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Updated on May 1, 2010


4am and I am awakened by the warmth of your body pressed against mine.
the weight of your body causes me to exhale slightly,
and I inhale the scent from your neck.
it's intoxicating.
I want more.
our hearts beat in unison under moist skin.
I crave you.
cant get enough of you.
our bodies move in an organic dance,
gyrating, pushing and thrusting in search of that place
that only two passionate people know.
arms and legs tangled in a mass of caramel and vanilla skin.
we drink one another in,
pausing only to moisten each others lips
with deep, wet, probing kisses.
it's 4am and the rest of the world sleeps
as you pierce the dark crevice of my body.
seeking to satisfy our passion,
with hands clenched in anticipation,
and bodies thrusting and grinding in that rhythmic sexual dance
that our hearts provides the music for,
we explode together.
filling me with us
as only we can do.


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