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5 Common Things Women feel Embarrassed about their Body

Updated on March 29, 2014

Every woman is conscious of their own beauty and they always look for to maintain a healthy and toned physique. In order to attain the same, women either retort to simple exercise or can even reach extreme going under knife.

Most of the women, who tries to stay chic show disgust in some physical attributes as a natural trait.

Here lies some of the common factors where women feel embarrassed:

Facial Disgrace

No women would like to see marks on their faces like pimples, wrinkles and even bad teeth. These are some common factors that women often tend to retort various medications in order to get rid of this issues that definitely depraves natural beauty.

Bad breath or sore mouth is often a factor. Though it is hard to see people covering their mouth with handkerchief but bad breath is indeed a common factor.

Muffin Top

Though the idea of women’s body perception is changing with the progress of time, muffin top is still disgusting. Saddlebags or muffin top can appear for different reasons. It can happen during puberty and aging. But most of the times, it is dependent on daily diet intake. Some women, who doesn’t care much about physique consumes heavy amount of food while others who are trying to attain lean physique puts restriction on diet. Though both these factors can be considered as extreme, women should take proper approach like exercise or balanced diet to get rid of lumpiness.


Oily Skin

If other distress in physique can be hidden in public, oily skin does not tend to hide in any way. A woman with oily skin is definitely a nuisance and that can be controlled easily with ample skin products available that we often see in commercials. Another issue lies with excess perspiration which makes a women smell terrible. Though using deodorants solves the issue for a time being but it is bound to come back in some time.

Stretch Marks

This is one common factor that woman faces when stepping into adulthood, aging or having sedentary activities for a long time. With this mark, women feel embarrassed to face their partners as it looks like the spot that arrives after giving birth to a baby.


Body Hair

Nobody would like a woman with body hairs and this is another common thing that woman tends to get rid using any effective measures. Removal of body hairs can be performed at home but they tend to come back. The good option is to opt for laser removal of hair from body but that again have chances burning the pocket.


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