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9 Fresh Ways You Can Keep Your Man Interested In You

Updated on March 8, 2017

How To Keep Your Man Interested In You

Show true love and you will keep your man interested in you
Show true love and you will keep your man interested in you

You Need To Keep Your Man Interested In You

You may be in a relationship which you want to last forever. Questions such as, ''How do I keep my boyfriend interested always? How do I keep my husband interested always so that he does not cheat?'' may be troubling you.

In this article, I share three tips on how to keep your man interested in you. If you apply it, the relationship will progress from a friendship to the two of you becoming lovers, if you are just friends, and from a platonic relationship to a lover's relationship if you are just friends, and help you keep your man interested in you only if you are married. It is only when your keep your man interested that the relationship has any chance of thriving.

Don't Have Premarital Sex With Him

When something is given easily, it loses its appeal because its value in the eyes of the person getting it reduces. One thing that can maintain excitement in a relationship is when you look forward someday to the moment when you will make love, which should be when you marry.

When you allow your man to have sex with you, when you are not married, all that excitement will drain away because he has gotten what he wants. What more is there for him to get? This can cause him to leave you and to find another challenge—trying to sleep with another woman.

Guys like challenges. We are hunters going after game. We get excitement and thrill from the chase, and once the game is captured, and we are satisfied, then we go looking for another challenge.

If you give sex to your man, and he is satisfied, his interest in you may drop because he has gotten what he wanted.

Therefore, give him a good chase. Prolong the suspense, and his interest in you by delaying sex until you marry. Play hard to get and, if he really loves you, he will stick around and wait till the right time.

Show True Love

Love Is Patient

This is the most important thing you must do if you want to keep your man interested in you. True love includes refusing to become impatient, even when he wrongs you, being generous and kind, showing thoughtful concern for him, and being considerate of his feelings.

Love Is Not Proud

True love also includes not being so full of yourself that you think you are better than him. Do not look down on him because of some habits he might have, or an attitude he may have which you are not comfortable with. For example, if he makes noise with his mouth when eating or he does not dress in a way that you like, find a nice way to tell him to make the necessary adjustments. Do not tell him that he is a bush man, he comes from a bush home, or he is not well cultured. This may hurt his pride.

Love Is Not Selfish

True love also includes being unselfish. Do not always seek your own interests without regarding the interests of your man. Do not always insist on having your own way. For example, if he suggests that you cook his favorite meal for him one night and on the same night you feel like eating out at a restaurant, do not insist that because you feel like eating out, that is what you have decided and so you will not make any adjustments to accommodate his desire. You can decide to sacrifice that particular night, cook for him, and ask him to take you to a restaurant on another night you both agree on.

Being unselfish makes you a reliable and dependable partner. Most men want a woman they can rely on, a woman who is prepared to sacrifice some of her comforts to make them feel comfortable.

It does not mean you should always push your desires and wants aside just to make him happy. But if you can negotiate to have your desires satisfied at a later time, give in to him today. There will be a time when you will also have your wishes satisfied. He will not lose his interest in you when he knows he can always count on you to make painful sacrifices for him.

Love Is Not Easily Provoked

True love is also not easily provoked. Do not be overly irritable. Don’t be too sensitive to the words he says. Do not get provoked at the smallest thing. Keep your anger and irritable feelings in check. If you want to be loved,show love. When you are not easily provoked, it maintains the peace in the home. Every man wants peace of mind at home and when you create that atmosphere, he will continue to keep his interest in you.

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Be A True Friend To Him

Friendship speaks of a good, solid, trusting relationship with another person. It is a bond between two individuals who understand each other, respect each other, and are loyal to each other.

Spend time with your man. Learn to do things together. For example, you can decide to find time to cook together, study together, pray together, or watch movies together. Find time to help each other.

No Gossiping

Don’t talk negatively about him behind his back. A true friend never gossips behind the back of the person he or she cares about. It is very disrespectful. When you disrespect your man, you will make him lose his interest in you because every human being wants to be respected. But if you respect him by refraining from saying bad things about him, even when he hurts you, you will maintain the trust you have and keep your husband or your boyfriend interested in you.

Listen To Him

Almost everybody likes to talk, but not so many like to listen. A good friend lets the other person talk and doesn’t monopolize the conversation. When you are conversing, let him have a fair share of the conversation. Be a “ good ear ” he can pour out his frustrations and irritations into. When you do that, he will keep coming to you for solace. This is one of the ways to keep your man interested in you. Once he knows he can count on you to listen to his problems, you can keep him interested in only you since you will continue to attract his attention and his time.

Encourage Him

Everyone likes to hear a word of encouragement from time to time. Look for ways to cheer him up when he is down. Try to do things that will encourage him. Affirm his positive values. For example, if he is humble tell him the fact that you appreciate the way he is humble and treats you with respect. If he is intelligent and is excelling academically, tell him you are proud to have in your life such an intelligent person. Words of encouragement make a person feel graceful towards the person who encouraged them. It will make him want to continue focusing on his relationship with you. It will keep him hooked and happy and you can be sure his interest in you will not die.

Keep His Secrets

Another way you can do to be a true friend and to keep a guy interested is to keep his secrets. Because of the fact that you are close to him, you may know certain things about him that other people may not know. Keep details about his personal affairs to yourself. Do not go about telling other people. And be especially careful when you have an argument, not to disclose his secrets just to get back at him. Keeping his secrets makes him feel confident about you and about the relationship, and when he is confident, he will be pleased emotionally, and you can be sure he will be interested in you more.

Resolve Conflicts Peacefully

Most people in romantic relationships want to treat each other in a loving and kind manner. However it is a fact of life that conflicts do occur in every sphere of life. And when disagreements arise, emotions are difficult to control.

Conflicts may arise because you may have a different communication style from your boyfriend or husband. You may be interested in discussing not only what happened to bring about the disagreement but also why it occurred and how it happened. Or it may be that when a disagreement arises, you may want to discuss the disagreement at length whilst your man may dislike confrontation and so make all efforts to avoid the subject.

Another factor to consider is that your family background may influence how you think people in relationships should resolve conflicts. If you come from a quiet family and find it difficult to talk openly about your feelings whilst your man comes from a family where they shared their feelings openly, this may leave him frustrated.

If you do not resolve conflicts peacefully, to revenge or to get his peace of mind, your man may decide to have an affair or to break up with you.

To resolve conflicts peacefully:

  1. Do not belittle your man’s feelings. Do not tell him he is overreacting when he puts before you some concerns which he may have concerning a behavior which you put up, for example.
  2. Be careful of your tone of voice and your body language when you are having arguments. Do not shout. You can speak in low tones and still make your point.
  3. Don’t assume that your partner’s motives are selfish. If your man does something for you, do not wonder what he is covering up. Do not think he is being nice because he wants to cover up some wrong thing he has done.
  4. When he makes a mistake, do not view it as a confirmation that he is selfish and uncaring. Do not immediately recall similar mistakes from the past and add this one to the list. Give him the benefit of the doubt.

Try to be Mysterious

When a person sees all sides there are to your personality, and he can figure you out completely, you seem to be less interesting in his eyes and he can easily lose interest in the relationship if you do not make extra efforts to make him happy.

But when you can keep springing surprises on him because you keep some part of your personality secret, you can prolong the excitement in the relationship, and you can keep your man expecting more all the time. This will keep the relationship going.

Boost His Ego Regularly

A man likes it when his woman makes him feel like a man. When you say things like, “You are a great guy. I am honored to be your woman,” or “I think you a very strong man. I think, compared to other guys I have known, you stand out,” it will make his spirit swell, and make him feel incredibly good about himself. When your man feels great about himself, he will want to continue his association with you.

Dress for Him

Let him tell you his favorite colors, and the dresses which, when you wear, makes you look great. Keep that information in mind. Make sure you wear clothes that have his favorite color often, and wear the clothes he likes often. He will see that you have an interest in pleasing him, and once he knows that you take the relationship seriously, he will also want to be serious with you, and he will stay with you.


These are three of the ways to keep your man interested in you. If you practice them regularly, you will keep your man fully and forever, and ward off any potential competition.

Take Breaks

Many women think it is when you are always with a man, when you visit him everyday, when you call or text him everyday that shows you love him.

The Bible says in Proverbs 5: 17 that, "Let your foot be seldom in your neighbor's house, lest he become weary of you and hate you." This is to say, do not make yourself too available to a person or else he or she may get to the point where they will think you are not giving them breathing space. Because you are always with them, they may not value you too much and may lose interest in you.

You can apply this principle to your relationship if you want to continue keeping your man interested in you. Intentionally take breaks from seeing him. During these times, refrain from visiting him, do not make any phone calls to him, and do not send text messages to him. Let him miss you and desire you. It will create a need for your love in him, he will appreciate you more, his love for your will grow stronger, and he will continue to be interested in you.

Give Him Gifts

Many women expect to be given gifts, and many women demand gifts from their men. But when you are a woman who gives gifts, and you do not make unnecessary demands on your man, it will make you unique. He will stop and think, “This woman is different. I really have to take her seriously.” When you stand out this way, he will continue the relationship with you and his affection for you will become deeper.

How To Keep Your Man Interested In You

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© 2014 Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio


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    • Karen Hellier profile image

      Karen Hellier 

      5 years ago from Georgia

      Very good points here. Thanks for the reminders about how to keep my husband happy!


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