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4: The highs and lows of energy

Updated on June 12, 2012

Its a long dark road we walk, towards the lightness of flight

Hi readers!

This is the forth part of my energy topic, if you have missed any of the other sections then its best to read from the beginning as it will guide you through the reasons behind my thoughts.

Thanks for following and looking into this highly charged topic, it seems to have been around for a great period of time.

I will start with the low/dark energy and what it does to the mind, body and soul. Having a low energy affects all aspects of life, its when we come close to our depletion of energy, at a slower vibration, we start to grow fear, when we fear we become cold and heavy, like a rabbit stuck in the head lights, we freeze, shake, go numb, cry, heart races etc. There are different reactions depending on the level of fear. What all of these fears have in common is they bring focus to our body, they show us theres a problem and they all make our body rush with a cold heat, a low energy.

High/light energy is the opposing force, its when we feel at our peak energy our greatest feeling of freedom, our lightest body, we are on top of the world, full of life, like a new born lamb on a summers day. We feel warm, happy, our spine tingles and our heart is complete. again we have different reactions to these feelings depending on the level of energy gained. What they all have in common is they all make our soul shine, they make our body rush with warmth and love, this is high energy.

As we can see there is a big difference in the two forces of dark and light.

Most of us can comfortably regulate and balance them in our body by the way we gain our energy from our internal/external life, the problem comes when our life is out of balance, when we feel fear in our life, be it by debt, diet, divorce, death, drugs, drinking and thats just some beginning with D!

When we focus on theses fears we lose energy, lowering our mind, body and soul, we start looking for things to help us lift our vibration, our energy, our life, again the problem here is people rush in literally, they choose instant upliftment, by way of high energy sources the main culprit being refined sugar and drugs.

Refined sugar and drugs are the main factors of dis-ease in the body as they need heating before we can extract the sugar or oil for use, slowing the vibration of the plant from which they came from, which in turn slows our vibration causing further fear in our life. This is the biggest example of catch 22 in human life.

Alternatively there are also many natural ways to gain this instant rush, like conversing the problems with loved ones who will give us this lift for free and no side affects, or walking in nature, by trees or the sea. If we need a quick boost of sugar to gain a rush, choose sweet fresh fruits which will calm the nerves and give great energy or natural honey which really hits the spot. You can also stimulate body temperature which increases energy by going out in the sun, very light exercise, getting a hug, taking a warm bath.

There is an unbalanced amount of people in the world living in fear, this causes our earth to become out of balance, causing the same symptoms as our bodily experience and we all know what prolonged exposer to the dark low energy is..... If you know anyone who needs a lift, a shoulder to sit on and admire the light world we all deserve to live in, please lend a empathic ear and listen to them, you need not answer just nod knowingly, smile give them some love/attention/energy a big hug! That is all it takes to save a body and the world.

Empathetic love... Listen and learn... Love and light...

We need to find a balance of love/light and fear/dark as they are both needed to give us this experience we call life. How would we know light if we have never seen the dark?

Thanks again for reading. love life live long.


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