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How To Make Your Boyfriend Love You: 7 Smart Ways You Can Do It

Updated on March 5, 2017

How To Make Your Boyfriend Love You

When you are positive most of the time you can make your boyfriend love you
When you are positive most of the time you can make your boyfriend love you

There Are Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Love You

Getting your boyfriend to fall in love with you can be difficult at times but there are ways you can go about it and achieve success. Is your boyfriend serious about you? These tips will make your boyfriend love you more.

Try to be Positive Most of the Time

If you want to make your boyfriend love you, you must make conscious efforts to have a positive mental outlook to life most of the time. A positive attitude is infectious. So, when you are positive, you can “infect” your boyfriend with positivity. He will love having you around him, which means he can develop his affection for you better. When your boyfriend is positive in his outlook to life, it will increase the chances that he will love you because a positive-minded man is more likely to feel good about himself, which increases the chances that he can nurture and foster his feelings for you.

Also, when you are feeling positive about life, you will find it easier to ignore petty irritations, and avoid fights, and therefore prevent situations which could make your boyfriend love you less.

There are ways in which you can develop a positive mental attitude to life.

  • Read God’s Word, the Bible, every day. There are great promises in the Bible that can help you to deal with the worries and cares of life so that you can feel optimistic about the future, and about life. Commit some of the promises to memory. Every morning, try to remember some of these promises. It will put you in a good mood for the day, and lift your spirit so that you can face any challenge you encounter in the day, and in your relationship.
  • Early in the morning, and late in the night after work, formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of your relationship with your boyfriend succeeding. This means, imagine you are having a wonderful time with your boyfriend in an exotic location. To help you better, try to cast your mind back to some great times you have had with him, and try to reproduce those events or occasions in your mind again. Hold this picture tenaciously in your mind for about ten minutes by preventing any other thought from intruding on this mental picture. This exercise will give you believe that the relationship will work, which will make you show more devotion to your boyfriend. When you are devoted to him, he is more likely to love you in stronger ways.
  • You can say something such as, “I believe that for every problem on Earth, there is a solution. Even if I cannot solve it with my own strength, I can always rely on the Omnipotent God to show me a way to solve the problem. I will not let any problem put me down or overcome me. I will, with God’s help, solve every challenge I face,” regularly to yourself.
  • Think about all your friends. Which of them do you feel are upbeat about life? Which of them, after your association with a variety of people, are positive thinkers? Make conscious efforts to spend more time with them, and spend less time with the friends who are always complaining, grumbling, and murmuring.
  • Feed your mind with soul-inspiring gospel music. It will encourage you and strengthen your inner man, so that you will not be shaken by the winds and storms that will blow through your life. Grab a DVD or CD of Don Moen, or Hillsong United, or Lenny LeBlanc, and late in the evening, before you go to bed, just close your eyes and listen to the music, and let it lift you up to higher emotional levels.
  • The Bible says words are powerful (Proverbs 18: 21). The things we say with our mouths can come to pass, sometimes. You can therefore use the power of words to help influence your boyfriend to love you by making confessions such as, “I want Ike to love me. I want Ike to continue loving me till we marry. Ike, love me! Continue to love me!” When you back these confessions with the appropriate actions, such as loving your boyfriend, respecting him, and making yourself attractive all the time, you can make your boyfriend love you.

Mimic Him

You should believe in yourself as a unique individual and exhibit your uniqueness most of the time. But when you want your boyfriend to love you, you will, sometimes, have to put your uniqueness aside and copy some of his behaviors and mannerisms, and also the way in which he speaks.

Consider this analogy. When you were younger and saw your younger sister or brother trying to mimic you, it must have made you feel they admired you and wanted to be like you, which must have made you have more tender feelings for them because you felt they loved you and so you also wanted to love them.

In just the same way, when you try to copy some of the mannerisms, or behavior, or speech patterns of your boyfriend, it will make him feel you adore him. It will make him have a greater believe in himself, he will be happier with you, he will be more disposed to feel affectionate towards you, and he will want to be nicer to you and treat you in a more loving manner.

Be Hardworking And Creative

What a man is looking for is a helper. A man is looking for a woman who will work hard, and support him emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and financially. A man is not looking for a liability.

If you want your boyfriend to fall in love with you, then you must not be lazy.This is one simple way to make your boyfriend fall for you.There is nothing more sexy in a woman than to see how she makes efforts to support a man emotionally, spiritually and,sometimes,even financially. When your character exudes industry,creativity, and resourcefulness,you portray yourself as marriage material, and that will influence your boyfriend to grow romantic feelings for you.

Build your capacity to be more industrious, productive, and creative. Invest your time in reading to acquire knowledge, in your leisure hours. Read wide. Read about how men respond to emotional issues,for example. Apply that knowledge when he is having emotional issues. It will drive him crazy and he will love you for it because it shows you care about him.

Be well informed on issues that interest him. And be well informed on issues that are happening in the world. Having a broad perspective of life, which you can acquire through being knowledgeable,is a great turn on for men.

Know the things to tell your boyfriend. Study him and know the words that please him. Keep a list of these words. Generate variations of these words and say them often to please him. For example, do not keep repeating ''I love you.'' Instead you can vary it. You can say, ''I want us to have a future partnership together,'' or ''I adore you'' or ''I want us to be one one day.''

Do Not Be Quarrelsome

If you want your boyfriend to be crazy about you then you must not be quarrelsome. You must manage your fights with him.

It is not everything that someone says to hurt you that you must react to. You must let certain things go. It brings peace. When your boyfriend sees that you do not get offended easily, and that you let certain things go, he sees you as a woman of peace he can take as a companion for life because he knows you will contribute to ensuring peace in the home in the future when you marry. If you have a problem with how he behaves, settle it through peaceful discussions.

If you quarrel a lot, you will dampen his emotional desire to have that love connection with you. It will kill the spirit to invest love in you. and it is unlikely to make him feel favorable towards you, which may result in him never developing that love for you which you hope for. Demonstrate the ability to control yourself, the desire to let petty irritations and inconveniences go, and it will make your boyfriend desire you. And this relationship could be the stepping stone on which he may step to marry you.

Eschew Selfishness

Some women think of no one but themselves. They do not have time for anyone except their own interests and needs. They do not care how their actions affect other people. They do not care what other people think about them.

If you want a man to love you, you must show that you are selfless. Think more of the needs and welfare of others and you will attract men. It is the selfless woman who will be prepared to make sacrifices to make her husband happy. It is the selfless woman who will do all that it takes to make sure she brings up her children to be responsible citizens in society. Many admire selflessness in women and feel attracted to selfless women.

You can show selflessness to a man by offering him some of the food you are eating, for example, when he comes to visit you and you are eating. You demonstrate selflessness when you forego an important appointment to attend to him when he is sick. You demonstrate selflessness when you take time off your busy schedules to visit a lonely old woman or old man in your neighborhood, and get actively involved in other charitable works in your community. You show you are selfless when you volunteer to help sick people at your local hospital.

Be Trustworthy

. Trust involves being responsible. When you decide to do a task, you make sure you stick to your goal and finish that task.

Being trustworthy also involves learning to keep secrets. There are certain things which happen in a relationship, and in marriage which should never come into the public domain. So when he tells you a secret, something he does not want other people to hear about, and later he gets to know that you told other people, he will lose trust in you. It will be very difficult for a man to love you if he sees that you are not a woman who can be trusted because he knows that you may expose his secrets.

You also show you can be trusted when you fulfill your promises. When you tell the man that you will have dinner with him on Saturday night, make it a point to fulfill that promise. Unless something unexpected happens which prevents you from going, you must make it a point to honor that promise. If for any reason you cannot make it, courtesy demands that you call him and inform that you will not be able to make it. And then go further to suggest a suitable time in the future when you can have dinner with him. Be true to your promises and a man will love you for that.

Trust is the foundation on which the success of a romantic relationship, and consequently your marriage, lies. A man and a woman agree to be joined together in marriage knowing that each would be to the other a lifelong and helpful partner.

You must prove yourself to be trustworthy if you want your boyfriend to fall in love with you, and if you want the relationship to last. What kind of track record do you have when it comes to being upfront with a man about your whereabouts and activities? For example, you may have had a boyfriend before meeting this present man and you may still be in contact with your former boyfriend. If you want your new boyfriend to trust you, tell him about your former boyfriend and what caused you to break up with him. Your man will see that you are an open person, and he can give you his heart and love, and you can keep him. Generally, men are attracted to honest women and are more likely to give their love to a woman whose words and actions can be relied upon. If you show that you can be depended upon, it will make him want you more. Trust is one of the things which can ensure that a man will fall in love with you. Use this tool effectively and it will make a man want you.

Learn To Admit Your Mistakes

There is no human being who does not make mistakes. We all make mistakes. But some people will never admit it when they have made a mistake. Admitting you have made a mistake, when you do make one, increases your maturity rating in the eyes of people. Admitting faults will increase your maturity rating in the eyes of your boyfriend. It shows that you are humble. Most men like humble women.

Are You Trustworthy?

Do you consider yourself to be a person who can be trusted?

See results

© 2014 Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Wow!! I got a man to fall in love with me and I don't have a flat abdomen. This advice is too much. A man will fall in love with a woman, when he see's that she is real and sincere and when her actions line up with her words and he knows he can trust her.It's not always entirely about looks.


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