yourself. Focus on your positive points. Be good to yourself and your positive side will dominate your life. And when you are confident in yourself, then you will find it easier to approach a man you are interested in and make friends with him, if he is not making the first move. It is when you make friends with a man that you can get to know him well, build a relationship, connect emotionally, and when the emotional connection comes, it can develop into love if it is well nurtured.
  3. Stay groomed to attract men. If you look good, you will feel good and you will look good to others, especially men. When you are well-dressed and well-groomed, you are also sending a subconscious message to yourself- that you are a worthwhile person and deserving of respect. You also send a message to men. A message that you are prepared to be a partner to any man who will approach you, and that you will support and help him to achieve his aims, and also you would do your part to support the home. Diffident women give men the idea that they will depend on the man for everything, which implies they may be burdens. Confident women suggest to a man that they will do their part to support him. A man wants a helper. A man wants a woman who will support him. A man wants a woman who will share the responsibilities in the home. So when you show that self-confidence, which suggests that you would be capable of meeting and working through life’s problems with him, he is more likely to be attracted to you and start a friendship with you, which can mature into love.

Show Regular Appreciation

One thing you can do to make a man fall in love with you, and only you, is to remember things he does for you, and to let him know you remember these things by reminding him. It will show him you feel he is so special that you keep him, or things he does for you, in your mind, when you could be thinking about a million other things. It will tell him you treasure him, and this will make him develop strong affection for you, which can grow into love if you maintain consistency in doing this.

One strategy you can use to show appreciation is:

  • Write down every good thing the guy does for you in your diary. Also, keep a record of every gift he gives to you.
  • Write down some of the words he says to you that you cherish, in your diary.
  • Keep in your diary a record of the special moments you have had with him.
  • Whenever you are going to meet him, take the diary with you. Whilst you are conversing, take out the diary, intentionally open the pages slowly, and stop at a page where you have a record of a gift, or some kind word the guy has said to you. Read what is in the diary loudly, look up into his face, and remind him of the kind thing he did for you, smile sweetly into his face, and then thank him. He may have even forgotten about it, but when you remind him, he will see you are a grateful woman, and it can influence him to develop strong romantic affection for you because men like women who remember what they do for them. This is how to make a man fall in love with you fast!


When you do these things, he will never forget you. He will keep you in his mind always and it will make the guy fall in love with you. These are things you should force yourself to do if you are really interested in having the man of your dreams, and keeping him. And if you do them, you will be the ultimate beneficiary when the man falls for you and,eventually, sometime along the line, asks you to marry him.


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© 2014 Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio


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