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40 Amazingly Useless Man Facts

Updated on November 20, 2009

Just when we thought we had men all sussed out they do something that surprises us.

You'll be glad god made you a woman after these.

  1. A survey found that British men spend of average 1 hour 44 minutes preening themselves for a night (19 minutes less that the average woman.
  2. In 2006, over 4,000 men had their man boobs - 'moobs' removed.
  3. Approximately 94% of all criminal offenders in England and Wales are male.
  4. 72% of all visitors to sexually expliciy websites are men.
  5. Average penis size based on quizzing men is 7-8 inches.
  6. Average penis size based on medically verified measurement - 5-6inches.
  7. Five per cent of men admit to using a toothbrush after it fell down the toilet.
  8. Only 39% of men actually dislike being dragged around the shops.
  9. One out of every 1,250 men can ejaculate by concentrating on sexual fantasies without any genital manipulation.
  10. Nearly 80% of all beauty websites aimed at women are designed by men.
  11. Men spend a average of 43 minutes a day ogling women. Over a liftime, that adds up to an entire year's worth of leering.
  12. Seventy two per cent of chaps prefer a shower over a bath.
  13. The average man puts on a stone in weight while his partner is pregnant.
  14. Thirty percent of men said they would give up sex if it could mean they'd always have a full head of hair.
  15. Woman are more attractive when they smile, according to 70% of men.
  16. The French have the biggest (recorded) national average penis size at 6 and a quarter inches.
  17. Men are much more likely to get in debt than women.
  18. Only 54% of men bother to change their bed sheets prior to bringing a date home for the first time.
  19. But 3% of men admit to getting their mum to clean the house first.
  20. Men check their reflection in the mirror an average of 27 times a day.
  21. Men are more neglectful of their teeth than women and are much more likely to brush them once a day.
  22. There are around 5-7 calories in a spoonful of semen.
  23. Men have longer canine teeh than woman.
  24. Paracetamol is more effective on men than it is women.
  25. More than two-thirds of all men said they'd snog a girl who had swine flu.  If she was attractive enough.
  26. The average number of times a man will ejaculate from masturbation is 2000.
  27. The sound that men find most distressing is that of crying babies.
  28. One in four men regularly dream about monsters.
  29. Around 40% of men say nurses are the profession they fantacise about the most.
  30. A quarter of all men prefer their stag do to their actual wedding.
  31. Men own an average of 16 prs of boxers sheets each.
  32. One in ten British men hates taking his clothes off in front of his partner because he is embarrassed about his body.
  33. Five per cent of guys admit to sleeping in women's underwear.
  34. In a average working lifetime, men spend £189,000 watching sport.
  35. One in ten men wears the same pair of pants for than than three days.
  36. Forty Three percent of men expect to have sex on Valentine's Day.
  37. One in five men are scared of spiders.
  38. One third of all Brtish me look for a women who remind them of their mmum, with 11% saying they "sought a woman" with the same body shape.
  39. On average a man with a cold takes two days off work.
  40. Nine percent of men admit to shedding an ear during a wedding.


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    • profile image

      dave 2 years ago

      I managed to keep both my ears when I got married.....

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      Pharme567 3 years ago

      Very nice site! cheap goods

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      Johne53 3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing it cffcdbagbeec

    • profile image

      doesn't matter 4 years ago

      I really think this is stupid but that's what makes it so much fun to read

    • profile image

      zubair 4 years ago


    • profile image

      grammar nazi 7 years ago

      Did ANYONE proof read this before you posted this garbage?