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Wedding Songs for my Daughters

Updated on April 8, 2014

Three Girls - Three Songs

My husband and I are blessed to have three of the most beautiful daughters you can imagine. Not just attractive (though they are), their unique personalities and tremendous outlooks make them beautiful inwardly too. As each of them married, I wrote a song. By the third wedding, our middle daughter was expecting a song of some sort. Since hers was the most recent, and I didn't have recording equipment when the other two wed, this last song will be the first you'll find here.

I finally found the first of the three, but I still have to record the one for my youngest (plus I have two songs I've written for the granddaughters' dedications that I want to get recorded too)

Until then, enjoy these two and stop back to hear the other two!

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Last Updated: October 3, 2012

God gave us a Gift twenty years ago

Our Gift was so tiny, but God made our Gift grow.

Our Gift was so fragile, but this Gift blessed our lives

This Gift brought us love and joy, Our Gift brought us pride.

We watched our Gift grow in beauty everyday.

We watched our Gift grow in the Lord and His strength

We watched our Gift grow in wisdom and in love.

We watched our Gift grow in a Spirit from up above

And we prayed our Gift would find true happiness and love.

We prayed our Gift would fully know Our Father up above

And we prayed the Lord was making for our Gift a Special love.

And we prayed the Lord would mold him in the likeness of His Son.

Today we watched our Gift pledge all her love.

To the one prepared for her by our Father up above.

Today we watched with love and tears of joy in our eyes.

As we prayed a special blessing on the joining of these lives

For today we pass our Gift on to the one she chose to love

For this Gift was only ours to hold in trust.

Till she found the one who‵d cherish her as a Gift all their lives.

Till she found the one who‵d live with her in the love of Jesus Christ.

Yes, today we pass our Gift on to you her precious love

For you to cherish and to love all of your lives

Yes, today we trust our Gift, our very precious Gift,

our Gift from God above, this little girl we love

We trust to you our Gift to be your wife.

It's been more than ten years since you called her friend

Then you started dating and found a love that has no end

By now you know this one who holds your hand today

Has not one, but two fathers giving her away

A Father stands before you now with tears in his eyes

The Other sees from heaven and owns all of paradise

Both are watching over her so you better treat her right

Cause it's Daddy's little girl you'll be taking home tonight


Daddy's little girl needs lots of lovin' all the time

Daddy's little girl is the apple of His eye

A father up in heaven and a father of this world

Take good care cause both will call her Daddy's Little Girl.

Little Curly Hair

For our youngest

Coming soon! I still have to record this one, so it may take me a bit longer!

Share your wedding memories or your thoughts about these songs.

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      Thank you, Momma. I love you!