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These 3 things are bound to end your relationship

Updated on December 22, 2016

When in a relationship you have to always watch out for three things. Reason is that these three things will end a relationship. In order to have the best relationship that you can you need to trust, be honest and not steal. Those alone in a relationship can make or break it. I am pretty sure we have all had those relationships where it feels as if nothing good is happening, or that you feel as if you have been cheated on, lied to or stolen from. None of those feelings are good. I am going to talk about it more in depth below.

1. Lie

For starters the lies in a relationship can come in all shapes and sizes. These lies will almost always break your heart. If your significant other lies to you but surprises you then that is usually the only time it will ever be okay. When you are lied to you will feel knots, upset, anger and even hatred. Those feelings alone will make you become distant and possibly want revenge. I have been lied to in a relationship plenty of times. Enough to learn how to read the person. We are all human and yes we make mistakes, some bigger then others. We just need to know that deep down lies are not okay. Especially when in a relationship. The only thing you should focus on in a relationship is being there for your significant other and showing love and compassion.

2. Cheating

This is one of the biggest issues in relationships these days. This is also becoming more and more common. The question that you cheaters out there need to ask yourself is "What is the point of being in a relationship when all you are going to do is cheat?" When you can answer that for yourself then you have just won the million dollar draw. Or just listen too me and grow a pear and start treating your significant other with the respect that they deserve. Life is often too short to just mess around and be in a relationship that is not loving. If you are one in a relationship right now and are sensing some issues at hand or have jealousy. Speak up, and say what you want to be heard. If they do not have the respect to listen or change their ways in regard to this issue then it would be a great idea to leave. We all need to be in that relationship where the other person has the respect for us that we have for them.

3. Stealing

Now this is not as much of an issue as the previous two. However, what will stealing get you in life? It definitely won't help your relationship, let alone holding a job. When you steal from someone, you do not know their life and what they have been through. Therefore, meaning that you could be stealing something completely meaningful. If you would not like to be stolen from then do not steal from anyone else. What would be the honest point of stealing other then getting something you do not have without working for it. You have to work for what you want in this world. The worst thing you could do though is steal from your significant other. There is no I in team, so you need to work with your girlfriend or boyfriend for things you want. There is almost always a solution to life obstacles.

The Truth

In regard to lies, cheating and stealing. I would say that it would be smart of you to not test it out for your sake and that of the relationship. Lies come in all shapes and sizes, as well as cheating and stealing. If you are reading this then I would imagine you have the brain audacity to comprehend what I am saying. None of these are right to do to anyone, not just your significant other, but also your friends and family. The thing is that you and your partner will be making decisions together a majority of the time. Therefore, making both of you a very good team. Just note that at times in a relationship you may leave things out in a discussion. You may also say something that will come off as a lie. That does not mean that it necessarily is. However, just do not leave anything out. This life is way too short to worry about things you cannot control, let alone it will almost always show itself in the end. You cannot hold onto a lie forever, but you can hold onto each other forever. As time goes on and you feel yourself trusting your partner because they have done nothing to prove you wrong. Then I would say listen to yourself because your body may sense something that you are not. There are many solutions to a relationship, one of which is always being there for each other, and being as caring as you possibly can. Another thing to do is always reassure each other. It will help keep things in order.


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