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30 Intriguing Topics of Conversation

Updated on May 15, 2016


1. Passions or interests

The number one thing that people like to talk about is themselves. Everyone is self centered in one way or another. Some people you can tell if they really only care about themselves but even if they don't getting to know someone is much easier if you know what interests them. Peoples' interests are central to their being. If you are passionate about something, it can be the things that keep you going. If you are talking about those things with someone else, the other person can really get to know you and it can spark interesting conversation. You can learn things you didn't know before that can help you with your passions and interests or tell you more about them.

2. Your career

This normally is a regular source of conversation because that is where you interact with the most people. But if you talk with someone about what drove you to that career you can learn insight about yourself or vice versa. You could learn something about the other person that brings you closer. That and many other aspects of what make you like your career and continue to be good at it could bring you and another person closer together. That makes this topic an interesting one for conversation.

3. Dreams

Your dreams say more about you then you know. You may not be able to control them consciously but your dreams are the things your subconscious has organized and the subjects and events that you think about and explore in your mind. Talking about your dreams and opening them to interpretation is a steep maneuver that could lead to someone understanding you much better.

4.Your Childhood

This is your foundation which you build your life upon. Some people find themselves trying to erase their past and leave their childhood behind. The people who enjoyed their childhoods like to talk about it occasionally when they are trying to open up with someone else. If so this is an intriguing way to find out how someone grew up and what has changed since.

  1. Personal Relationships

To many, the thing they love most is their personal relationships. They are private and are what make the person do what they do. The way you have interesting conversations is exploring new ways to add personal relationships. When you have interesting conversation with someone you develop a personal relationship with them or have the opportunity to. When you know more about a persons' personal relationships you can talk to them with a transparency about events and people because you know how they feel about the people closest to them and others around that person in general.

  1. Values

Many people make decisions based on their core and personal values. These are the ideas and concepts most important to them; their priorities. You can better know a person as well as have a better conversation if you know or discuss their values and ideals. What other way could you begin to think like your in another persons' shoes or think of a way to keep an interesting dialogue going with that person.

  1. Happiness

Most people just want to be happy compared to wanting money. Its interesting to talk about someones' perspective on the argument. Whether or not financial security is worth your happiness but it depends on the person. I feel as though this is an interesting way to begin a friendship or gain insight on an individual's feelings.

  1. Forgiveness

    Do you believe everyone deserves forgiveness? I am not sure how I feel on the issue but it puts certain things in perspective. How and when does it become right to forgive someone? What are your experiences with forgiveness. Do you regret forgiving someone who didn't deserve it or do you regret not forgiving someone? Do you see how this could ignite a conversation you would want to stay in.

  2. The experiences that stick with you

    Everyone has something that they get reminded over everyday. It is usually a life changing experience that they had or a combination of things that happened to them that makes them think differently. People have interesting experiences that have happened to them that are captivating to listen to. All you have to do is talk to someone about the things they did or witnessed that they want to talk about. It is a good way to connect with someone.

  3. Hardest thing you've ever had to do

    Relating to the experiences conversation topic, another intriguing one is talking to someone about things they have had to do to stay alive or help someone. Knowing what the hardest of things an individual has been through, you can figure more out about their personality and find ways to talk about more topics through that. Most people who go through tough experiences become stronger because of it. What have you been through?

  4. Best ideas

    Everyone has ideas that others would interesting and remember. Some are ideas that no one has thought about or believed in. Until you have spoken to someone about their ideas you cannot know them well. Many peoples' ideas are what conversations stem from in the first place. I like this topic the most.

  5. Most important lessons

    This is an interesting topic because everyone learn things in their life that others don't know. They could be things that could save your life one day or teach you something to remember and practice in daily life. Anything you can learn from a conversation makes it worth it. What would you do if you didn't learn anything from anybody? Learning is thought provoking on its own level.

  6. Regrets

    Everyone has regrets even if they pretend they don't/ Its tough to get someone to talk about it. They either have to be really open or you already know them well. These are usually teachable instances as well. I've heard a variety of regrets from most people that I found to be complicated and intriguing.

  7. Beliefs

    I am not referring to religious believe but rather I am going to back to your core values. What do you believe in that most others don't? What do you depend on? This is a topic of which you can get to know how someone works or thinks. This could be enlightening or change your mind about a person. Some people have very radical beliefs that interesting to think about.

  8. Future

    Most people think in terms of the present and not the past or the future. When you are thinking about ten years in the future where do you see yourself? That is the type of conversation that I am aiming for. You may find that you have something in common with someone else that will make it seem interesting or at least keep the conversation going.

  9. Television

    Watching some form of TV show or movie is not an uncommon way to pass the time for people or as a hobby. I know people that are even obsessed with television. It isn't a talk about real life but talking about what you like to watch is kind of like getting to know someone. Most people watch things that they like to do or are interested in.

  10. Sports

    Most guys are big sports fans and use it as quick small talk when meeting someone new usually. The events in the sports that occur everyday seems like there is always something to talk about or catch up on.

  11. Pets

    A pet can be your best friend when you don't have anyone to talk to or you can talk about your pets and use them as a connection or something that you both have in common. Animal behavior and most animals are interesting by themselves. Dogs are especially easy to talk about because almost everyone is fan.

  12. Fun

    Fun is something that should be apart of everyone's day at some point. Talking about what you do for fun can help you find new ways to have fun. No one wants to live boring, if you want to be interesting, you have to have interesting conversations like about what the best or most fun part of someones' day was.

  13. Vacation

    Who doesn't like to talk about vacation? You need one once in awhile to relax. Talking about your vacation experiences can be awesome because someone could find a place they want to go from that conversation. From that a conversation could stem about the best place to vacation. I know I am always interested in knowing the next great trip to go on when I have time. Hawaii is definitely in my top five best vacations. I would recommend you go there and talk to the natives. I'm sure you will meet a ton of interesting people with cool things to talk about. '


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