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30 Ways on How to Attract Men

Updated on September 25, 2012
attract men
attract men

Looking to attract men? Having trouble finding that perfect someone? Don't fret. Below you will find 30 ways that will help you attract men and help them gain interest in you...

1. Attract Men - Show Some Skin

Show skin. If you got a decent body and decent skin, then don't be shy to show it off. Spare some cleavage, where a skirt and show some leg, a bit of back... some lace, a belly button, whatever. Show off some skin and men will pay more attention to you. Just be classy about it and don't reveal too much.

2. Attract Men by Making the First Move

Make the first move. A lot of men like it when the woman makes the first move. Stare, smile, graze a touch, whatever. Let us know you're interested and we might find that we are also interested in you.

3. Attract Men - Don't Take Them Too Seriously

Don't take men too seriously. Men like to beat their chest once in a while and act like buffoons.

4. Attract Men with Perfume

Men can associate female fragrances with sex, and like feminine smells very much. Just don't overdo it. Too much perfume and you will come off as a "too easy" type, or cheap. With a hint of perfume on your neck and in your hair, you can have him thinking erotic thoughts about you all night long.

5. Attract Men by Being Fun

Do not be dominating. Men, just like women, hate to be controlled. Be spontaneous, laugh out loud, joke. Most men like humor and like a woman that can make them laugh and take things light-heartedly.

6. Attract Men by Avoiding Large Crowds

Don't approach men in too large of social crowds. Some men find it more comfortable to hook-up in smaller crowds. It's less intimidating especially for the more shy types and makes it more easy for them to approach you, and easier for you to take things to the next level.

7. Attract Men by Complimenting Them

Compliment him on something. His clothes, his eyes, his smile. Anything. Most men love to be complemented, especially by women they have just met. By complemented him, you are saying that "you like him" and he gets this and it will help break through some of the newly awkwardness.

8. Attract Men by Using Your Smarts

Don't be stupid, and show him you have a brain. Avoid talking about your nails and makeup and talk about something that expresses that your I.Q. is higher than fifty. Most men like women who are intellectual and who can think and talk intelligently.

9. Attract Men With Your Attitude

Don't talk about all your enemies, problems, or misfortunes. Being a loud and crazy cougar may make your female friends think your tough, but a lot of men will be turned off by your aggressive attitude and want little to do with you.

10. Attract Men by Wearing Nice Clothing

Men are more likely to be attracted to women who wear nice clothing compared to women who don't. Wearing nice clothing says that you care about your appearance and take care of yourself. Don't wear drab rags, or old faded sweats. Instead, fix up a bit. Throw that skirt on with the feminine blouse.

11. Attract Men by Using a Proper Amount of Makeup

Wear makeup, but don't over do it. Makeup can help bring out a lot of beauty and features and can help you earn more glances from men. But if you over do it, then you achieve the opposite effect. Ten layers of eye shadow and lipstick can make you look cheap. A hint of eye shadow and a thin layer of lipstick however, can help bring out your beauty and add to your glow.

12. Attract Men with Honesty

Be honest. Nobody likes to be sugar-coated or lied to. Be honest and gain his trust. After all, in the end, relationships are all about trust. Just don't spill the whole bag yet and tell everything about you life in one engagement. If you do, you will ruin the mystery about you, and mystery can be very sexy.

13. Attract Men - Don't Be Too Easy

Tease, flirt, but don't give up the goods too easy. Make him work for you a little. You'll make him even want you more by doing so. Just remember to not over do it. A little pinky dangling is fine but too much and he might end up running away.

14. Attract Men - Don't be a Gold Digger

Don't gold dig. Men don't like to be used, as everyone doesn't. Asking a man what he does for a living, or treating him with special attention because he's got cash to spend doesn't really make a man want to stick around very long and makes him think twice about you.

15. Attract Men by Allowing him his Freedom

Don't call twenty million times a day and suffocate him. Like women, men need their freedom, and if you keep trying to contact him when he doesn't reply back then he may feel like you are very needy or feel like that you are stalking him. Call by all means, but make sure to ease up and make him feel like he HAS to call YOU back, and that you have a other life to live outside of his.

16. Attract Men - Give Him Your Attention

Act interested in what he has to say, even if you're not. You don't have to go all the way with this one and over do it, just act at least a little interested and will express to him that you like him, and help break a bit more of the ice.

17. Attract Men - Don't Bring The Personal Products

Keep all personal female products at home, or stashed away out of sight. Nobody wants to see you accidentally drop your purse or handbag and a bottle of vaginesil falls out.

18. Attract Men by Being Yourself

Men will think of you as different if you be yourself and men like women who are different. If you've established a good first impression by doing all the above, then doing so will make him feel like you are worth pursing.

19. Attract Men - Find Similar Interest

Work on your similar interest. You have a better shot at getting someone to like you, especially men, if you have a similar interest in something. This can be a very effective way at getting a man's attention and keeping it.

20. Attract Men - Don't push

Don't try too hard. If you try too hard to get the man to like you, then you will come off as a bit pushy and nerve-wracking. Let him gradually take interest in you.

21. Attract Men by Asking For Help

Ask him for help. Men like to think they are creatures of all knowledge and capable of accomplishing most things. So if there's some heavy lifting or a question that needs to be answered, don't be afraid to ask for his assistance. It might open up a door to a healthy conversation and might bring the both of you closer.

22. Attract Men by Showing Your Affection

Express your affectionate side. Affection lives in us all, but women seem to have more of it and the ability to express it better then men. Showing how affectionate you are to certain things that interest you and that you are passionate about can be a very attractive quality that most men admire.

23. Attract Men by Avoiding Criticism

Never criticize or manipulate. Men hate criticism and manipulation from women (just as you do from men) and it's sure fire way to push them away.

24. Attract Men by Giving Them Praise

Give praise when it suits the situation. All men loved to be praised for what they do or accomplish. Again, just don't over do it and come off as fake. Be sincere about it.

25. Attract Men with Your Body Language

Use subtle but flirty body language. Gestures can reveal a lot to a man about your attentions and attractiveness toward him, and ultimately grab his attention. Just be classy about it, and avoid over doing it.

26. Attract Men with Your Independence

Become independent if you are not already. Men ARE attracted to women who are independent, who have jobs and have their life together. It may seem a bit odd to some, but the same applies to both male and female sexes. Independence is an attractive quality.

27. Attract Men by Using Your Smile

Exercise the power of your smile. Your smile can be one of the most powerful tools you can use to grab a man's attention. No joke. A good smile and frequent one, can have a man developing interest in you very quickly.

28. Attract Men by Getting To Know His Friends

Get to know his friends. If you know his friends and they end up liking you, then you might have already won half the battle. If his friends like you, then it will garner more attention toward you from him. Just remember to avoid flirting with his friends and being overly affectionate toward them, or it can have the opposite affect and make him not want to approach you.

29. Attract Men by Choosing the Right Environment

Create or find the right environment before making your move. Look for calm settings where you can deal with one on one conversations without distractions, noise, etc.

30. Attract Men - Don't be Afraid to Stare

Stare. A simple glance doesn't tell us men much. If you stare we will get the message. So instead of passing a gaze at us, stare at us for a little bit then look away. By being a bit more bolder, you could be approached by the guy you like first.

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      Johne28 3 years ago

      Only wanna tell that this is very useful , Thanks for taking your time to write this. ddaddgfdcedd

    • profile image

      nahid 3 years ago

      some of these are true and they are common between all nations but some of them are taboo 4me as a moslem girl.thanks 4 great ddvices.

    • profile image

      Glenn 4 years ago

      Some of this is true and some of this we don't like some guys have different views on things just like women.all of us are different it kills me when a girls says all guys are jerks because really I'm a sensitive guy who like to play video game have fun and hang out and let me get to the point here we all have our different views on things

    • profile image

      rabia ameer 4 years ago

      will it help full ?

    • ZRMoore profile image

      ZRMoore 5 years ago

      that was great advice.

    • jponline profile image

      jponline 5 years ago

      Hah! :)

    • profile image

      algaeginger 5 years ago

      sounds like a whole lot of work. glad i'm a guy

    • jponline profile image

      jponline 5 years ago

      You're welcome.

    • profile image

      LIPGLOSS 5 years ago

      Well said thank u