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35 Things Women Wish Men Knew

Updated on February 27, 2011

1. Know How To Approach A Woman.

Guys have changed a lot from when I was growing up. They have become much more, umm how do I say it, disrepecful. Most assume the confidence in "girl I want your number" is all it takes to get a girl to explode. Fellas, the number one rule to approaching a lady is being yourself and making sure the rest is left up to her.

2. Show Some Concern

Once you get to know a person, especially a woman, some things are just a give in. Like, knowing when to shut up before we get pissed off, and knowing when we're pissed off so you don't have to shut up. Meaning, if you show some interest in our moods and in how our day was, ask. Be attentive to our feelings and listen to our rants of crap the world has dumped on us within the past 24 hours and graciously be the one person who we know won't add the the amount of crap we've already received.  

3. We Want To Become Your Best Friend

A good friend sticks just as close to you as your own family. In some cases, they're even closer. As women who claim to know you and love you we also want to befriend you. And we want to do this in a way that no one else has. How odd is it to have someone closer to you than the woman you pronounce as your soul mate? Oddly enough, it happens all the time.

4. Orgasm Too Soon - Big No No

It's okay to be selflish every now and again, but not when it comes to sex. It may have something to do with the fact that, I don't know, sex involves two people. Most guys will even spout how they can't control it or they just couldn't help themselves. Ironically, that story is retold countless times. So how many licks of the selfish pop does it take to get to the center of being alone? You do the math on that one.

5. Know What You Want, And Act On It

Am I your jump off, your friend, a girl you just kick it with every now and again, or something more? Once you find out, you might want to let me in on it and make sure whatever title you address me as, you treat me as.

Guys have a funny way of "just going along for the ride" when it comes to getting to know someone. Yeah they all profess to want someone they can settle down with, but it seems like once they get what they want, the light comes on and now it's off to the next party.

6. Taking Women For Granted Can Get You Hurt

 Alright, I'll admit it. I'm not the violent type and never have been. But how many guys have taken their queens for granted. Girls that have been by their side when they were down and out, doing wrong, low down, and once we've worked to build up a successful famliy, they walk on us or better yet leave. Some don't even physically leave, they just emotionally leave the relationship which is almost just as worse. I can't tell you how many broken families I've witnessed on the news, taking their lives from the onslaught of a shattered heart.

7. Don't Try To Control A Woman. You'll Lose (Most of the Time).

It doesn't take very long after meeting a guy for him start offering his unasked advice or opinion on your life and personal matters. Most times taken with great respect, women should still see this as a sign of possible control early on. It's disappointing to hear from someone who barely knows or understands your situation to rant about what you should or shouldn't do concerning what goes on in your household and family life.  

8. Understand There Is A Delicate Balance With Jealousy

We don't want you going overboard beating people up and restricting where we go and what we do because your so jealous another guy will approach us or vice versa. We do however love to see that you care enough to inquire about the guy flirting with us the parking lot. Sometimes we think it's cute that you act macho when the love you have gets threatened. Gives us the security to know that you'll do just about anything to prevent us from walking out the door.

9. Make An Attempt To Grow The Hec Up

 Many guys can't resist living past adolescent stages even in their mid-30's. When women complain about their main squeeze, also being their most attentive child, it's not a joke. Don't let the silent types fool you. They can be just as bad. They'll whine, complain, and have a full blown tantrum until we've admitted to seeing things their way, made them feel good, and send them to bed.  

10. Don't Let Yourself Go. It's Not Cool.

Men love it for a woman to be physically on top of their game. They some how lose feelings for her if she's changed physically from the girl they originally met. While I get the concept, I feel as though there are some exceptions to this rule (like pregnancy to some degree and illness). But if it's a rule you must have then by all means follow it yourself. Some guys stop dressing nice, stop caring about nutrition and fitness and don't even get me started on hygiene.   

11. Don't Under Play My Feelings.

 "Aww, you'll be alright," that is sometimes all a guy has to offer after you have just laid something heavy off of your chest onto his. I guess the question to ask is what do we expect. Well first, we don't expect you to ever really understand. But we do expect you to try and to do as much as you can to support us and help us feel better. If that takes listening, being attentive, cuddling, holding our hands, or rubbing our back, or just looking in our eyes and saying "whatever you need me to do or whoever you need me to be, I'm all yours," is what needs to happen in order to get through the rough moments in life.

12. Don't Get Too Greedy.

When it comes to having sex, it's so hard for a man and a woman to be on the same page isn't it? I mean fast, slow, foreplay, straight home run, and so on. But I can't even count the times I was ready to get on with my night after what seemed like hours of trying to please a man into an orgasm. What happens? He gets close and stalls it for further enjoyment. No problem at least not until he does it for like the 15th time. I understand when a moment is golden but have some consideration for my time and my body. That is of course, unless I'm feeling extra freaky.

13. Don't Just Learn Our Body, Learn Our Minds As Well...

 This is a huge one at least for me it is. Some guys are excellent at exploring the art of a woman's body. They become master love makers and know exactly how to hit spots in a way that seems to compensate for any type of treatment afterwards. While guys may use this as their weapon of choice, having a relationship last is also taking the time to learn about a woman's ambitions and her passions. What's her life really all about? Where is she trying to go and what can I do to help her get there? An attitude like that is priceless.

14. Be A Man. Have A Plan.

 A man with no initiative for the future is not a man that you should consider leading a family with. If his day in is just living and surviving, then what concern will he have for you when things get rough? He must not only be determined to succeed, he must also be disciplined enough to plan on succeeding.

15. Silence Is Not Golden. It's Deadly.

 When it comes to silent wars, understand that no one wins. It hurts everyone involved and only escalates the problem and creates additional heartache and pain. Be humble enough to drop the pride and even when we're wrong, choose the higher road anyway. Everything doesn't have to end in separation, not unless you want it to.  

16. Second Won't Do... Boo

 Why would we want to come second to Beyonce, Rhianna, Halle or even porn stars men view online daily? It's not about being jealous over the beauty of a tv celebrity. It's about the place a man places us in his heart. If in your wildest fantasies you person you picture is not the one you've openly committed to, there's a problem.

17. We're Using Each Other So Get Over Yourself

 Oh, the bragging that comes from a man that knows, or should I say thinks, he's conquered a girl's heart. Truth, we all use each other. Sometimes, we get what we can for as long as we can. If a woman allows herself to be used, it's because she's getting something out of it to.

18. Don't Tell Me What You Can Do To Me And Then Fail To Deliver

 Speaking of bragging, I've never known a man that hadn't tooted his own horn about his moves in the bedroom. It's more than a waste of time, it's insulting to talk over and over about something you're horrible at. Or something you start off great at but no longer care about pleasing the other person, so you just get straight to the intercourse, all of the sex with none of the intimacy.  

19. Don't Like Me 1000% More Than I Like You, It's Scary

Love is good. Love is great. Please don't add too much on my plate. You can't suffocate a woman with loads of love and affection and expect things to end in your favor. Give her time to catch up. It's only fitting, and it's emotionally healthy.

20. The One Who Loves The Least, Has The Most Control.

 So it seems men have figured out that if he's the one who cares the least, he can control the outcome of a relationship. If this has been your experience in the past, know that not all women will bite to this kind of bait. And just when you think she's the one putting her feelings out there more than you are, she flips the script and everything changes. You'll be the one screaming, "I thought you loved me."

21. Care Enough To Do Something That Creates A Memory, Not Just Buy A Product

 I understand the value in giving gifts, mostly because I rarely got them. But as women we appreciate the time it takes for a man to create wonderful memories and relate them to things about the relationship that is really special to us. It doesn't even have to be anything that prompts fireworks. It can be small, sweet, and creates an impact.

22. We Shouldn't Have To Prove Our Loyalty, If We Have Nothing To Hide.

Men will many times object to their leading lady being friends to any degree with the opposite sex. But those that value their relationship will have nothing to hide and won't even mind setting up situation where the two of you meet (probably along with his mate), in order to get better acquainted. This is so he is not mystery or seen as a threat to the relationship.

23. Don't Insist Complaining On Anything You Choose Not To Help With

Don't like the way I wash dishes? Why not just do it yourself. Or better yet, show me how you'd like them done instead of just complaining about the manner in which they are done. This can go for hundreds of other things but you get the point.

24. Broken Promies Is Basically Lying

 Saying you are going to do something because the moment is right or for the sake of making us happy and then not doing it, is unacceptable. To top it off, making excuses as to why you can't do it only deepens the level of disappointment you've created when didn't even attempt to complete it.

25. Don't Belittle My Interests And I Won't Belittle Yours.

Hey, we all have vices and things that get us the day. Mine are Lifetime and Facebook. If yours is Wresling and Skateboarding, then more power to you. I'll love you and support you at every in function. What I won't do, is make you feel less of a man or person because you love something I don't. As women, we obviously expect the same.

26. It's Okay To Admit When You Don't Know Something.

Dude if you're lost, then you're lost. Pull over and ask for directions. It doesn't make you look stupid or look like a girl if you ask for help. Men are notorious for doing things alone especially in front of their sweetheart. If they feel like they're not the ones their girl can come to for help, they fear she'll be looking in another direction for more than just directions. But it's okay. We actually honor the fact that you can admit when you don't know something and when you are willing to find out. It lets us know that while you're not perfect, you don't shy at the chance of trying to be, just for us.

27. Yeah That Slap On The Butt.... We Like It

We may give you the look, and pretend to be annoyed, but we love it. To a man, it symbolizes what's his only (our body), to a woman, we enjoy the fact that the man is macho and upfront enough to claim it.

28. Never Retire From Adoring Us.

 A woman has many insecurities. There is not only tremedous competition when a man leaves his front door, we also trust that at the end of the day he's still going to come home missing the only person he's thought of all day. And we hope to be that person. It helps when we're complimented. Maybe not too much but especially when we go out of the way to change something about ourselves we think would pleasing towards our men. Take enough time out to be attentive to notice it and compliment us on it.  

29. Do More Talking About Compromise Than About Change.

For example, if you're into something kinky that your girl is not open to. Understand her. Don't pressure her and be willing to accept a compromise on getting what you want without trying to change her.

30. Don't Paint All Women With The Same Brush

We are not all the same and just because you've had a bad experience with one or a few, it doesn't mean you'll have the same experience with the next one. You don't have to be so cold just be sure you won't get hurt. It's okay to open your heart because it's a risk either way and you just never know what you're going to get. The next time could be with the love you've been waiting for.

31. I'm Not In A Relationship With Your Family. But It Sure Does Feel Like It.

Couples constantly argue and involve their family in there relationships til it literally rips them a part. There is no need to continue bringing up and trying to hash our why certain family members do certain things. We all have family that we don't want to claim and don't understand. But that does not mean that their actions or mistakes has to break up something two people created that took work and time to build.

32. If You Have Nothing To Hide, Let Me See

I know many people are fans of personal space. This topic is actually very touchy because many will proclaim that since relationships can't exist without trust, there would be no need to search things from a guy if you trust him. To those people I say that if there is reasonable doubt, that's enough evidence to search. I see no reason why a woman can't look through their man's cell or documents if he has nothing to hide. I also feel this can go both ways as well. Just my opinion though.

33. Checking A Woman Out In Front Of Your Girl Is Code For Disrespect

 It goes without saying that you should not be checking anyone who walks by in front of your lady. But if you can't resist the look of a girls behind while spending quality time with someone you claim to love, maybe you don't really love her.

34. Find Out What Love Is Before You Go Waving That Word Around

Love is does not intend to hurt, disrespect, put down, beat, lie, use, or think of self. Unfortunately, many men have to learn how to love. This does take time and many women are patient enough to teach them how to love. But a man must be willing.

35. Work With Me, Not Against Me

 It's amazing the amount of things a woman can do. But as amazing as this is, we can't do it all. We need someone that will present even the least bit of effort help us build, create, and manage a lifetime of family harmony, especially when each member plays a different note.


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    • kapilddit profile image

      Kapil Thakar 

      5 years ago from Bangalore

      Super duper... Very useful I personally feel. Thanks for sharing it.. I think all points are almost true and practical. Like to follow you. Voted Up.

    • TabbyScott profile image

      Tabatha Hayden Payne 

      6 years ago from West Midlands

      Very informative Lens as yes your so right, we don't like men to play with out feelings as if we are just a game to them. All the men I have cared for have done this, there is only one guy my man now after years of searching. They all made me feel used, like I was a fun game. It hurts guys!!


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