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18 Life Lessons Women of All Ages Should Live By

Updated on September 23, 2017
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Life should never become a game of chance. Although wrong choices will be made, the lesson it creates is an experience that transforms life.

When do women feel most beautiful

When do you feel most beautiful as a woman?

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Lessons to learn and live by

♥18 Life Lessons Women of all Ages Should Live By♥

  1. Men are an amazing part of life. Just remember that they are in no way the be all and end all of life.
  2. Regardless if you are young, beautiful and the envy of other women or old, wrinkled and not as fly as you once were, flaunt what the good Lord blessed you with. Confidence has zero to do with other's image of you and everything to do with your perception of your own self.
  3. Never waste time crying over people who are not in control of your future. Only you can transform you into a better you. Opinions are irrelevant in the big picture. Push it out of your mind and show them how wonderful and fab you can really be.
  4. Do not stress if you are 22, 32, even 52 and cannot decide what you want to do with your life. Some of the genius individuals had a rough start as well and look at where they are today. If your dream is to be a garbage collector, then that it YOUR dream and no one else has the power to decide how long you must take to accomplish that dream. Be you.
  5. There are always going to be people who judge and stick their nose into areas of your life that is none of their business and never will be. You have to live your life, you earn the money you spend, and you will pay your bills....not them so their petty comments are of no concern to you.
  6. There is nothing wrong with being single, even at a later stage in life. Why commit yourself to a person and be unsure if you made the correct life choice? Only you can decide when you're ready to make that forever commitment. Only you have to live with that outcome.
  7. Lets face definitely have an advantage over women in the professional world. It is what it is. More than likely, at some point in your career, you will run across a situation involving unequal pay against women and it will get your blood boiling. Do not let that affect your work ethic. Work like you get paid by the assignment. Represent your name in all you do.
  8. Your parents have already had the opportunity to live their life as they wish. You are in no way supposed to live the life your parents have "picked out" for you. Unfortunately one day our parents will be in a better world. Live a life of your choosing, however that may be. No one can vicariously steal your life goals.
  9. It is okay to splurge every once in a while. Yes, we should keep our bodies and mind healthy to ensure a long, happy life, but if you want extra cheese of your it. Live a little sometimes. It is definitely okay and that alone isn't sabotaging a single thing.
  10. No matter what your age my be, even if you are ninety and wheelchair bound...never ever forget how it felt to be carefree, young and brand new to this crazy world.
  11. Gossip is everywhere around us.People are going to talk about you, with you, and of you. Who cares? Might as well just give them something juicy to gossip about if they will anyway.
  12. Girls nights are good for the soul. Dancing is great for the body, mind and spirit. Having one too many alcoholic drinks while out with the girls does not make you an alcoholic. It makes a good time. (In moderation, of course) If anyone says otherwise, they're just jealous and bitter. If you work hard all week and your bills are paid, who are they to steal your thunder?!?
  13. Never keep company with those who constantly compare themselves to you. Be around those people who lift you up, love you regardless and are genuinely happy for you in happy moments.
  14. You will never find your "Prince" without kissing a few frogs. Experiment with the world but to an extent. You are still discovering things about yourself that you didn't even realize.
  15. You are never too old to further your education or learn something new.

  16. In high school most people can count an abundance of people they refer to as "true friends." In adulthood you realize that the number of real friends decreases significantly. If you are lucky enough to have more than 3 true friends (not family members) in your late twenties and beyond...cherish those friends and never take your friendship for granted. Those are your people.
  17. Of course you're going to screw up a little in life at some point. Do not panic! It happens. Whether it be the wrong choice of career, spouse, or poor decision making goes on. Brush yourself off, educate yourself on how to make better life skills and keep it trucking.
  18. If you get to the end of your life and can reflect on memories that make you smile then you have lived a life of happiness and impact. That is all you can do. Some individuals have nothing to reflect on. Be grateful for a beautiful life.

Suggestions Appreciated and Possibly Used

**I am asking that if you happen to think of any additional life lessons, worthy of publishing, please leave those suggestions in the comment are at the bottom of this article. After reviewing all suggestions, if I happen to use a suggestion you created then I will give credit where credit is due upon completion of the edited article. Any feedback is very appreciated and will be taken into consideration 100%.

*** Do not make any hateful, rude, irrelevant or demanding comments or suggestions. I decided to create this article to empower and recognize the true strength and beauty that ALL women carry. I will not tolerate disrespect on any level! Thank you!! ***

© 2017 Ashley McDonald


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