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4 Ways for a Husband to Respect His Wife

Updated on June 5, 2017

Respect is an important element in a marriage. When women are not respected, they feel insecure and lose their sense of self. Husbands should respect thieir wives and wives should respect their husbands. Can husbands disrespect their wives without even knowing it? Here are a few insights on how husbands can respect their wives.

1. Husbands can Include his wife in major and minor decisions. Husbands should not be the only one to make household decisions. An example of disrespecting her is making a decision about relocating to a new job without consulting her for input in the matter. When it is something this major, it needs to be discussed thoroughly, the positives and the negatives. It is best to ask her, what do you think about this? What would you like to do? Discuss pros and cons. Treat her as your partner.

Another area is purchasing a new car or new furniture without her knowledge and then tell by the way honey, I bought a new car. That’s not showing respect at all. This is a marriage and you are in this together.

OR if the husband invites people to your home for dinner on a specific day, without her input first, or knowledge or you let her know 10 minutes before they arrive. I

When it comes to decisions, husbands should not carry that view that they are the man of the household, and if they are the only one working, they can do whatever they want. That is a very controlling attitude. Your wife is your marriage and life partner and should be Included and consulted in life decisions.

Husbands should not let the wife make all the decisions. A woman needs the input and counsel from a man. Decisions are made better together than when one person is making them. Both the husband and wife should be a team in all things.

Husbands, what sort of decisions will you attempt to consult your wife first before doing anything?

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2. Another way for husbands to respect their wife, is by supporting her in fulfilling her dreams and aspirations. If the wife wants to pursue another career or get a degree, do not talk her out of it, laugh in her face, shut it down or think it is a ridiculous idea. Husbands should support her, help her, encourage her and explore all options. It may or may not be the right timing financially, but everything needs to be discussed. Husbands should not totally rule out her dreams, but keep an open heart and mind and understand dreams and things that are important to her heart.

3. Husbands should not try to change or manipulate their wife into what they think she should be or become.

Maybe a husband had expectations of what his wife should do and be, but it was never communicated to her. Through a lack of communication, possible conflict can arise out this.

One major area in marriage is when a wife may want to work and is already a career woman, but the husband want her to be a housewife or stay at home mom. He may also want her responsible for all the meals, cleaning the home and laundry, but she believes that the husband should lend a hand and help out, but the husband believes his only responsibility is to work.

These are areas that needs to be discussed and husband and wife both need to understand one another, each other's expectations of the other and roles in the household, till there is an agreement and some sort of peace in that area.

Husbands should honor her needs and values. If your wife has a different view on matters like politics, parenting, money or anything else, don't manipulate her in how she should think. Husbands should understand her experiences and upbringing contributed to this way of thinking about matters. You can agree to disagree.

4. When you are among friends, relatives, neighbors, do not criticize, yell at her or put her down, be nice, polite and respect your wife. If there was something that bothered you in the company of people that your wife said or did, husbands, you can address it when alone with your wife at home or in the car driving home.

Quotes on Marriage Relationship

"The person you choose to marry will have a great influence in your life and in the decisions you make from the point of marriage onwards." Peter Cain, Dating Advice

"All the vital components that make a relationship successful, without any of the emotional messiness to drag it down. It's about respect, caring, and commitment. Shared goals and compatible priorities. It's about treating marriage like a partnership instead of some romantic fantasy. It's about two people liking each other."
Author: Mira Lyn Kelly

A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ come together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. — Dave Meure

"Even when you don't feel like it, apologizing is what keeps your relationship together. I never apologized as much as since when I got married." Christian Olsen, wrote, 100 Marriage Tips

"If conflict over money is the number one source of marriage trouble, coming into agreement about finances becomes the number one opportunity to improve our relationships." Jim Daly

Marriage is about talking through the differences and coming to a mutual compromise. Sandra Breeze

How can you as a husband should show respect to your wife?

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