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Date Ideas

Updated on July 30, 2012

The last 7 months of my life in a nutshell

Alright, so every relationship is different, thats a given. But who doesn't love an awesome date? This past 7 months my boyfriend and I have done a ridiculous amount of fun things, that made for awesome dates. Some of them cost next to nothing, while we spent way more than we should on others. I'm going to throw some of the ideas out here, and do with them what you'd like.

Date 1: (multiple parts to this one, so keep reading..) Road trip to florida for spring break. You save $500 a piece on flights, so that gives you more money to do things on vacation. While we were there we went to both the parks at universal for a day, and there are very few things more satisfying than listening to your boyfriend emit a girly shriek while you get shot out of the tunnel on the hulk roller coaster. We spent a day at typhoon lagoon at disney world, if you've been to disney nothing there is ever boring or a waste of time. There were tons of awesome slides, and on weekdays its not really that busy. Another day we picked 2 places to eat and went on a full day shopping expedition, find sometime you both like to shop for. For us it was sunglasses and shoes. 3 pairs of nikes, some ray bans, and oakleys, five guys, and some tiny fish place later, it was an awesome day and we stayed out of the sun after being fried the day before. Our last day there we spent golfing. We played 18 on a course designed by arnold palmer (yes, thats the guy on the drink can) and then played another 9 that night on a glow in the dark course that was all par 3's. If the chance ever comes up, stay at orange lake in kissimmee, its family friendly, super safe, and as you can see everything is ridiculously close, and theres tons of awesome things to do.

Date 2: For graduation I got a new set of golf clubs. Everyday for the first month of summer we either went to the range, or went and played 9 or 18. If golf isn't your thing, check out a sport like bowling, tennis, or even sports on the wii. We love the fact that its something we can be horribly competitive at, and the loser always buys dinner. You can find awesome coupons for golf online and in the paper on thursdays. If i may add, we both got to the point where we average 1 over par, which for him was awesome since he just started playing. Even if you have never played, its an awesome thing to learn, so learn together.

Date 3: Kayaking! My family is lucky enough to have 5 kayaks, so we didn't need to rent them, but you can for super cheap, like 15$ for a whole day at some places. This is something literally everyone can do, its beyond easy. We pick a place and drop in around 6, and paddle til 930 when its dark., usually about 10 miles. It's enjoyable, you can talk the whole time, and its not very hard work, but the bonus is its still exercise.

Date 4: Cedar Point Or Kalahari Sans. My boyfriend and I are addicted to the travel change, and one night a special on water parks came on. Kalahari is.. great wolf lodge on steroids. Its amazing. We decided to spend 2 days in ohio, one night. The first day we did cedar point, if you stay at a cedar point hotel you get early admission and late access to the park, and your tickets will only be 32$, plus you can leave during the day to swim or to eat (food is waaay cheaper outside the park, and you have readmission, so take advantage of that). I think we spent like 9 hours in the park, and with fast pass did all the larger rides at least once, if not 2 or 3 times. The next day we got to sleep in and leave around 930, and head 15 minutes (thats counting traffic) to Kalahari. If you aren't staying there you need to buy your tickets online in advance. These are a little more pricey, but most defiantly worth it. We spent the whole day there, 10am-730pm and the park closes at 8. The rides are awesomely huge, and its a cool thing to do with your family to if your looking for a vacation spot. We ate dinner at a bdubs close by and left around 830 for the 4 hour drive home.

Date 5: Mini golf laser tag and go karts. This one obviously is not as creative, but we love it. I think it may just be because we are so competitive. But its fun, theres places like this all over (craigs cruisers for us) and its inexpensive for how much you get to do!

Date 6: marathon an entire season of a tv show you both have never seen. This has turned into a full fledged obsession for us. never-ever did i think we would both love the canadian show "life unexpected" so much, but we did! it was only 2 seasons and we both sat thru the whole thing in 2 days. It was cool because we got to talk about what was happening, and it was an excuse to cuddle and eat crappy food all day.

Date 7: Corn-Hole tournaments. This requires more people, so get together your other couple-y friends, and play a bracketed tournament ! we've done this a couple times, and its never boring. Although we may be a little to into it since we now have a board with LED lights so we can play in the dark.

Date 8: Spend a day in Toronto. With my boyfriend living there part time last year for hockey we were always looking for thing to do when i was there and he didn't have a game. My favorite of all the things we did had to be spending a ridiculously cold day in february wandering around toronto. We hit up the hockey hall of fame, the biggest mall I've ever been to, getting lost was even fun, we tried some indian food, and heard the song call me maybe literally 800 times. Theres tons of stuff to do there that doesn't cost you much, and just wandering around isn't boring at all

Date 9: House Shop. Even if its hypothetical. We had to for real do it for his parents who were looking for a cottage, but we learned that we are awesome at using 3 computers, an iPad and 2 iPhones simultaneously to check on houses, foreclosures, and properties for sale. It was even pretty fun making the hour long hike down to look at the places we'd found, some we crossed off the list, and we even found some hidden for-sale by owner gems that weren't online. Needless to say its much more fun to involve yourself completely in the process with someone you love, since its so darn time consuming. Now we're on to boat shopping since they found cottage

Final Date

Date 10: Make Dinner! We eat out literally every night, so she n we do make food, its a big deal. Throw 4 recipes in a hat, each person contributes 2, and draw one out. Last time we did this it was a 30 minute rachel ray recipe that won. It turned out awesome, and now we make that whenever we don't feel like going out to eat, plus our teamwork has improved greatly working in such a tiny kitchen.

Let me know what you think, and I'd love to hear what your favorite dates, and best date ideas have been!

Over an out,

Jess <3


Typhoon Lagoon

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