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7 Smart Ways To Make Your Husband Love You Even More

Updated on March 5, 2017

How To Make Your Husband Love You Even More

If you want your husband to love you more, you must learn to motivate him
If you want your husband to love you more, you must learn to motivate him | Source

You Can Make Your Husband Love You Even More

Do you want your husband to love you even more? If you do, I want to share with you a few things you can do to make that happen.

Have A Good Attitude Towards Your Marriage

See your marriage as being a precious treasure to you. Delight in helping your husband, and doing the things that please him and make him happy. Bring him the comfort and joy which marriage is supposed to give to a husband and wife. Be supportive.

Your marriage should be the primary focus of your life. Keep your life simple, be content with what you have and with your husband, and keep your eyes on what matters most, which is to love your husband. Do not be distracted by a lot of things, like being so career minded that you do not have adequate time for your husband. Make the time needed to maintain your marriage. Living a simple life helps you in the sense that you are not needlessly pulled away from the focus on your family.

Expend yourself for your marriage. Devote immense energy to it. This means that you must be physically fit to be able to do that. Exercise regularly so that you can build up the stores of energy you need to be able to take care of your husband’s physical and emotional needs.

Keep Your Love For Your Husband Strong

In many ways it is helpful to think of the love in our hearts as a living thing. Like a beautiful houseplant, love needs to be nourished and cared for if it is to grow and to thrive. Neglected, deprived of nourishment, it weakens and dies.

Do not take your love for your husband for granted. You need to keep it strong and thriving throughout your marriage. The more you get to know a person, the more your love for that person is likely to grow. Get to know your husband more and more. You can do that by making quality time together every week. You can decide that for every week, you will set aside at least 2 hours just to talk. It will help you to deepen your knowledge of your husband and also to increase your appreciation of him.When your husband sees all the efforts you are making to show your love for him, it will make him love you even more.

You can also keep your love strong for him by praying for him. God is love. He puts love in the hearts of men and women. It takes God’s grace to forgive your husband when he does something to hurt you. Forgiveness is a facet of love. And to be able to show that kind of love, you will receive strength from God when you pray. Take time to be alone with God. Pray for Him to help you to have more love for your husband. And pray for Him to help your husband to love you more.

In some cultures the women call their husband’s “Daddy” or “My Lord.” But when you want to show love, it is better to call your husband by his first name. It is respectful. When you call your husband by his first name, it reveals that you want to be intimate with your husband, and it also conveys profound respect for your husband. So calling him by his first name shows a combination of intimacy and respect. Love for your husband will be the key to your happiness in your marriage.

Care For His Needs

Love is evidenced by unselfish deeds. It does not look for its own interests. Love must move you to care for the physical and emotional needs of your husband. Know what matters most to your husband and act appropriately on it.You must often act even before your husband voices out his needs. For example, to bond better with your husband, it is not advisable to always wait for him to request for lovemaking. You should also, from time to time, take the initiative to request for lovemaking. This spices up the marriage. It is better than always expecting the man to make the first move. And when he comes back from a business trip or a long journey, the first thing you must know is that he may be hungry. You do not need him to tell you that before you prepare some food for him.

Learn How To Be A Good Hostess

Many men make friends along the way in life. They make friends from school, they make friends with people in their neighborhood, their church, and at work. And some times, these friends may want to visit your husband and keep him company.

One way to make your husband increase his love for you is to play the role of a good hostess whenever his friends come visiting. If you host his friends well and do not embarrass him in front of them, his love for you will expand in great proportions.

To be able to execute this duty with exception, you must have a human touch. The important things you have to know is that you need to prepare well, especially if the man will receive many guests. The goal of entertaining is to make his friends feel good. Planning is key.

One area in which you must excel is to play the perfect hostess during formal dinners. If you can do this excellently, you will be more attractive to your husband, he will ache for you, and he is sure to reward you with more love.

Formal Dinner

In planning to entertain your husband’s friends, you must make sure that you have most of the drink preferences of his friends covered. There is no harm in asking him to inquire from his friends what their preferences are.

You must make it a point to greet his friends and introduce them to one another if they do not know each other.

Seating guests is important. Seat guests next to those with whom they have something in common. This augurs well for conversation flow. You have to avoid a situation where two people who are deeply involved in opposite sides of a controversial issue seated next to each other. It could turn the party awry.

Make sure you circulate among guests. Do not spend all your time entertaining just one person. Give all his friends equal time.

Be on time. Some women have the tendency of giving people a time to be there, and assuming that everybody will be late.

You must spend time with your husband’s friends. Do not spend all the time locked up in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning or emptying plates. If you want your husband's friends to be relaxed, you must be relaxed too, not feel shy, and join them in conversation. this will please your husband and make him want you even more.

Be Courteous

Showing courtesy as a woman means that you must try to be polite to your husband always, and show good manners when you are dealing with him. If he promises you a car, for example, and for one reason or another he finds it difficult fulfilling his promise, use cultured language when the topic comes up for discussion, and address the issue in a nice way. For example you can say something like, ''Honey, you promised to buy a car for me. It has kept long in coming. What is wrong?'' Do not give in to your anger when he wants to have marital relations with you and snap at him with, ''Where is the car you promised to give to me!'' When you are courteous, it creates a relaxed atmosphere in which issues are discussed devoid of a rise in negative emotional energy. The result is that if he loves you, his emotional stability will be maintained and because you gave him respect, your husband will love you more. It will also make you a better wife.

Learn How to Motivate Him

One thing you can do to make your husband love you even more is to find ways to motivate him, especially when he experiences challenges at the workplace. When you are able to do this and he can get his confidence and spirit back so that he can continue to be productive, he will be so grateful to you that it will make him love you even more.

  • When you see he is down, you have to make conscious efforts to seduce him and get him to make love to you. Intentionally wear sexy, see-through clothing in the house, if you live alone with your husband, to stimulate his appetite to make love to you. Also, when you are in the bedroom, try as much as possible to move around in that space without clothing so that you can induce him to desire you.
  • Intentionally engage him in conversations about sex. Tell him new sexual fantasies you have which you want him to help you bring into reality. Remind him of the times you enjoyed his lovemaking, and tell him you want him to make you relive those experiences again. Grab his hand, and walk him to the bed. And then initiate the lovemaking.
  • After you have made love, and you are resting in each other’s arms, tell him you have absolute confidence in him. You can say something such as, “Ike, I know you are going through a rough time now. It hurts me to see you suffer so much. But never forget I am sticking with you no matter what happens. I believe in you! I believe in your abilities! I know you can overcome this challenge, and emerge as a stronger, and more loving husband. Go out there and prove those people who want you to fail, who are waiting for you to mess up, wrong. You are more than capable of doing it. Prove them wrong, Ike. Put them to shame by resolving to perform better. And when you do, know that you can always come home to the person who loves you second best in the world after God. And even if you fail, know that I will love you till the sun becomes as cold as the ice in Iceland.”
  • Give him rewards for showing you affection, or doing acts of love for you. This will make him do more to love you so that he can enjoy those rewards regularly. For example, when he spends some quality time with you just talking, give him a kiss at the end of the conversation , and say, “Thank you, darling, for making me a priority. This is for the time you spent with me today! I can assure you you will get a longer kiss from me the next time we do this.” When he helps you to clean the dishes, give him a bear hug and say, “Thumbs up sweetheart for your sacrifice. The next time you do this, I promise to give you three hugs instead of just one!” When he pays the children’s school fees, or settles the electricity or water bills, or pays the rent, take his hand and lead him to the bedroom, close the door and lock it, and do your own thing behind closed doors. Let him see that for every loving act he does for you he can expect to receive something special from you, and it will make him love you even more so that you can enjoy each other better.

Flatter Him

We all love to be told things we already know about ourselves over and over again because it feeds our ego and makes us feel great about ourselves. You can take advantage of this aspect of human behavior to make your husband love you even more. When you flatter him and make it look perfectly sincere, it will make him love you more because you are saying what he loves to be told.

  • After lovemaking, pull his head closer to your lips and whisper in his ear, “Honey, I think you are the greatest. Your skills are superb, and the sensations you produce in me are just heavenly.”
  • After he has finished settling some of the bills in the house, say something such as, “Sweetie, you are a wonderfully responsible husband and I am very honored to have you as a husband.” Then compare his efforts to the husband of one of your friends who you know is irresponsible. You can say, “You know Ama’s husband, Kofi? Ama has been complaining to me that he does not pay the bills and leaves everything for her to pay. You are not like that, darling, and I love you for that. You are different. You are special. Thank God for you! Thank God you are not like Ama’s husband! And I know you will continue this way.”
  • Pick the part of his anatomy you think is the sexiest and most attractive to you. When you are alone, preferably when you are in the bedroom, spend about ten minutes just talking about how you love that body part, and why.
  • Create a Facebook page just for your husband. Put pictures of him there and share posts extolling his virtues, and tell the world what a great husband you think he is. When he knows you want the whole world to know he is a great husband, he will love you more and your marriage will work better.

Are You Courteous Towards Your Husband?

Would you say you treat your husband with courtesy?

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