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How to Become the Best Friends With Your Child

Updated on January 27, 2016

I have always thought that a beautiful friendship between daughter and mother is one of the biggest blessings in life. But it requires you to have particular skills. You have to find out what you have to do in order to gain your daughter’s trust and how to become her best friend. Having some rituals can help you appreciate and love each other more every day without great efforts.

These practices that are introduced in this article are fun, lovely and will have a huge impact on your relations. Let’s make your relationship with a daughter stronger and funnier!

1. Sing together on Friday evenings


It sounds so funny, but you and your daughter can spend your Friday’s differently: you can try singing karaoke songs. On Friday evenings you and your daughter can choose your favorite songs and then you can start doing singing contests. I am sure that during those singing contests you will laugh to tears, you will always have a great time and after all songs you can have a unique ritual. For example, you can give to each other gifts that are made with your hands. It will be a very lovely ritual in your family that will unite you as one unit.

2. Cook together


When someone will enter your house, they can often feel the smell of your home-made cakes or other excellent dishes. Work together with you daughter in the kitchen. I am sure that then you will have a beautiful time! Try togehter to bake a caramel cupcakes or Christmas cookies or something what you like. For example, your daughter can be mostly responsible for product selection while you will be responsible for the dough mixing and other important steps that are crucial for perfect delicacy. Although, after your cooking time you often will have a very dirty kitchen, you will cherish those moments. I am sure that your daughter will like to monitor and contribute to the process. Sometimes you can fail while cooking, but you will learn from your mistakes. The most important thing is that you will put all your hearts into it. You will laugh from your failures at the kitchen loudly and you will strengthen your friendship rapidly.

3. Talk about everything


There is one most important habit that strengthens families connection. It is nothing new, but this practice does miracles: talk about everything what makes you sad or brings happiness to your lives. Talk about things that are beneficial to you. For example, when your daughter will be in love she always will come to your room because she will want to hear your opinion on her sympathy or how to dress on her future first date. She will often want to hear your advice.

Every sincere conversation with your daughter will reinforces your connection, You can do impossible things together and live a life you always dreamed of. She will know that you listen without judgment or jealousy, because you love each other to the moon and back! You will encourage each other to dream bravely and always listen to your gut!

She willl know that her smile, positive attitude, kind behavior and hugs can change your day rapidly. She will trust you and when something will go wrong wrong she will tell you what problem she is faced up with. She will know that she will receive sincere advice from you. I am sure that the most important thing for your daughter is to see your happiness. She will encourage you to believe in dreams and miracles every day.

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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      2 years ago from The Caribbean

      The suggestions you give will really help a positive mother-daughter relationship, even thought they may not be best friends in the true sense of the word.


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