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5 DIY Wedding Favors

Updated on May 28, 2015

Easy DIY Wedding Favors

Save money and give guests a handmade favor from your big day that they'll treasure for days and months to come. These 5 handmade favors are easy to make, won't break your budget, and can be customized to fit your tastes.

Flavored Sugar (or Salt) Wedding Guest Gifts

It couldn't be easier to make flavored sugars or salts as a wedding guest favor. Since flavored salts and sugars are currently in, your guests will be impressed that you made something so interesting.

For an infused sugar, you might try rose sugar, vanilla bean sugar, lavender sugar, or citrus sugar. There are so many possible ideas. For an infused salt, an herb like rosemary or thyme works well, vanilla salt is simple and impressive, and sriracha salt is fun and makes a popular gift idea for spice lovers.

These gifts can be made using inexpensive, common ingredients and are a wonderful way to keep costs down when you are on a budget. Simply prepare one large batch of infused surge or salt, and then package the favors in a small jar. Or prepare 2 flavors and give guests one of each.

Fresh Cookies Wedding Favors

Cookies are a fun and easy wedding favor to make. You can package up one kind of cookie, or bake several different kind of cookies and put together a take-out cookie bar for guests.

If going the latter route, make your wedding favors even easier by asking 4-5 close friends to make one cookie recipe each, making enough of their cookie for every jest to have at least one. Then, they can bring the cookies to the wedding and you can set up your cookie bar.

Personalized Lip Balm Wedding Guest Favor

Lip balm is a practical favor that's pretty easy to make at home. You can get creative in terms of flavor or make a seasonal flavor that complements your wedding time frame (like coconut for a summer wedding or peppermint for a winter wedding). Order lip balm tubes and have stickers printed for this DIY wedding gift.

Homemade Vanilla Extract Wedding Favors

With small jars, vanilla beans, and vodka, you can make your own vanilla extract that tastes better than the store bought kind. It's very simple as all you need to do is slice the vanilla in hand and steep them in vodka. It takes up to two months for the flavors to develop, so you will need to plan ahead with this one.

DIY Vanilla Wedding Gues Favors


Seed Bombs Wedding Guest Gift Idea

Seed bombs are a fun memento for outdoor weddings and are very easy to make at home from flower seeds, compost, and clay soil. Guests can "plant" their seed bomb by throwing it into their yard (or a neighbor's yard). You can select the type of flower or herbs to customize this favor, and can print out instructions that tell your guests just how to use the seed bomb.

Seed Bomb Assembly for Wedding Favors

If you are short on time, you can find artisans who make these types of favors on Etsy or another online marketplace. Or you can ask your maids to come over for a super-fun night of favor making and get everything done at once.


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    • eltondunn profile image

      Lindsey D. 2 years ago

      @Magnificentmagnet, thanks!

    • Magnificentmagnet profile image

      Magnificent Magnet 2 years ago from San Diego , CA

      Wow these favors are so unique and special

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      Lindsey D. 3 years ago


    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 3 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Interesting ideas for wedding favors.