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5 Dating Taboos for Men

Updated on November 1, 2011

Dating taboos for men?

Men are always promiscuous in relationships with women, they tend not to say no in dating and courting. They think they have enough charm to the opposite sex, in fact, if you don’t have the intention to go further, you should cut this clear to benefit your real love. Here I will go in details to give you 5 taboos in courting.

5 Dating taboos for men

1. Don’t accept any intentional hint
Hints with personal intentions and the honest hints are different. Every man should have enough sensitivity and distance to that. So if you don’t want to develop personal relationship with her and find her eager attentions is out of some personal intentions, you should deny her on the spot. Avoid ambiguity in your attitude because women have a strong ego, ambiguous attitude can be misunderstanding.
2. Don’t make inappropriate jokes
In the same way, if you don’t want to develop personal relationship with her, don’t make inappropriate jokes, especially when you are facing a not so familiar stranger. She probably thinks you are familiar and make jokes but if you don’t repond and join in the jokes, there would be proceedings. If you are not familiar with her at first and make inappropriate jokes, you should publicly express your attitude. Because jokes are also a way of testing the water. Your response is your attitude to the women.
3. Avoid talking about personal things
Personal things can serve as a medium for an intimate relationship between people. So if you don not want to develop relationship with her, don’t talk about your personal things in front of her. For example, she would ask about your life, family, friends and relationship with wife etc, if you have the intention tell her that you have girl friend or good between you and wife, happy life etc. In most cases, the strongest thing is not the language but the attitude.
4. Don’t send her home except in special cases
Because everyone has her weakness, we cannot help ourselves the temptation when we are fragile. We go home usually at night, the night and the day are different, we easily feel lonely at night, even if you know you don’t like her and there is no outcome of the relationship, but sometimes you will do something unexpected in the loneliness of night. The best way to aovid the frailty of night is to tell her rationally you cannot send her home, she can go by herself.
5. Do not go to her place alone
Going to her place alone and there is no one else in her home, this usually means the intimacy of your relationship. So if you don not want to have an intimate relationship with her, do not go to her place alone to avoid the misunderstanding.
If you want to enjoy love, you should learn to say no, you should learn to have some borders and making friendship a pleasure. The psychologist pointed out that a man always accepts request from others can ultimately distressed by the feeling of being taken advantage of from friends.

5 dating taboos
5 dating taboos


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