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3 Cool Ways To Break Up

Updated on November 6, 2014

Breaking Up Is Not Easy

We all know that breaking up is not a good moment in your life in most cases. There are many ways to break up, some people break up using text messages, some do by telling your partner straight away, but in most cases, the reaction of breaking up is not good.

So I am here to give you my 3 cool ways to break up! I am sure that using these 3 cool ways to break up, it won't be so hard for you to break up and the reaction should not be outraged or bad in any means. But of course, it depends on you whether you want to break up politely or you just want to "dump" your partner.


Do's And Don'ts

Before I tell you the 3 cool ways of break up, make sure if you really want to break up with your spouse or not. Breaking up is not a child's play and it can literally cost someone's life. So if things aren't working out well, you should first try to talk it out with your partner and try to make it work again. But if you are getting abused by your partner, or he/she is cheating on you and you somehow caught him/her cheating, then the only way is breaking up.

Before breaking up, do not let your partner know that you have a plan to break up with him/her. Play it cool and do everything just like usual. If somebody else lives with you, it would be best not to tell them that you are going to break up with your partner. You should also not be rude to your partner before breaking up, or you might end up getting "dumped" yourself. If you want to break up with your girl friend, then you should always keep one thing in your mind, that girls are sensitive, most girls are not emotionally as strong as men are, so you should keep that in mind and try to explain it to her as politely and as nicely you possibly can.

If you live in your partner's home, and you are sure about breaking up, then do not rush and pack your bags up before even telling anything, if you are busy packing your clothes and things, then you partner will definitely get a clue that what's up. So do not rush in packing things up, play it cool. Secondly, if your partner asks you to help him/her in something, don't be a jerk only because you are going to break up with him/her soon, just pretend that everything is fine and help them nicely. Lastly, do not panic, panicking is something a lot of people do before breaking up, they cannot talk with their partners well, they feel ashamed in front of them and so on, so yes, shut the panic alarm, if you want to break up, you should not panic and pretend that everything is fine until the day you are going to break up.


The 3 Cool Ways.

Make A Puzzle: Relationships are like puzzles in real life, you don't know when you will meet the right one, and sometimes when you meet the right one for you, you mess something up and loose him/her. But, instead of going straight up to them, why don't you plan your breakup in a cool way by creating a puzzle? You can easily go to a gift shop and ask the manager to order a custom puzzle for you, or you can get one online. The puzzle should be interesting, for example, your partner (the victim) just woke up, and you ask them to help you complete the puzzle. When he/she puts the puzzle together, there should be a picture of broken heart saying "You're Single" or something similar.

Magic Trick: Of course magic might not exist in real life, but there is one magic trick which works for real! I like to call it, the mingle-to-single spell! So, this is how it should go, you and your partner are at an alone place, the best place should be your home, now you feel is the right time to break-up. So tell your partner that you have a magic trick to show to him/her. When she/he is looking at you, you can say "Poof, Now you're single" and guess what, the trick really works unless your partner is cheating on you. But at least it will work on you.

The Cool Drop Off: So here's the scenario, you and your partner lives in different houses, possibly with their parents or alone. Now what you have to do is take your partner out for lunch or whatever you think is appropriate. Have a good/bad time, depends on you, and when you are coming back to drop your partner off, tell her/him that you're gonna show him/her the house of your ex. Now get to the house of your partner and point at his/her house and say, "Look, that's the house of my Ex" And there you go, now you're single.


Alright people, those were my 3 cool ways to breakup, I hope you don't actually have to use these ways, because breaking up is not really a good and positive thing in most cases, but if you do want to use them, please remember that I will not be responsible for any reaction your partner gives you, I will also not be responsible if your partner physically hurts you or even kill you, So use these ways on your own and be safe.

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