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3 Things As Men We Should Not Fear

Updated on January 10, 2015


Most men think Yoga is for women and guys named Sky that have a soul patches and love jam bands, but guys need to realize that Yoga is very healthy and incredible way to get into shape. Downward dog does not sound like a flattering pose, but it there's one called warrior pose, warriors are cool, I bet you want to be a warrior. Yoga teaches you breathing techniques to help with stress and anger while improving your flexibility. Many of the top athletes are all about yoga classes and they are pretty cool. Lastly, if yoga is cool enough for diamond Dallas Paige than it's cool enough for you (I should have probably lead with that and ended it there.)

Going To The Doctor

Men are tough. Scratch that, men try to be tough. One thing a man will never admit, he needs to go to the doctor. I have been knocked out cold playing football, I've flipped over my bike, I have punched through glass, twice, you will never see any of those on my medical record.
You know what I did last week? Called my doctor and went for a checkup. Is there something wrong with me? No, I workout everyday, I eat healthy, but there could have been. Mike Lowell formerly of Boston Red Sox went for routine spring training physical and they discovered that he has testicular cancer, NBA player Ronnie Turiaf went for his physical after being drafted by the Lakers and they had discovered a pre-existing heart condition and he needed to have open heart surgery or he could have died.
You may think you're completely healthy, but there could under lining you can't see. A doctor's visit could be very uncomfortable, and yes they will probably touch you in places you wish you girlfriend would, but it's only because he wants to make sure you'll live long enough to have girlfriend touch you on those places.


Okay, this is one you should possible fear because fire is involved and that can hurt you and ruin very nice things, but there's a small chance that can happen, but just in case have a fire entingusher close to you. It's still a risk willing to take, women love a man that cook. It's prefect for a someone that you may have been seeing for a little while, maybe she likes you, but she's not sure yet. You have taken her for drinks, a nice dinner, a movie, now its time to pull the finisher. She won't care that you're not Bobby Flay, she'll just love the fact that you spent hours trying to impress her. Following a recipe really isn't that hard. It tells you exactly what to do, and there are cups and spoons with numbers to make sure it will comes out edible.


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