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5 ways to make your friend go back to you from a fight

Updated on May 3, 2017
  1. talk to him/her find some time to talk to him/her and tell him/her to start over and if you can be friends again and tell him/ her that to forget what happened in the past and to start over again . And maybe you'll get back together

2. This option is one of the things i did to get my friend back . Go with another friend for a while talk to that friend so that the other friend would see that your having fun and he / she might even think of making a group i know its not the best idea because you don't like to have groups but he /she might even tell you that if you can be friends again

3. This option is not really the best but you can do this if your friend is really mad at you try to ignore him/her and if she ever approaches you and tells you that if you can back together tell him/her yes lets start over again

4. This one of my personal favorite options but I did'nt do it here it is. Approach an adult or your parents personally tell them what's the problem then they will give you advice do what they tell you cause they can help you

5. Last but not the least . Try to make a group of friends or (Squad) this is kind of like #2 but with a group its better make a squad withoit him/her then he/she might gossip a bit but ignore him/her cause he/she is jealous and might even think to join your squad


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