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3 Tips to Get Your Lover Back

Updated on June 21, 2010

Easy Tips to Get Your Love Back

I know it's a difficult time for you as breaking up is a hard thing to do. Many people get confused when they see themselves involved in a break up that they almost always end up doing the wrong thing trying to get their ex back. Would you like to know why? Because they are angry and hurt at the same time, they just react to the situation without thinking and that is when everything goes wrong.

If you happen to be looking for ways to get your ex lover back, I have 3 tips that will help you get your ex back. Is it really possible? Yes, in fact here are the steps.

Keep your distance for a while. I know it is going to be hard at the beginning but you need to do it. Even if you fell like screaming at them, reproaching them how come they are throwing away your beautiful relationship is not a good idea and you need to hold that in yourself. Let me tell you why. If you pursue them, they won't miss you. Besides, if you make them angry you probably will lose them forever. Don't do what other people do and let them miss you.

Try not to think about them and focus on yourself. This might be a very good time to work on you. Think about what you did that made the relationship to start falling apart, if there is something that you did that contributed to the split of your relationship try and fix that. Whether you get your ex back or not if you work on you, you will grow as a better person and that will only make your future relationships a lot better.

Talk with your ex, but not right now. I know that's what everyone else would do right away but once again I am going to tell you why is not such a good idea. The two of you need time to let things settle down, think about it. If you don't give time to each other any conversation you may have is going to end up with crying and screaming, and sometimes we get insulted by both parties and nobody would want that when looking for a reconciliation.

When you get to talk to your ex have an honest conversation about your situation, your feelings, and in general talk about your future relationship. Remember that this is not about proving them wrong either, it's more like evaluating and understanding each other's point of view. Honestly that is the only way you can build a solid and strong relationship for the future.


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