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4 Ways Jealous “Friends” Can Sabotage A Marriage

Updated on August 8, 2015

“Your is princely power from the day of your birth. ..."

Power Words:

Your is princely power

from the day of your birth.

In holy splendor

before the day star,

like dew I begot You.”

– Psalm 110:3 (

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A marriage made in heaven is something most everyone dreams about. So if you believe you have such a treasure, there are useful tips you might want to consider, to make it last forever.

One important influence as regards to lasting relationships would be coming from the environment: family and friends. And since family is something you are born into, the only circle of influence within our control is that of our friends.

First question is how does one determine whether a friend is indeed a friend or just what you call a friend, i.e. “friend.” If you’ve had that friend since elementary school days, even before you met your partner and are still friends over the years into the day of your marriage to your partner, most likely your friend is someone loyal and for keeps, and may not likely to sacrifice your friendship for material gains, not even a handsome and/or rich husband or beautiful and/or rich wife. There is much to smile about in your friendship.

If your friend seems to only be there by your side for the good times, well … Not exactly the picture of an ideal friend, it seems. But who can tell really who our true friends are.

Essence is only visible to the heart.

If you’re not sure whether your heart can tell the difference, you may want to check against actions that may be used to ruin a marriage and consider upsizing your heart to the challenge of developing your personality to align with the profound spirit that is found within you. Always the challenge is to compete with oneself and never with anyone else.

Some examples of what “friends” do to sabotage partnerships, for whatever reason they would be doing that, are as follows:

  1. Sow rumors directly or indirectly that you are seeing or talking with another “love interest”
  2. Flaunt or parade their assets or advantages in front of your partner and/or partner’s circle of family and friends, on every opportunity
  3. Highlight your deficiencies and downplay your assets and strengths
  4. Make your partner feel inferior to you

Note that partnerships, i.e. love interests, are supposed to be what they claim to be, i.e. about love, and not for purely material considerations. Understand that with such as their nature, you have the backing of the Creator to co-create and make a success of your partnership, regardless of whatever higher purpose you choose as a couple.

Have the vision given by the power words above, for yourself and you as a couple, in mind:

“Your is princely power

from the day of your birth.

In holy splendor

before the day star,

like dew I begot You.”

It has been said since time immemorial that commitment is a must for a partnership to work. If your vision or purpose as a couple is one that is noble, between the two of you, there will be sufficient energy and power to make things happen to achieve that vision.

As a clarification regarding that commitment that we mentioned between the couple, first off the commitment must be to the Creator, who gives all the opportunity and powers to pursue the noble vision. The relationship must be committed to God, the God of Love.

Secondly, a commitment to each other is needed. We commit to thinking, doing and being everything possible for well-being and benefit of oneself and one’s partner as well as pursuing the vision for the relationship.

The second commitment cannot stand alone because normal reality gives myriad and major challenges for couples to face. It takes superhuman effort to overcome these. This type of effort can only be obtained through God’s grace. There thus is an advantage to a prayerful partnership or couple, both for the opportunity to renew their vision through prayer as well as ask for help and guidance in navigating through the demands of a material world.


Corrective Measures. Once you have noticed any observable behavior that seems to be in order to undermine the relationship, request for your partner, e.g. your husband or your wife, to enlighten you, which he/she is most likely to do especially if done shortly after a short prayer to offer the question to God.

In a question-answer-question exchange, toss ideas in the air any time something needs to be cleared up, so that whoever has part of the jigsaw puzzle aka related piece of information can offer the piece to help form the complete picture.

Trusting in God and in the process is important and has been among the topics on the previous hub/article “4 Tools … ”.


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