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30th Anniversary Gifts

Updated on June 27, 2012
Some traditional 30th anniversary gift ideas
Some traditional 30th anniversary gift ideas

30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Reaching your 30th wedding anniversary is an incredible milestone for any couple. Buying the ultimate 30th anniversary gift can be an overwhelming task, but not an impossible one. Here are some ideas for the perfect 30th anniversary gift whether you’re buying for your spouse, parents or friends:

A Pearl Anniversary Rose Bush

Interpreting the true meaning of a traditional gift for the 30thwedding anniversary is subject to quite a range of possibilities. A unique twist on the traditional pearl gift for the 30th anniversary might include the Pearl Anniversary Rose bush. Known as a symbol of love and happiness, this delicate rose bush with small pink and white shades of blooms will continuously fill your garden with a gentle fragrance throughout the summer.

Mother of Pearl Coaster Set

For those people who may like practical items for their home, a mother of pearl coaster set will be the perfect addition to any dinner service. Every time the coasters are used, it will be a reminder of a life spent together. The unusual texture and color of mother of pearl will make the gift an entirely unique and special one, and will certainly become a conversation piece.

Personalized Champagne Glasses

A lovely gift that will be appreciated by any couple will be a pair of matching champagne glasses. You can have the glasses engraved with their names, the date of the wedding and a special 30th wedding anniversary logo or message. Ultimately, you can have anything engraved on the glasses that you like, have it beautifully packaged and it will make a striking and truly thoughtful present for the couple. To top it off, you may want to consider a great bottle of bubbly as an added bonus.

Newspaper Puzzle

This is a really unique and fun gift for a couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. You can choose any date back to the year 1920, and have a puzzle custom made with the front page of The New York Times for that day and year. This is a wonderful and sentimental gift that will carry on giving for many years to come.

Pearl earrings for her

The classic and timeless gift of pearl earrings will be ultimate gift for a wife on her 30thwedding anniversary. Every woman will appreciate a gift of jewelry, and pearls are the epitome of class and sophistication that will make any woman feel glamorous and beautiful. Traditional doesn’t have to be boring, and you can get pearls in so many different shapes and colors, like soft pink and black.

Diamond cuff links for him

The wearing of cuff links has seen a bit of a resurgence over the past several years, with many well-dressed men seen sporting their own particular style of cuff fastenings. Diamond cuff links will be the perfect finish to a sophisticated look and any husband will be delighted with such a special item as a 30thanniversary item. You can have the cuff links custom made and engraved with his initials for an extra special touch.

30th Wedding Anniversary Tea

Perfect for the tea lover, a fantastic personalized tea in a vintage, classic or modern finished container will be very well received. Offering a personal blend of tea with their name, the date of the wedding and a special 30th wedding logo, this gift will be timeless and truly thoughtful and will be appreciated and enjoyed by any couple celebrating 30 years of marriage together.

Keepsake Box

The sentiment and thoughtfulness of the gift will be especially important to a couple who has been married for a lifetime and will truly be appreciated. A heirloom quality item that may be passed on from generation to generation is always an excellent choice for a 30th wedding anniversary gift. A handmade keepsake box is not only beautiful, but as the couple collects items for that box, future generations will get a glimpse into their lives. Have a plaque engraved and added to the inside lid of the box for a personal finish.

A 30th wedding anniversary can be celebrated through a variety of special gift items and you can be as creative as you like. Choose from traditional gift items or go with something a bit more modern. No matter what the gift, the couple, or your husband/wife will appreciate the effort and the thought that was put into the wedding anniversary gift much more than the size or expense. In the end, it truly is the thought that counts most.


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